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RUSH: Now for the lighthearted… Well, this first is not lighthearted. But this whole Stack would come under the category of lighthearted or humorous or unbelievable. 

All of it except the first story is just fun.  Washington Post: “Video Shows Mother Kicking Her Young Son out Over Mock Election Vote — A Texas mother is under investigation for a video that shows her forcing her young son to leave home because he voted for Donald Trump in a mock election at his elementary school.  The shocking cellphone video shows the mother shooing the sobbing boy out the front door with a suitcase that she told him she had packed for him.  ‘Since you voted for Donald Trump, you can get your s— and get out,’ she says in the video…

“‘The suitcase is packed by the door — been packed since this morning. Bye.’  The Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office outside Houston called the video ‘disturbing’ and ‘disgusting’ and said in a statement that it was investigating to determine whether the mother could face criminal charges.  The woman, who has not been publicly identified by authorities, told detectives the video was meant to be a joke…” Right.  A suitcase — a packed suitcase — was meant to be a joke.  These young snowflakes and innocent flower children that we have out there, there are no jokes, folks. Everything’s deadly serious to them. 

“‘The Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office does not see this as a joke and we are taking the matter seriously,’ the statement said. ‘My heart breaks for what this poor child endured,’ Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehl said. In the video, the mother is seen handing her son a sign that reads, ‘My mom kicked me out because I voted for Donald Trump.’ She tells him he’ll have to hold the sign up outside so passersby will know why he was kicked out of his house.  The boy begins to cry and slumps down to the floor. 

“‘Take your sign,’ his mother says. ‘Get up!’  Reluctantly, he stands, then walks down a hallway.  ‘You wanna vote for him?’ his mother says, opening the door.  ‘Okay! Okay!’ the young boy concedes.  ‘Get your suitcase,’ his mother tells him.  ‘No!’ he cries.  ‘Get your suitcase and get out,’ she says. ‘Bye. Go. We don’t do Donald Trump here.’  Later, the boy is seen walking to the curb as his mother shouts: ‘Bye, Donald Trump lover.’  ‘I’ve got school tomorrow,’ he says.  ‘You’ve got school tomorrow? You should have thought about that. Bye,’ she says.

“‘This is where you going to be at from now on.’  ‘No!’ he cries.  ‘Yes,’ she replies.  When his mother asks why he voted for Trump during the mock election, the boy says he has seen the Republican businessman a lot on TV.  ‘Well, I hope you find another TV to see him on — ’cause this is going to be your new home,’ she says. ‘You can’t come back here. Bye.’  Then, another boy in the video starts to cry. ‘My brother!’ he screams.  ‘You can go be with the Donald Trump lover,’ the mother says to the second child. ‘Bye.'”

And so it goes, folks.


RUSH:  By the way, this video of the mother kicking her son out of the house with a packed suitcase is four days old.  It was not interesting enough to the Drive-By Media to report it nationally.  Everything appears to be okay now.  The local authorities say the mother was joking and the kid’s okay and they don’t think there’s anything criminal here, no evidence of any criminal wrongdoing. One detective says he met with the family, boy appears to be in good shape. The detective also said the Mother has apologized for the video. 

Can you imagine if this had happened in 2008 or 2012 after Obama had been elected and some mother kicked the kid out of the house because he voted for Obama in a mock election. It would have not taken four days for this to have been discovered by the Drive-By Media. 

Anyway, “It’s Not Fair: Liberals Say Stop Congratulating Engaged Couples.”  It stigmatizes women who have not found a mate.  Not making it up.  That’s the next story in the Stack of fun stuff, and it’s coming right up.  Along with all the rest of today’s exciting excursion into broadcast excellence.


RUSH:  Not making this up.  “A fashionable liberal cultural dictum states that congratulating a newly engaged couple should be avoided, because it draws attention to the failure of others to snag a spouse.”

Ashley Matteo, writing at Redbook — does anybody still read Redbook?  I guess they do.  Ashley Matteo writing at Redbook says, “I absolutely hate wishing people congratulations on their engagement, and I won’t do it anymore.”

