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RUSH: Stephen Hawking. Are you ready for this?  Stephen Hawking is said to be the smartest man on earth. It’s a toss-up between who’s smarter, Hawking or Hillary Clinton. Stephen Hawking says we only have 1,000 years.  If we don’t find another planet or an asteroid to colonize, that’s it for the human race, and that’s largely because of climate change.  One thousand years.  Where are you gonna book your time? Is Elon Musk…

Are they gonna give him some drug that keeps him alive forever?  He, by the way, will be subsidized to the tune of $55 billion zillion dollars by then.  You know how much money he’s been subsidized?  He’s taken $5 billion in federal and state subsidies, Elon Musk has, for Tesla, SpaceX, and this solar company of his. That’s $5 billion.  Profit? There’s no profit when you have been given $5 billion, and there’s still no…  Anyway, yeah, a thousand years.

We only have a thousand years left on earth according to Stephen Hawking or we’re all toast.  I have a tip.  We’re all toast within a thousand years, folks, whether we leave the planet or not.  The odds are, if you choose to leave the planet you’re gonna be toast long before the rest of us who don’t leave the planet will be toast.  If you leave the planet seeking refuge on another planet, you are guaranteed to be toast say before I am.  But the problem is that Hawking says it.

He’s got this reputation for brilliance, scientific extraordinaire and all this. These young little Millennials see this, and it’s just another bit of evidence for them that progress is destroying the planet.  

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