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Over the weekend, Vice President-elect Mike Pence took in the Broadway show Hamilton only to be lectured from the stage. Lead actor, Brandon Dixon, went on a sanctimonious rant, claiming “diverse America” was “alarmed and anxious” that Trump and Pence would not protect their rights, would come find them and put them camps, would hurt the planet. Standard liberal cliches. It was classless. And fit right in with the left’s behavior since the election.

Think about what we’ve witnessed since. Liberals pouring into the streets, burning the American flag, vandalizing private property, attacking cops, and forcing mass arrests.

The men and women who will vote in the Electoral College have been harassed, verbally abused, and in some cases had their lives threatened by supporters of Hillary Clinton. It’s not some random outpouring, it’s an organized effort.

In Austin, Texas, two tenth graders were allowed to perform a skit in class. The theme was “The Assassination of Donald Trump.” The performance was stopped only after the student pretending to be Trump was “killed.”

This has taken place without a word of condemnation from President Obama, Hillary Clinton, or anyone else in the Democrat party leadership. And it’s all reported gleefully by the Drive-By Media.

There are sound reasons you liberals lost. And now you’re showing the country, just how right Americans were to kick them the hell out of power!

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