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RUSH: Try this.  “Denver County’s sheriff office has been slapped with a fine by the Department of Justice (DOJ) because it refused to hire non-citizens as deputies.” Read that again.  “From the beginning of 2015 through last March, the Denver Sheriff Department went on a major hiring binge, adding more than 200 new deputies.

“But those jobs ended up only going to citizens, because the department made citizenship a stated requirement on the job application. The department admitted as much in a new settlement with the U.S. government, which requires it to pay a $10,000 fine.” So Denver County gets a $10,000 fine for not hiring noncitizens.  In the sheriff’s department, deputies, they didn’t want to hire people that weren’t citizens and Obama’s Department of Justice has fined ’em 10 grand. 

Kirkland Woman Fabricated Sexual Assault Because She Was ‘Distraught Over Election’ — A woman from Kirkland, Washington[,] has admitted that she lied and fabricated a story of sexual assault, claiming that she did so as she was ‘distraught over the recent election.'” Kirkland is outside Seattle.  “According to statement from Kirkland [police], a concerned citizen contacted Kirkland Police Department after they saw a Facebook post from a woman claiming that she had been sexually assaulted and that the police had responded to the assault but chose not to continue an investigation into the case.  … 

“Police officers located the unnamed woman at her workplace where when confronted, she admitted that she had fabricated the entire claim. There had never been any assault and she had never called Kirkland Police Office to report a crime. The reason the woman gave for posting the false allegation to Facebook was that she was ‘distraught over the recent election.'”

From Akron, Ohio: “Man Sets Himself on Fire After Yelling About Election Results at Akron Coffee Shop — The Akron Fire Department says that a 69-year-old [guy] set himself on fire Saturday after yelling about the election results in a local coffee shop.  The department says the man, who was dressed in a U.S. Marine Corps uniform, walked into Angel Falls Coffee on South Highland Ave. yelling about the recent protests over the election results. … The man was taken to an area hospital where he is being treated in the burn unit. He is in stable condition at Akron Children’s Hospital Burn Center.  Police said he has a long road to recovery.”  

Yeah? From the election or the burns?

From the Fox News Washington affiliate: “Swastika Spray-painted at Vietnam Veteran’s Home in Silver Spring — A 77-year-old Vietnam veteran’s Silver Spring home was vandalized over the weekend after a swastika was spray-painted on his front door, police say.”

Florida Independent Alligator newspaper: “Frat House Vandalized After Anti-Trump Protest — A swastika was spray-painted, window broken.”

Trump Supporters Kicked Out of D.C. Bar For Refusing To Remove [Make America Great Again] Hats.

From Campus Reform: “University of New Hampshire professors calling for the expulsion of two students who counter-protested an anti-Trump rally while wearing Harambe and Richard Nixon costumes.” 

Harambe?  They showed up as a gorilla? “Courtney Marshall, a former UNH professor, posted a photo of the two students who are called to be expelled on her Facebook page, writing, ‘There was a walkout yesterday at my former institution (UNH), and these two people showed up.'”  Special kind of stupid.  Folks, I would almost say a near insanity has taken over the left.  In fact, it may be a practical insanity. 

From the Washington Post.  The Environmental Protection Agency head says that Trump cannot halt our shift to clean energy. “The head of the Environmental Protection Agency on Monday gave an impassioned defense of the Obama administration’s energy and environmental policies and insisted the nation’s shift from fossil fuels will continue no matter who occupies the White House. ‘The inevitability of our clean energy future is bigger than any one person or one nation,’ Administrator Gina McCarthy said in a speech at the National Press Club.”

If it’s all inevitable then why all the massive federal regulations, mandates, and subsidies?  If it’s inevitable, why does the federal government have to subsidize every failing green energy concern?  If it’s inevitable, why does every federally subsidized green energy concern go bankrupt, after donating to Democrats and Obama?  Solyndra, the solar panel crowd, wind energy, why does it have to be subsidized, if it’s inevitable?  The fact is it isn’t inevitable. 

We cannot power over half of our needs, almost 80%, without fossil fuels.  What is inevitable is the continued use of fossil fuels as the fuel of the engine of democracy and freedom.  That’s what’s inevitable.  We just discovered one of the biggest deposits of oil, shale oil in the world in Texas.  Years and years and years of oil, fossil fuels, at our disposal now without having to buy it from the Saudis or anybody else. 

What is inevitable is the continuation of the internal combustion engine, the jet engine and technologically made improvements on both.  What is inevitable is the continued use of coal and oil because they’re the only things that can fuel economic growth.  Renewable energy, green energy, wind energy, solar cannot do it!  Nothing wrong with getting into it, but don’t lie to people and tell ’em it’s the future.  Don’t lie to people and tell ’em that fossil fuels will destroy the planet.  Don’t lie to them and tell ’em that if they don’t find a way to get to Mars in the next 30 years, they’re gonna die, but that’s exactly what’s happening. 

Oil is the fuel of the engine of freedom.  It is the fuel of economic growth.  It is the fuel of advance progressing lifestyles.  It is the fuel of the ability to create and amass wealth.  Without it, economic stagnation and decline would most certainly happen.  And the world would not get cleaner.  Fossil fuels have enabled massive increases in our ability to clean up the messes that we make.  Technological marvels, technological advances and increases have enabled us to make the water better, the air cleaner, and it has been an ongoing process because that’s what capitalism does. 

So many ill-educated young people haven’t the slightest idea.  They see oil as nothing more than dirt and gunk that is destroying the planet.  And they’ve seen it from the earliest days of their Saturday morning cartoon watching Captain Planet, then they go to school, they hear more propaganda like this.  So the EPA chief says that Trump cannot halt U.S. shift to clean energy. 

The truth is that Gina McCarthy cannot ever succeed in getting us off of fossil fuels.  It simply isn’t possible.  And the rest of the world is not going to get off of fossil fuels, either.  The left’s running around denying progress and technology to much of the world, keeping it poor, keeping it filthy, keeping it sick under the guise of renewable energy, clean energy, and a saved planet.  

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