“The word ‘congratulations’ is associated with an achievement, not a ‘grown-up decision made between two people who have discussed their relationship and decided that, hey, they’re clearly better together than not, so why not make it official?'”  There’s no achievement here.  There’s a mutual decision.  There’s no reason to congratulate anybody. 

And then this.  “Landing a husband is not something you achieve,” says Ashley Matteo at Redbook. “What’s more, if you consider getting engaged an achievement, then clearly you view ‘not being engaged’ as a failure of sorts. For the sake of this argument, that you’re the marital equivalent of someone sleeping in their parents’ basement at 30. It implies failure on the part of the un-engaged, and that’s uncool.”

So if you’re gonna be a proper liberal, you cannot congratulate anybody anymore when they get engaged because to do so humiliates those who can’t land a husband.  Now, what kind of person do you have to be to see the world this way?  You know, there’s a lot of stupid out there.  This guy, CEO of some tech company who threatened and signed it to assassinate Trump has been canned.  You have to be a special kind of stupid to engage in some of the things our buddies, the Democrats and leftists are engaging in today. 

So maybe if you’re too stupid to understand the definition of “congratulations,” if you’re too stupid to understand an expression of joy or happiness in the success and good fortune of another, that’s what congratulations is about, somebody’s made a decision here, they’re very happy about it, you congratulate them on that.  If you are unable to acknowledge the joy or happiness of good fortune of another person, if your soul is so absent and you want to remove every bit of joy and romance from couples and relationships, or if you want to remove every bit of joy from life as you can because it’s not fair, then have at it, stop congratulating anybody any time they have any success, because it’s not fair, not everybody succeeds, and it stigmatizes those who don’t. 

This is the kind of thinking that has just been sent packing.  And the Stack continues.  Washington Times headline. Ready for this? “Barbra Streisand Urges Obama to Bypass Senate, Appoint Supreme Court Justice Unilaterally — There’s been no word so far from Barbra Streisand on whether she will make good on her pledge to leave the country –“

They’re not gonna leave.  None of these leftists that promised to leave are gonna leave.  “– but she does want President Obama to bypass the Senate and appoint a Supreme Court justice before leaving office. Ms. Streisand is championing a White House ‘We the People’ petition calling on the Democratic president to appoint Merrick Garland without the confirmation of the Senate.”

Barbra Streisand took to Facebook.  “If you are concerned about the Supreme Court, please consider going to this website and signing a petition asking President Obama to ‘appoint’ Merrick Garland. According to the Washington Post, he has the power to do this since Congress has refused to vote, and apparently that can be considered a waiver of its rights to advise and consent,” she said.

“Her Washington Post citation referred to an April 8 op-ed by Gregory L. Diskant, a national board member of the liberal advocacy group Common Cause, who argued that the Senate would have ‘waived its right’ to confirm a justice if it failed to do so in a ‘reasonable amount of time.'”

There’s no constitutional backup for this.  It’s just the wild rantings of an unhinged leftist.  And of course Barbra Streisand is totally ignorant when it comes to matters of the Constitution and human freedom and liberties and all this. (imitating Babs) “Yeah, yeah, Obama, go ahead, bypass the Senate and just, like, recess-appoint a Supreme Court justice.” 

Let me tell you what is gonna happen.  I will make a rather bold prediction to you, that it won’t be long before we start hearing leftists say, “You know what?  We don’t need a ninth justice on the court.  We’ve been doing fine here.  The Senate didn’t vote to confirm Merrick Garland.  We’ve been having cases with eight justices, and that’s just fine. 

The number of justices on the court is up to Congress, ladies and gentlemen.  The founders gave Congress the power to shape the federal courts, to name the districts, for example, how many there are and where they are, and they also have the power to determine how many justices. We haven’t always had nine justices on the court.  And as you’ve seen, the court functions just fine with eight.  I mean, you end up with some ties.  That means the case goes back to the last court that heard the case.  Because of that I won’t be surprised if a bunch of Democrat start saying, “You know what, we don’t need a ninth justice, let’s just leave the court the way it is.”  I suspect they will pull out all the stops, everything they can think of and even things we can’t imagine they would do in order to make sure they do not lose the balance of power too greatly here. 

