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RUSH: Let’s start with the Trump meeting with Obama in the White House and going out of his way to praise Obama and to talk about what a fine man Obama was, or is, and how he is going to seek Obama’s counsel in his own presidency?  How many of you saw that, little pink flags began to raise, not fully red yet?  That didn’t worry you?  Well, then I could add other instances, such as Trump telling his supporters to back off and appearing to be open and conciliatory, even, to some of the rioters.  Here’s what I think is actually — folks, I have to take a brief time-out, otherwise I’ll lose control of the length of the segments here, which the longer the better, the shorter, the worse.  Brief time-out and I’ll come back after the break and tell you what I really, really, really think is going on here.


RUSH: Okay, here’s what’s really going on out there, and I think why Trump is behaving as he is.  Our country right now is in a very dangerous place.  We are in a, you might say, precarious situation.  We have a president who has been completely repudiated.  Now, this is very significant, folks.  We have a president who, for the last eight years, has operated under the illusion that he has been wildly successful transforming America and advancing the socialist agenda, the Alinskyite version of America, and the world has been going along in the same direction.

This is a considerable thing that was attempted here, a genuine — I don’t want to use the word “coup” or “overthrow,” but the direction that Barack Obama wanted to take this country, and was, was as far away from the vision of this country as founded as any elected president has intended and sought.  And I’m sure that Obama and the Democrats believed that they were overwhelmingly succeeding and probably wishing they could even move it a little faster.

And they believed the election of Hillary Clinton was going to finally nail the last nail, hammer the last nail into the coffin of the original founding of this country and that the transformation would then be irreversible.  With Hillary in the White House and in charge of future justices to the Supreme Court, and having established that the executive could simply change laws with the stroke of his pen, that Congress wasn’t necessary. And with a Republican Party that had bought into it, a Republican Party that was afraid to oppose, I think Obama was sitting there thinking that he’d done it and they were ready to party and celebrate what leftists from the days of this founding have only dreamed of.

It was in their grasp.  It was going to happen.  All that was necessary was for Hillary to be reelected.  And Obama was so confident it was going to happen that — well, maybe he wasn’t confident, but he was confident enough that he was loved and adored and supported by a majority because he went out and campaigned on the very premise of extending him.  He told people his agenda was on the ballot.  He told people that all of his progressive advances were on the ballot.  He told people that to continue this dream required the election of Hillary Clinton.

The election of Hillary Clinton was going to be Obama’s third term in the sense that his revolution, his transformation was going to continue and that it could not, at that point, be stopped.  The Republicans didn’t have the stomach to try to stop it; and even if they did, there was nothing they could do.  She was gonna have the Supreme Court and executive orders and whatever other trappings of federal power that Obama had assumed for himself outside the Constitution, that there was no stopping them.

And I’m sure that they were overwhelmed with joy and happiness and the sense of achievement and accomplishment.  They perhaps more than anybody, Obama and Hillary, the Democrat leadership, perhaps more than anybody was sitting there confident that they were on the verge of actually doing it, actually taking this country away from the majority of people and the founding principles and transforming this country into something that nobody who founded it ever intended it to be.

And now we know what’s happened.  And what happened was a total rebuke of Barack Obama and his agenda and his transformation.  The Democrat Party could not rise up in great enough numbers to support him.  He was personally on the campaign trail begging them to, asking them to and telling them why, and six million fewer Democrats voted in this election than in 2012.  Not only was it a repudiation by Trump, who that’s another insult, Trump’s not even a professional politician, to come out and get spanked and outfoxed by somebody that they revile like Donald Trump, who is the antithesis of everything they believe.

Folks, it had to be crushing.  It had to be unreal.  And that’s why I think we are in a precarious situation.  We have a very, very defeated and maybe wounded President Obama who nevertheless maintains control on all the levers of power until January 20th.  We have a president who was on the cusp of an historical event never before conceived in this country, has just been snatched away.  But he’s still there, he controls the levers of power for another month and a half, two months.  And, as such, we don’t know what all is threatened.

Global financial interests are threatened. All these globalists and elites around the world are as devastated and distraught as Obama is.  They are not benign.  George Soros cannot believe what happened, either.  He spent a life’s fortune making all this happen.  And this mob, these rioters, I am certain, have been unleashed by community organizers and the like, people sympathetic to Obama, maybe even himself. He’s flexing his muscles with these mobs made to look like the whole country is upset and angry and not gonna put up with this.  This is Obama saying, “Oh, yeah?  Oh, yeah, you think?”

And Trump is a guy that operates a hundred percent from leverage.  And if you watch his behavior right now, I think Trump knows full well how precarious and dangerous the next two months could be, and it’s therefore necessary to be soothing and certainly non-confrontational and non-provocative of Obama, like, yeah, I’m gonna keep some things about Obamacare, yeah, he’s a great guy, really enjoyed meeting him, yeah, I’m gonna seek his counsel, yeah, he and the Clintons are good people, I don’t want to hurt ’em, I have respect, I found talking to Obama fascinating.  I think the flattering is done as an insurance policy.  We’ll see.  I think come January 20th, all bets are off.  But we won’t know until then.


RUSH:  So here’s a report from TheHill.com, headline:  “Trump Plans to Spend More Time with Obama Learning the Ropes: Report.”  The latest headline in TheHill.com, that Obama realizes that Trump doesn’t know what he needs to know, is gonna spend more time with him.


