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RUSH: Now, the two things that are being underreported, first, the House leadership election vote, they wanted to delay it because they don’t want Pelosi. Not all of them, but enough House Democrats, they’re tired. Look, there are some House Democrats and Democrats around the country who realize what’s happened here. They’re happy Harry Reid is going, and they don’t want Pelosi to be around scaring people left and right. Pelosi can’t tell the truth about things. Pelosi is just poison. I mean, the Democrats have proven that the people they have been using out front as their message carriers have defeated them.

The Democrats slowly but surely, some of them, not all, are realizing that Pelosi and Harry Reid as the face of the Democrats is not how they’re gonna grow their party back. Those people are too divisive. It’s not even that they’re controversial. They’re just plaIN divisive. They are mean-spirited, they are radicals, they cannot and do not tell the truth. So, anyway, a number of House Democrats have moved all day today and yesterday to postpone the leadership vote until after Thanksgiving, and they succeeded so that the leadership vote that was going to automatically reelect Pelosi as the leader of the Democrats in the House has been postponed until after Thanksgiving.

The reason: They want somebody other than Pelosi. A, they want somebody younger. B, they want somebody much less incendiary and provocative, although that’s gonna be hard to find because that’s what your average Democrat today is. Your average Democrat today is a bomb thrower who is incapable of happiness, incapable of joy, they are perpetually angry because there’s always a victim out there being exploited by somebody, usually an American, and it’s gotta be stopped. They are their own worst enemy.

The second thing that’s happening that the media really is avoiding — I’ve seen one story on it twice. For all the people protesting out there for Trump or against Trump — those are people bought and paid for — there are Democrats at the New York office of Chuck Schumer, and they are protesting Chuck Schumer. Chuck Schumer is going to be the new Harry Reid. He’s gonna be the new leader of the Democrats in the Senate, and there are a bunch of Bernie Sanders voters who are fit to be tied.

They realize how the whole DNC and the Hillary Clinton organization stacked the deck against them and rigged that primary election, and they have late, but they finally arrived at the inescapable conclusion that Hillary and the DNC are inexorably linked to the people they hate: Wall Street. The far left wing of the Democrat Party thinks that Chuck Schumer is linked to Wall Street and big banks, which he is because he’s from New York. Those are the people that donate. Those are the people that underwrite campaigns. Chuck Schumer is indebted to investment banks, big banks, Wall Street banks, investment houses, hedge funds, and they don’t like it, and they want somebody beside Schumer.

So for all of the talk, all the protesting about Trump or against Trump, the Democrats are getting a taste of it, too. The media tries to paint a picture in the aftermath of this election that the only anger out there is at Trump. We have, essentially, a huge, huge Donald Trump win, when you measure what the expectations were, when you measure what all the predictions were and all the polling data. I’m told that people in the Hillary Clinton campaign, as late as nine p.m. on election night, thought they were coasting to a landslide victory because they believed all of their sacred pollsters.

They believed all of their incestuous political brothers and sisters. They thought it was in the bag as late as nine p.m. Tuesday night. I’m also told that the reason Hillary didn’t show up and concede late Tuesday, early Wednesday morning is that she was not fit. Bob Tyrrell in the American Spectator, who has developed sources that have been close to Clintons since they were in the White House report that she had lost it. She was shouting obscenities and even throwing things at people inside the victory suite. We hear this so much, there has to be some truth to it.

So, anyway, the Democrats thought it was in the bag as recently and as late as nine p.m. And of course when you measure this against expectations — and, by the way, not just polling data, but just take behavior of the Democrats, the arrogant condescension, the conceit with which they were running around here the past six months, that the election was a mere formality, that Hillary was gonna be coronated, it was all over but the shouting, and especially as all the October Surprises and dirt about Trump popped up, why, it was not even gonna be a contest, people hated Trump.