But I have another story — actually two stories today on the depths of the Democrat defeat in this election and what it means.  And I told you yesterday I’m gonna keep harping on this because it’s profound and it’s crucial and it’s important.  The amount of electoral power the Democrats have lost, particularly at the state and local level is astounding.  It is so great, folks, the depths of defeat, the great numbers of seats they have lost means that conservative grassroots could end up controlling the census in 2020, but could control politics at the local level for a generation because the Democrats simply don’t have the votes to stop a number of things.  They only control both legislature and governors in five states now out of 50. 

As each day goes by and as I dig deeper into it, the depth of the Democrat loss, which has been cumulative.  It all didn’t happen on Tuesday last week.  It has been cumulative starting actually in 2010 in the most recent time frame.  You could even predate it to that if you wanted to.  But they are in a world of hurt, particularly at the state level, and that means at the local level, and that means at the grassroots level.  It is an opportunity for conservatives to be ascendant and in power for a time period longer than any conservative ever dreamed. 

It is stunning when you get into it.  And I will do so in great detail later today maybe and in future programs, ’cause this is a seminal moment, this overwhelming defeat.  It’s just — even to me, and I have studied it each and every day, the depths to which the Democrat Party has sunk surprises and shocks even me.  Now, it won’t mean anything if we don’t do anything about it and with it, but there is a way to cement this power for a long time at the state and local level.  And that is huge.  Cementing this power at the state and local level is how we can overcome the vast majorities they have in these cities. 

It’s as I said yesterday, the Democrat Party coalition has now been outnumbered.  The Democrats threw away their allegiance to white working-class voters.  They basically discarded everybody who’s white that doesn’t have a college education.  Well, that is a huge number of people.  The Democrats instead decided to build a coalition of minorities and illegal immigrants and union workers, and they are dwindling in number, and they are localized.  They are in urban areas in a few big cities.  We outnumber them now, and we can cement this for a huge amount of the future.  So as the days go by, I will detail this even more because it’s a godsend, I think. 

“Thanksgiving Invites Now Ban ‘Political’ Talk.”  Yeah.  It didn’t happen in 2008.  In 2008 there wasn’t any of this stuff about invitations to families for Thanksgiving and Christmas banning political talk, but now it’s all over the place.  Apparently leftists are going very public on social media with the fact that family members attending family celebrations on Thanksgiving are being asked to ban all political talk.  It will not be tolerated.  It will not be accepted.  

The Palm Beach Post, the local newspaper… Let me ask. Anybody on the other side of the glass, do you guys read the Palm Beach Post? (interruption) Then you won’t know of this.  I didn’t know this.  The Palm Beach Post admitted that they don’t know anybody that voted for Trump.  The Palm Beach Post admitted that they are suffering from a huge disconnect from the people that voted for Trump, and it’s so big that the Palm Beach Post has advertised for people that voted for Trump to attend editorial board meetings with the Palm Beach Post, so that the Palm Beach Post can learn why people support Trump. 

They’re admitting that they are totally out of touch with a large segment of their potential reader base, and they were inviting them to attend editorial board meetings to try to explain to the Post editors why they support Trump.  Now, you can do what you want if you live in the area that the Palm Beach Post advertised, and either you didn’t know about this or you’re hearing about it now — or if you have known about it — I would caution you against doing this.  You’re not gonna accomplish anything. 

They are not asking you in there for them to learn, contrary to what they’re saying.  That’s not what leftists do.  They’re not asking you to come in and teach them anything.  They want to browbeat you.  They want to find out why you’re so stupid.  They want to find out what you’re missing.  They want to find out why their brilliance is not reaching and connecting to you.  They don’t think there’s anything wrong with them.  What’s wrong is their reader base, and they want to figure out what’s wrong with you. 

Do not doubt me if you are in the subscriber area of the Palm Beach Post.  And one more.  There was a column in the Washington Post. When was this?  As usual, the printer didn’t print the date. Let’s see. It’s the 15th, so yesterday.  It’s a piece by somebody named Lawrence Samuel, who lives in Miami.  He’s an author.  His idea is to get rid of the states.  No more states.  No more boundaries.  I’m not… (interruption) No, no, no.  I’m not making it up.  They are unhinged.  That’s why I said, this is gonna be fun today.  That’s why this is the Fun Stack. 

