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“I’m holding my new book up covering my lovely face here on the Dittocam, because this is the publication date. Today is the day Rush Revere and the Presidency is on the shelves in bookstores, if you can find it. The greatest numbers of pre-orders since the first book, Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims. Man, the timing of this couldn’t be better.”  

“Do you know they’ve already seen a drop of 37% in donations to the Clinton Foundation? Now, if it’s a charity, why a 37% drop? There’s a 37% drop because the donors figured out the Clintons can’t do anything for ’em anymore. That’s not pretty.” 

“Jeff Sessions is not a racist. None of us are racists in the sense that we are alleged to be by these people on the left. They’re crying wolf way, way, way too many times.”

“You know what’s coming, you know what we’re up against, because you’ve been following it the last 20 years, and you’re sick and tired of the Republican leadership, whatever it is, whoever it’s been, standing down after not very much pressure.” 

“The pressure on Trump and his administration is gonna be like nothing you have seen. And they are gonna continue to need your support more than ever. Because the election is the only thing that’s been won here, as we sit here right now.”

“It turns out that some of the cast of Hamilton registered to vote, but some of the cast never voted! Colin Kaepernick never voted. So all of these leftists telling everybody how to live, these arrogant preaching condescending jerks warning everybody about the oncoming fascism, the danger to the planet, the danger to our country, the danger to people of color, have never even voted!” 

“The media with the ability to shape public opinion just with the telling of stories — not even reporting the news, just sharing of anecdotal things — is able to portray and paint a picture of America that just isn’t the case.” 

“Donald Trump’s gonna have perhaps the most embattled presidency in — well, certainly in our lifetimes, and I dare say maybe in modern American history. They’re not going to quit and they are a new kind of stupid. They are not logical. They make no sense whatsoever. But they are going to have the media on their side, and that’s the danger.” 

“However evil and intense the election was, I just want to make sure that you are all prepared for what’s coming down the road, because it isn’t gonna be pretty. And it’s gonna be really important for Trump to have people just like him surrounding him, and that is fighters, people who are fearless, who will not be daunted by this onslaught that’s coming. And I think he does in many respects.” 

“Jeff Sessions is what a genuine public servant should be, and the reason they don’t like him is that he is the single greatest — next to Trump — immigration hawk in the administration.” 

“Are any of you out there worried that it means something bad that Trump has decided not to prosecute Hillary? I’m just asking, because I’m hearing from people who are. They’re livid at Hillary, they’re still mad, and they believed that draining the swamp meant that maybe they weren’t just gonna go specifically with Hillary but that Trump was gonna investigate the whole kebang up there and figure out what went wrong.” 

“Folks, we do have two Americas right now, and this Tim Ryan guy that wants Pelosi’s job is right: The Democrat Party is not a national party anymore. Now, stop and think about that for a minute, because he’s right about it. But it took an election to reveal this.” 

“The left cheats at pretty much everything they do.” 

“We are a great risk. We have a foreign policy administration that is incompetent and doesn’t realize who our enemies are. We have just permitted the state sponsor of terrorism of the world access to nuclear weapons, and you sit around and applaud it. It takes a special kind of stupid to applaud and support the current administration.” 

“The Democrats are not even a national party. They are a bicoastal minority political organization that barely has a presence in 48 states.” 

“‘As U.S. attorney, Sessions filed several cases to desegregate schools in Alabama.’ That means he filed several cases to integrate, to allow African-Americans into public schools. ‘And he also prosecuted Klansman Henry Francis Hays, son of Alabama Klan leader Bennie Hays, for abducting and killing Michael Donald, a black teenager selected at random. Sessions insisted on the death penalty for Hays. When he was later elected the state Attorney General, Sessions followed through and made sure Hays was executed. The successful prosecution of Hays also led to a $7 million civil judgment against the Klan, effectively breaking the back of the KKK in Alabama.’ Jeff Sessions did it!” 

“Over the vast majority of acreage, the vast margin land in this country, Democrats have no presence. If you look at county by county, if you look at state by state, district by district, no matter how you look, they are just invisible, other than on the coasts. And the stuff that makes America work and makes America great is all in the middle, in a sense. And they aren’t there.”     

“What is inevitable is the continuation of the internal combustion engine, the jet engine and technologically made improvements on both. What is inevitable is the continued use of coal and oil because they’re the only things that can fuel economic growth. Renewable energy, green energy, wind energy, solar cannot do it! Nothing wrong with getting into it, but don’t lie to people and tell ’em it’s the future.”  

“Oil is the fuel of the engine of freedom. It is the fuel of economic growth. It is the fuel of advance progressing lifestyles. It is the fuel of the ability to create and amass wealth. Without it, economic stagnation and decline would most certainly happen.” 

“The left’s running around denying progress and technology to much of the world, keeping it poor, keeping it filthy, keeping it sick under the guise of renewable energy, clean energy, and a saved planet.” 

“I’m not kidding you. Kindergarten kids are being — I don’t know what you call it, propagandized, indoctrinated. It’s not a direct thing. The teacher talks about how wonderful Hillary Clinton is, will show them pictures, might have some, you know, unkind things to say about Trump. It’s subtle, but it’s happening.” 

“The left is who they are. There’s not a one of them that’s an average, normal — they’re activists. Every damn one of them that’s a teacher, that is an actor, every one of them that’s in some kind of a job that meets the public, they’re all activists.”    

“I have asked a lot of people if they thought there was any possibility that the left’s efforts at intimidating the Electoral College could succeed, and to a person — to every man and woman, expert I have asked — they have all said it can’t happen. In many states, the electors are required by law to vote the way the popular vote in the state went.”    

“The fifth book in the Rush Revere Time-Traveling Adventures with Exceptional Americans series is on the shelves, if you can find it, Rush Revere and the Presidency. It’s a labor of love, folks, and it’s just a great opportunity, given everything that’s happened now, to open young people’s minds to the joyous truth of America.”     

“Don’t forget, tomorrow, as a holiday Thanksgiving tradition, we read to you The Real Story of Thanksgiving. Still necessary, still being mistaught.”

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