You look at the results, and in standard political measurements, it may not have been a landslide, but measured against expectations, it was. Not only was it a landslide, it was an earthquake, it was a tsunami, it was a shock. And it was something they are still recovering from. So the media’s mission right now is to try to create another illusion. The illusion is that this is an upset, and the only anger is at Trump, that the nation is angry at the result. This is the illusion. This is why they’re focusing on all the protests. This is why the protests are happening. This is why they’re being bought and paid for.

This is why they’re out there in growing numbers. It’s to give the media the opportunity to present a picture that says to people the entire country is angry over this. You are supposed to once again be dispirited, depressed, you are to think that this victory was an aberration and somehow not real. They focus on the popular vote, and you’re supposed to think you are still in the minority, that you are still fading away into nothing and Democrats still run the show and the proof is all the anger out there at Trump, outside Trump Tower, in all of these big cities, and I’m telling you, it’s just like it was during the campaign, it’s an illusion.

They have lost practically everything, folks, and there are people protesting them. Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, nobody crying any tears over Dingy Harry going out now, and building homes on his crazy land deals that he made when he was Senator in Nevada. It’s just a total, total embarrassing repudiation of the Democrat Party and their ideology.

But they don’t quit, and the media’s doing everything they can to make it look like that’s the opposite of what happened, that this is somehow some quirk and that the majority of thinking in this country’s outraged and angry and Trump will not be allowed to finish his term, whatever it takes, we’re gonna get Trump, the American people didn’t vote for this, and they did in overwhelming numbers and ways. So, protesting Chuck Schumer, delaying the vote so that Pelosi doesn’t become the leader again in the House. They are in dire straits on the Democrat side, and they must be kept there, folks.

Now, the House Republicans, I’ve had it noted to me in some emails, “Man, these guys are really excited, Rush, it was great to see. They’re all wearing Trump Make America Great Again caps, and they’re out there just as enthusiastic as I’ve ever seen ’em.” And they are. They really are. But they, too, didn’t expect any of this. You understand, don’t you, that all of the Washington establishment, both parties, thought that this was going to be a de facto Clinton win, that it wasn’t even a contest, that it was gonna be another humiliating defeat for Trump, and, by extension, the Republicans. And the Republicans thought that they were going to be maybe decimated and nonexistent as a party.

And do not doubt me: They thought that last Wednesday the election results would have essentially disbanded and blown up the Republican Party, and it was going to be put back together from scratch, and that’s what they were all aiming for. Everybody was jockeying for position to be in positions of power when the Republican Party was put back together. And again, from that standpoint and that perspective, an earthquake hit, the exact opposite of what every expert thought and predicted.

Now, the Republicans are giddy, and they’re excited, and they’re out there saying, “It’s a full-speed-ahead agenda implementation now. Whatever Trump wants, we are behind it a hundred percent,” and people are scratching their heads and saying, “Where’d this come from?” And it’s not hard to explain. A, everybody likes being on the winning team. B, everybody loves basking in the glow of the light of the winning team. Everybody wants to be thought of as part of the reason why the winning team won. Everybody wants to get in on the act.

When you got a great stage show going, nobody wants to be in the audience, folks. Everybody wants to be on the stage. And that’s where we are right now. So the Republican leadership wants everybody to think they played a significant role in this, and even when it’s obvious some one individual didn’t, those people still want it thought that they are fully and totally on board. Plus somebody else did it. Trump did it.

It’s easy to get behind the guy that did it. It’s much easier to follow the guy that did it than to be carrying the spears and go out there and take the arrows yourself, which is what they didn’t much have a stomach for, given the way the media’s treated them. But now, now it’s an entirely different thing. You’ve got Trump out there who is gonna be taking all the arrows, Trump’s gonna be taking all the attacks, and they’ve a little bit of insulation, but even at that — I don’t mean to be critical. Just trying to explain psychology here. But we haven’t won anything yet. That’s the thing to keep in mind. We won an election, but that’s it.

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