States Are a Relic of the Past. It’s Time to Get Rid of Them.” And it’s not just the Electoral College.  We’re supposed to have a… We’re gonna have an all-powerful central government in Washington that controls and sets the laws and rules for everybody, ’cause this guy… He believes a lot of things.  Among the things he believes, for example, he cites the people that live in the panhandle of Florida who have nothing in common with the people in Miami and south Florida and they more properly should be in Louisiana or Mississippi, Alabama, ’cause they’re more like people there. 

But then he goes on to say that there really aren’t that many cultural differences from state to state anymore. There aren’t that many differences that divide us. We can all come just easily unified, and we wouldn’t have egregious mistakes like this election.  And all we have to do is get rid of the states.  So anybody who believes that the left… I talked about this yesterday. In 2002, they came out of that loss and said, “We gotta change. We gotta modify what we say and think about social issues and…” They’re not gonna change, folks.  They don’t look at this as they goofed up.  The country is wrong, the country is out of whack, the country is screwy, and the country needs to change and adapt so that the Democrats will not lose power in the future. 

That’s what this.


RUSH:  “The chief executive of a San Diego-area cybersecurity firm has resigned over social media comments he made about assassinating President-elect Donald Trump, it was announced Tuesday. PacketSled President and CEO Matt Harrigan admitted to posting the seemingly threatening rhetoric — including the statement, ‘I’m going to kill the president. Elect.’ — on his Facebook page as voting results were coming in Tuesday night, though he would later describe his remarks as a ‘flawed joke.’ Harrigan’s resignation took effect immediately, according to a company statement issued early Tuesday.”

You have to be a special kind of stupid, and I think what we are seeing is a special kind of stupid that dominates the Democrat Party and the American left.  You look at the media and what they are doing, and the way they’re reporting on Trump’s movements without them, the way they’re reporting on Trump’s transition.  Let me ask a serious question, folks.  What’s in it for them?  I know… Look, I can answer my own question here.  I mean, I know who they are.  I’m not feigning ignorance. 

My point here is, what do they expect to happen?  You know, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing with the same result over and over again, expecting something different.  They just spent how many months, four months, trying to destroy Donald Trump.  They spent four months trying to impugn Donald Trump with every weapon they had, with every trick in their book, every tactic that has been successfully used by the media to destroy Republican candidates over the years.

It’s in their playbook. They brought it all out. Every bit of it blew up in their face; all of it failed.  And yet they continue with the same tried and true and worn-out techniques to discredit Trump.  They are apparently to public opinion relating to them.  They are apparently unaware of what a joke they have become to millions of Americans, how un-seriously they are taken.  And they’re not going to stop. Mark my words.


RUSH:  And get this, folks.  “An eighth grader in Alabama was paddled,” was spanked, “for writing ‘Trump’ on the blackboard, according to his parents and the Talladega County Schools Discipline Referral Form sent home with the student.”  He wrote Trump’s name on the blackboard and got sp.  It’ll these people opposed to corporal punishment.  I hope they oppose spanking.  Apparently it’s fine to paddle an eighth grader who writes Trump’s name on a blackboard?


RUSH:  Faye in Ocean County, New Jersey.  I’m glad you called.  Hi.

CALLER:  Hi.  Thanks for taking my call.

RUSH:  Yes, ma’am.

CALLER:  This is about that mother who said she was throwing her kid out of the house.

RUSH:  She did throw him out.  Yes.

CALLER:  I’m sorry.  She did.  I don’t know exactly what she was thinking.  I got six kids of my own, including a seven-year-old, who incidentally just started reading the Rush books just like —

RUSH:  All right!  All right!

CALLER:  They love ’em.  They love ’em.  But anyway, I can tell you that a seven-year-old does not have a sense of sarcasm or exaggeration.  And probably, at least I sure hope, the mom didn’t really mean she was gonna kick him out forever. But to that kid, when he heard his mother say, “Get your stuff and get out. We don’t do Trump here,” blah, blah, blah, this kid honestly thought it was —

RUSH:  She packed a suitcase for the kid.  She packed —

CALLER: (crosstalk)

RUSH: Wait just a second here now.  Faye, you’re trying to be nice and accepting and generous.  You know, I thought I had more time. Faye, don’t hang up.  We will continue this in a minute here.


