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“Not everybody can be charismatic and fascinating like I am.”

“The media is fixated here. They’re worried that Trump might not appoint enough people of the proper race, proper agenda. It might might not be the proper diversity. So Trump’s cabinet might not ‘look like America.’ Frankly, I don’t care. I don’t want it to look like America. I want a cabinet that thinks like America and works like America. We’ve needed that for so long.”

“The left appears to me to be genuinely imploding, and I mean imploding to the point that low-information people are going to see how wacko they are. I think the nature of this implosion is going to be their marginalization.”

“The better Trump does, the more success Trump has in growing the economy, in creating jobs, the greater opportunity it is gonna be to contrast the past eight years’ dismal failure measuring those same things.”

“Everybody’s whining and moaning about parody ‘fake news’ sites that make fun of liberalism. I started calling Facebook ‘Fakebook’ many moons ago. The fake news is the New York Times. The fake news is NBC. The fake news is CBS. The fake news is CNN. The fake news is the Washington Post. The fake news is the LA Times. The fake news is USA Today. That’s the fake. The fake news is the Drive-By Media.”

“Can you imagine a presidential election where only the voters of New York and California and Texas mattered? I mean, those are the population centers, and if you have to win the presidency by virtue of popular vote, well, you gotta go where people live. It would mean 80% of the country and their votes wouldn’t matter. It’s one of the many aspects of the brilliance of the Electoral College.”

“We now know that the last eight years we have been governed, as we suspected, by a minority — a minority of liberal Democrats pretending to be the majority with the help of the media and governing against the will of the American people.”

“Senator Jeff Sessions is a fine man. He’s an extremely helpful when necessary and when needed. He’s a general, all-around fine man, a great guy and a good person, and no greater honor could be more deserved here than Jeff Sessions as attorney general.”

“I’m not saying the left’s gonna be defeated. They will never be defeated. Tyranny is always there. Tyranny is always lurking. Tyranny will make a comeback. They’re gonna win again someday, because of the cyclical nature of things. But we have an opportunity here to expose who they are to the greatest number of people we’ve had in my lifetime, I believe.”  

“One of my fervent desires has been that more and more people understand who liberals are, what liberalism is, what leftism is, what that ideology is, and I think this stuff’s gonna end up standing out.” 

“Trump knows that what just happened is a gigantic personal defeat and humiliation for many Democrats, including Obama. It’s only Obama’s narcissism that gets in the way of him admitting his role in this massive defeat — and by saying massive defeat, his policies are repudiated.” 

“The Democrats have lost statehouses and governorships and state legislatures to the point they only control five now. Political scientists are finally figuring this out and writing about it with all of their charts, describing the complete collapse and total weakness of Democrats as you get closer and closer to the grassroots level of American politics.”   

“My theory was that we are at a very, very dangerous time because the left’s entire transformation of this country, in their minds, has been brought to a halt for the moment, and by virtue of a resounding defeat. When you get to Obama, it’s personal, if the narcissism fades and he sees it. But the next two months we are in a very precariously balanced set of circumstances.” 

“Obama is beginning to display — across the oceans, on foreign soil, he is now beginning to display — his pique, his anger, and his unhappiness and dissatisfaction with this. And I didn’t think it’d be long.” 

“Bob Shrum is a well-known Democrat campaign manager and strategist who has yet to steer any candidate to a victory. That’s a resume enhancement in the Democrat Party.” 

“Not only do we have Obama’s legacy of a massive policy fail, now he’s becoming a sore loser. He’s becoming such a sore loser they may want to put a sore loser wing in his eventual presidential library.” 

“Obama is having little Obama tantrums while overseas. It’s a bad look. He is actively — subtly but actively — undermining the president-elect. That is real news.”    

“People that didn’t think a thing about Democrats or never noticed them are finally — we have a chance anyway — to finally expose the genuine insanity and kookism of the left by virtue of how marginalized it’s gonna be. I think it’s a great opportunity.” 

“How much of what people say in politics is for the moment, meant for the moment, meant only to satisfy an emotional demand or requirement of the moment, but it is not really sincere?” 

“The one real conflict that I think people should be talking about, is Mitt Romney made it clear when he ran in 2012 that Russia and Vladimir Putin represent the biggest threat right now to the U.S. Trump may not think that. Trump might think that of China and not Russia. So how does that work if Romney is Trump’s Secretary of State?” 

“I remember back in 1985, for some reason I found myself reading an issue of Playboy. There was an article in it by William F. Buckley.”  

“In the founding documents of this country, there was never anything about making it all work because people were gonna fear the government, fear the president, fear the House of Representatives and fear the Senate.”

“Here you have Apple diametrically opposed to Trump. Yet Trump wins and all of a sudden, ‘Hey, you know what? We’re thinking about moving iPhone production — some of it — to the United States.’ What does that mean? To me, it represents fear, and that’s what bothers me. I don’t like people afraid of the government, whether they’re my political enemy or not.”

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