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“The arrogant condescension of the American left is now on display for everybody to see it.  People that used to pay no attention to it, people that used to not even notice it, people that never knew what liberalism is are now getting a front-row seat to finding out exactly who they are and what they are and what they do that and how they do it.”  

“The first known instance of a radical leftist Democrat actor attacking a Republican elected official was John Wilkes Booth assassinating Abraham Lincoln at Ford’s Theatre in Washington, 1865. So these guys at Hamilton are following in what I’m sure they consider to be a rich tradition.” 

“Black Lives Matter: ‘What do we want? Dead cops! When did we want it? Right now!’ Obama, on Black Lives Matter after he invites them to the White House: ‘They are some serious young people. I told them that they are much better organizers than I was when I was their age, and I am confident that they are going to take America to new heights.'” 

“My first observation about the Hamilton episode with Mike Pence, I don’t think the cast of this show has the slightest idea who Alexander Hamilton is… Do you know that Alexander Hamilton was an immigration hawk? I wonder if the people in this cast have any idea who they are lionizing and celebrating. This guy’s Donald Trump. Alexander Hamilton was a huge nationalist.” 

“I think it’s a net positive for these people to behave as they’re behaving and to be seen by people who in the normal course of events may not even think about people like this and the way they act. They just pay it no attention. Now you can’t miss it. So in many ways it’s a positive.” 

“Hillary Clinton is, I think, a cult figure. I think the people that ended up supporting Hillary Clinton didn’t care what she was or who she was. It’s what she embodied and what the Clinton mystique was as it was passed down from parents to children and so forth.”

“Whatever Obama says, no matter what people’s politics are, they believe what the president says about things in the country. That may be not the case so much with Obama now. People know they were lied to about health care. They know they were lied to about keeping their plan, keeping their doctor; they were lied to about the stimulus. I think just afraid to say so because of the racial component here.”

“It’s safe to say that President Obama has not supported the police departments of this country, and it’s also safe to say that President Obama’s Department of Justice has used these incidents as pretexts for taking over local police departments. Over 25 of them now have been taken over by consent decrees coming from the Department of Justice.” 

“Liberalism has become a special kind of stupid, and it’s on full display now, which I think ultimately has the potential to be a good thing.”

“These clowns in Hamilton are playing a role. They sing their lines in their songs, and that’s it. And they think they are experts. And then you add to it that they are liberals, and that makes them think they are experts and then you add the arrogance and condescending nature of liberalism and you have a totally offensive manner of behavior.” 

“I think what the election showed is that we’re not outnumbered by the left, that they do remain in the minority.”

“That’s the great irony here. Democrats are actually portraying, they are exhibiting the despicable behavior they assign to us. They are demonstrating intolerance, they are demonstrating bigotry. Most importantly, they are demonstrating pure ignorance.” 

“Liberalism has become a special kind of stupid, and it’s on full display now, which I think ultimately has the potential to be a good thing. The more people figure this out, the more people that see it and are turned off by it, the more people who find it objectionable, the more people who ask, ‘Gee, what kind of people,’ the better off we’re gonna be.”    

“Most liberals hide who they are, particularly liberal Democrat officeholders and people running for office. They lie about their agenda. They lie about what they believe. They lie and mask who they are. But in their frustration at having lost, they’ve thrown away the camouflage now.”  

“I hate to say it. But some of these people — Black Lives Matter, when they’re involved and other civil rights groups — when they start shooting up the cops, there’s praise for them in certain sectors of our society. Certain elements of the Democrat Party are supportive. Certain elements of the media are supportive.” 

“Look at the hatred in this country directly traceable to media reporting. Look at the people scared to death. Look at the absolute BS millions of Americans think all because of the media and college professors and education.”

“There’s a new show on Fox News that may be the best show on Fox News. It’s hosted by Chatsworth Osborne Jr. Tucker Carlson has the new 7 p.m. show on Fox and right now it may be the most interesting and engaging show.”

“Four more police officers shot. It has to stop.”

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