RUSH: We return now to Faye in Ocean County, New Jersey.  Faye, one thing I want to say here: Imagine how the media would have been all over this story if the mother had been a Trump supporter furious at his defeat.

CALLER:  I know.  She would have been crucified.

RUSH:  And this story still hasn’t made out of Houston local news.  It’s still a local story. Because our show prep knows no bounds, we found it.

CALLER:  I can just tell you when I heard the audio of that, I was so mad, I was shaking, and… They say that she didn’t actually break any laws.  I don’t know if she broke any laws technically, but she did worse than breaking a law.  I mean, a child trusts his mother more than… That’s the only thing a child trusts, and to have your mom tell you, “Get out of my house?” You know what? I wouldn’t be surprised if offers pour in to adopt this kid.

RUSH:  Wait.  In the previous hour, previous segment when we were talking, you were cutting the mother some slack, and I ran out of time.  I was gonna disagree with you.  I think the anti-Trump people, the left-wing Democrats — the evidence is all over the country — are deranged.  They are unhinged.  They are insanely angry here and unhinged and unsettled.  And I don’t think this mother was joking.  I think she was genuinely livid, and this is how she took it out on her kid and took it out on anybody else.  And it’s only because she’s been shamed that she’s reining it all back in now.  It’s only because people found out about this.

CALLER:  She wasn’t embarrassed.  I heard she was the one who posted this.  I don’t know, but she doesn’t deserve to be a mother.  I don’t know.

RUSH:  I haven’t seen any video or heard any audio of this.  I didn’t think it had made it out of local news.  But I don’t travail social media, either.  Where did you hear it?  Where did you see this?

CALLER:  I heard it locally on the radio.  Yeah, on 710 WOR.

RUSH:  All right.  Well, I haven’t gotten it.  I don’t need it.  I have no doubt.  Look, you’ve got a guy at a high-tech company that had to be fired because he posted he wanted to kill Trump.  We’re dealing here, Faye, with a special kind of stupid — and it is a real deranged stupid, and it matters.  We’re learning who these people are, and we’ve got to accept it as what it is and how we see it.  People have got to learn who these people are and what we are up against here.  Anyway, you mentioned that you have six kids, did you say?


RUSH:  And they’ve read the Rush Revere series?

CALLER:  Oh, they love ’em.  My seven-year-old is in second grade, and she just started reading them now.  My kids love these books so much they’re starting to fall apart.

RUSH:  Well, I want to fix that.  I want to send you a whole set, maybe a couple sets since you’ve got six kids. So I want you to hold on here.  Mr. Snerdley will get an address from you and we will FedEx you a little Rush Revere Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans packet of things, a goody basket that we put together for people just like you, ’cause I am so gratified that you’ve gone to trouble to get these books and give them to your kids.  I really appreciate that. 

As I said, folks, everything I have I want to do next.  So I’ve got these audio sound bites here that I want to start with. I just got this story, and this is from our old buddies at Campus Reform.  This is a bunch of conservative kids, students, who started their own website to present the alternative view from the dominant Marxism that is now taught on major college campus.  There is a national walkout being planned which seeks sanctuary for illegal immigrant students. 

“Students at more than one hundred schools plan to participate in a nationwide walkout Wednesday to demand that college administrators offer ‘sanctuary’ for illegal immigrants. The protest effort is an explicit reaction to Donald Trump’s election victory, and is scheduled to take place just one day after a similar mass walkout objecting to Trump on a more general basis.” Now, before you have the wrong reaction, you gotta stop and think about this. 

This actually could be a great idea.  Give sanctuary to illegal immigrants on college campus.  So we get the word out to all the illegal immigrants, “Just make your way to the nearest campus that is participating here.”  This will make it so much easier to identify them for dealing with them, how we choose to, going forward.  It’ll make it much easier for ICE and immigration officials to find these people.  It could be a win-win. 

Finding ’em on college campus will be a little easier than finding ’em in a sanctuary city like New York or a city like Chicago.  But again, seriously, here is more evidence of the unhinged nature of the reaction to the election.  

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