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RUSH:  Meanwhile, Donald Trump has announced three people for his cabinet.  He’s got Jeff Sessions over at attorney general, not Ted Cruz.  Sessions is great, folks.  This is a personal, a hugely personal — he would never admit this, by the way — but this is a hugely personal achievement for him.

Jeff Sessions was long ago nominated to be a federal district court judge, I think, by Nixon, if I’m not mistaken, and the Democrats rejected his nomination on the basis that he wasn’t qualified for the usual racist, sexist, from the South.  That’s when Jeff Sessions decided to run for office, and this completes the loop for him.  It’s been a long time coming.  Congratulations to Senator Sessions. 

Mike Pompeo, the CIA.  This is extraordinary.  This is a Tea Party guy.  Mike Pompeo from Kansas is a West Point grad, Harvard, this guy is just awesome, Pompeo.  And if any of you are worried about conservatism not being displayed prominently in the Trump administration, this alone.  And Mike Flynn, national security adviser, those are the three so far. 

Of course the media is fixated here, they’re worried that Trump might not appoint enough people, proper race, proper agenda, might not be the proper diversity. So it might not look like America, Trump’s cabinet might not look like America.  And frankly I don’t care.  I don’t want it to look like America.  I want a cabinet that thinks like America and works like America.  We’ve needed that for so long.


RUSH:  I knew Nixon wasn’t right.  Jeff Sessions was nominated by Reagan as a federal judge, and he was rejected by the Democrat Senate at the time and began his process of… I call don’t know if you’d call it getting even, but this is how he reacted.  “Oh, yeah? You’re telling me I can’t be on the Supreme Court?  Fine! I’m gonna come by one of you.”  And he runs for the U.S. Senate eventually and wins it.  Now he’s been named attorney general, and without having to rush it here because of the constraints of time, I want to really sincerely and heartily congratulate Attorney General Sessions. 

He’s a fine man.  He’s extremely helpful when necessary, when needed.  He’s a general, all-around fine man, a great guy and a good person, and no greater honor could be more deserved here than Jeff Sessions.  Now, Mike Pompeo, another solid choice, CIA.  He’s a House Intelligence Committee member, Select Benghazi Committee.  He was first in his class at West Point.  He is a graduate of Harvard Law, a third-term congressman for the Fourth District, graduated West Point 1986. 

He also has roots in the Tea Party.  Now, the meeting with Romney… Let me set that aside.  I’ll get to that in due course.  Just a little bit more time here on the criticism that Trump is getting now that he’s announced three people.  He’s got Sessions at attorney general, Pompeo at CIA, and Mike Flynn as national security adviser.  He’s done this now in his second week since the election.  It puts him ahead of every modern president except Bush 41. He kept on a couple of Reagan people, which allowed him to say that he had made two appointments in his first two weeks. 

So Trump is ahead of appointments when it comes to other presidencies.  He’s got more now named than Obama did at the same time.  And they’re using all of these criticisms to once again go after the fact that Trump’s not bright, that Trump’s not smart, that Trump’s not sophisticated, which is precisely the mechanism the left uses on any successful Republican or conservative — most specifically conservative.  Reagan was portrayed the same way.  Lazy, takes naps, doesn’t know what’s going on around him, unsophisticated, and they’re saying the same things now about Trump. 

And one of the reasons for the Drive-By fixation on the transition is that they are guarding very carefully the idea that Trump must put together a cabinet that “looks like America.”  So they’re openly worrying that Trump will not appoint enough people of the proper race, the proper gender, the proper sexual orientation (and whatever other spurious ways liberals use to classify, qualify, and judge people).  And, as I said, folks, I don’t care what Trump’s cabinet looks like.  I don’t care if Trump’s cabinet “looks like America.” 

You know, I think that’s a specious way of looking at things anyway.  Looks like America?  What, it’s got mountains in it?  Got rivers?  What do you mean, looks like America?  “No, Mr. Limbaugh, we’re talking about the diversity of race.”  No, we’re not talking about that.  We ought to have broomed that.  There’s no meritocracy when you talk about diversity in terms of things people have no control over!  What we want is a cabinet that thinks like America.  We want a cabinet that works for and like America. 

We want a cabinet that is going to put America’s interests first. And to us, it doesn’t matter what they look like.  That’s not among the top concerns that anybody has.  

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