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Half of Oregon Anti-Trump Protesters Didn’t VoteRUSH: More than half of the arrested anti-Trump protesters in Oregon did not vote. More than half of them. And that’s just Oregon. I’ll betcha more than half of a lot of them didn’t vote, meaning they’re not really ticked off. Even if they are fit to be tied, they didn’t vote, so shut up. You sit tight, my friends. Broadcast excellence resumes momentarily. Laughable Media Stories About Trump Transition, Rudy, ChristieRUSH: They wrote this with a straight face. This is a quintessential, classic example of how the media just doesn’t get it. As you know, the Trump transition team is in full speed mode trying to come up with secretaries of state, secretary of transportation, attorney general, you name it, and one of the names being bandied about is Rudolph Rudy Giuliani, and Rudy’s being bandied about for attorney general first and then his name’s being bandied about for secretary of state, and they asked Rudy about Bolton. John Bolton’s name has been bandied about for secretary of state, and Rudy said, “Well, Bolton would be okay, but I’d be better.”

Oh, folks, there are reports that the Trump transition team is in turmoil. It’s not. It’s not. Don’t believe it. I’m telling you, don’t believe it. I just said that and Snerdley smiled like, yeah, what a great story, yeah. They’re not in turmoil! In fact, everything I’ve heard, Pence is running it, and it is a smooth transition, and everything’s just fine with a lot of people wanting to be appointed positions. (interruption) What do you mean they purged Christie like they’re Stalinists? Who said that? Stalinist purge, Christie? Are you kidding me?

Well, look, when I read this headline to you — this is from The Politico — I want to know what is the first thing that comes to your mind. It’s a story about how Giuliani may not be suitable, may not be qualified to be secretary of anything. Are you ready for the headline? “Giuliani Took Money from Qatar, Venezuela, Iranian Exiles — His foreign clientele could present conflicts of interest as secretary of state.”

Are you kidding me? These people write this story? Have you ever heard of Hillary Clinton, Politico? Who wrote this? Isaac Arnsdorf. Hey, Isaac, have you ever heard of Hillary Clinton? You want to talk about conflict of interest? (laughing) Half of the Third World, half of the criminalized Third World has underwritten the Clinton Foundation. The whole reason for her private email server was to cover up what they were doing, taking money from people who were buying — Hillary Clinton sold this country’s foreign policies as secretary of state and was selling them on the come as a presidential candidate. It is still being investigated by the FBI.

And they write with a very straight face, I mean, they’re dead serious here. “Rudy Giuliani’s paid consulting for foreign governments would present conflicts of interest as the nation’s top diplomat that would make the Clinton Foundation look trifling.” (laughing) Rudy has taken a hundred million dollars and given away half the uranium supply of the country to Kazakhstan while enriching a Canadian industrialist?

They’re gonna pursue Rudy Giuliani like they never pursued Hillary. That’s what they’re signaling here. The whole point of this story, Rudy, you try for this stuff, we’re gonna come after you, man. We’re gonna destroy you and we’re gonna expose everything we can find about who has hired you to do what. While we’ve covered up every bit of that that we can find for Hillary, we’re gonna expose you for it. Make no mistake.

And this is the kind of stuff — I feel confident saying this. I don’t want to give too much of what I think Trump is doing away because it would alert the opposition. But I think behind the scenes this kind of stuff with Trump, he would say, “You go right ahead, it isn’t gonna matter one hill of beans. I don’t care what you say about my appointees, they’re my appointees, and if I want them in there, they’re gonna be there.”

When it comes to Trump appointing his team, the people are gonna be doing the work that he wants done, he’s gonna have the people he wants in there, and it’s gonna be very telling who he puts in there.

Kris Kobach for Trump AG?RUSH:There’s a name being bandied about for AG, by the way, you may not have heard. Let me run it by you very quickly. Kris Kobach. Name ring a bell, folks? For those of you in a certain state, I mean, I know you know who he is. Kris Kobach, attorney general, Arizona, Kris Kobach, author and chief implementer of Arizona’s immigration law that Obama filed suit to stop. He is an up-and-coming, rising conservative star. If he ends up being the AG, it will be good. It would be a great example of Trump getting the people he wants to do what he wants done, and that will be a telltale sign of what Trump wants done. I don’t know if he’s gonna get it. It’s just a name. There’s all kinds of names being bandied about right now. So it’s Game of Thrones up there in Trump Tower.

I wonder who Trump is in the Game of Thrones cast, who is Trump? King Joffrey? No. I’m talking about who would they portray him as being? And who would be Peter Dinklage, the dwarf? Who would that be? Who would the media say is Peter Dinklage? We could have fun doing this. It reminds me of a little game we did called Gulf War I, casting our movie after the first Gulf War.

Game of Thrones at Trump TowerRUSH: CNN is talking about the Trump transition team as a bunch of people jockeying for top jobs just like in Game of Thrones. (laughing) What happens in Game of Thrones? Do you watch Game of Thrones? If you don’t, Game of Thrones is one of the most violent, gory dramas on TV. Beheadings are the least of what could happen to you if you run afoul of a king. Game of Thrones. Did they actually say at MSNBC that it was a Stalinist-like purge that got rid of Chris Christie because of Bridgegate? Ha. This is too much fun.

Now, I laugh with reservations, because, folks, these people are dead serious.

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