RUSH: Details.  “Trump Plans to Spend More Time with Obama Learning the Ropes,” says a report.  This is from TheHill.com.  “President-elect Donald Trump will spend more time with President Obama learning the ins and outs of the presidency, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal.”

Are you worried yet, Dawn?  “The president-elect’s team reportedly –” are you ready for this now?  Are you sure you want to hear this?  Trump’s team was “unaware of the fact that he needed to hire a full White House staff upon taking the Oval Office.”  No way.  There is no way that that is true.  Are you telling me that Donald Trump thinks it’s a permanent staff in the White House that just works regardless who the president is?  Come on, folks, you can’t believe this.

Does anybody believe this?  How many people think that there’s a permanent staff, like secretaries and legislative assistants and who knows what else.  There are 4,000 people that the new president hires for the cabinet-level agencies, for the West Wing, first lady handles the East Wing.  There’s 4,000 jobs that have to be filled.  They’re appointed positions.  Some are career jobs that have been there since George H. W. Bush, for example, and maybe beyond that, maybe even Reagan.  It’s possible.  But are you kidding me, that Trump didn’t know?  Nobody on Trump’s staff knows?

Let me read this again.  I want to make sure.  “The president-elect’s team reportedly was unaware of the fact that he needed to hire a full White House staff upon –”  Come on, folks, Newt Gingrich, Kellyanne Conway, take your pick.  Jeff Sessions, Chris Christie, this is just too much to believe.  Who’s putting this crap out?  The Wall Street Journal?  Well, remember where they were during the campaign.  They wanted no part of Trump.

This is from a tweet from Michael Bender, and I guess the tweet — I don’t know if he’s the guy that tweeted it or if it’s Bender who’s tweeting from the journal.  But the tweet says: “Trump aides didn’t know entire West Wing had to be hired; Obama, after meeting Trump, plans to spend more time with him.” Apparently Obama is — what’s the word — Obama is shocked at what Trump doesn’t know, and Obama, for the sake of the country, has to help Trump.  Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing and Obama’s gotta work with him.

“After meeting with President-Elect Trump, President Obama reportedly realized he needs much more guidance and plans to spend more time with him than presidents typically spend with their successors.  Trump is the only American to win the presidency having neither served in the military nor having held elective office.”  So you see, he’s an idiot.  You see, he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

I’m sorry, folks, I just can’t believe this.  I cannot believe — maybe I’m getting ahead of myself here.  How many of you, honestly in this audience, think that there’s a permanent bunch of people in the White House that are there no matter who the president is.  Now, look, some of the ushers, the household staff, they stay.  I mean, everybody knows that.  But you can hire your own chef.

But we’re talking about actual West Wing political jobs, people that are there to serve the president.  Chief of staff’s office.  You know, I’ve been in there.  It is a crowded place, and it’s a lot of people. (interruption) Well, it’s government wide, not just in the West Wing but 4,000 — who knew that?  Is that your question?  Well, I don’t think most people know it’s 4,000, but most people know presidents get to put their people in there.  They may not know it’s 4,000 people they get to put in there.

Look, a president can get rid of anybody he wants.  He can fire all the U.S. attorneys and usually does.  There are 99 of ’em.  And he better.  He had better get rid of Obama’s U.S. attorneys.  George W. Bush did, not immediately.  Remember, they raked him over the coals for doing this, and every president does it.  But the idea that Trump doesn’t know that he — I’m sorry.  I’m incredulous.  That’s why I keep repeating this.  This is so stupid that I can’t believe anybody would purposely put this out thinking they could make people believe it, but it is the media, and we know how stupid they think people are.  Holy smokes.

I have some limited experience.  I’ve been in the Oval Office.  I have been in the chief of staff’s office in the West Wing.  I’ve been in that whole complex.  Let me move on because I could sit here and speculate openly about this all day long trying to pin this down as to as to where it came from.  I want to go back to the audio sound bites here.  Bill Maher, this was Friday night on Real Time.  Oh, I should point out, Obama’s got a press conference or something at 3:15 today, after the program.  I think it’s a presser.  I got a note on it some time ago and I forget — press conference, gonna make some remarks, don’t know what, and I think the timing, 3:15 is awfully curious.  We will find out.  Given my theory and philosophy that I announced right in the last 15 minutes of the previous hour, this is gonna be fascinating to see.

Can you just see Obama going out there (imitating Obama), “After having met with President-Elect Trump, it’s clear that I have to help him quite a bit.  Good guy, doesn’t know what he’s doing, though, and we have scheduled many more meetings.  He really didn’t know that gets hire his own people here.”  He can’t possibly say that.  But he might try to convey it.  We’ll see.  Don’t sweat it, folks.  Whatever happens, we’ll be here tomorrow to put it in proper context for you.


RUSH: It’s a day for rejoicing.  Here’s Robert in Houston.  Robert, you’re next on the EIB Network.  Hello, sir.

CALLER:  Oh, Mr. Limbaugh, God bless you, sir.  I want to thank you for your service to your country, and I know you’ve heard plenty of that, but for such a time of this, God’s talent on loan to you has been a great American victory here.

RUSH:  Thank you, sir, very much.

CALLER:  Yes, sir.  I have been concerned already since day one that we have to the get elected and then we have to get through the inaugural address.  And I completely agree with you, not only I would go so far as to say that that hour that Obama kept Donald Trump in the White House may even have been, during all this instructing and lecturing, trying to get him to make an outburst, respond in a way that would paint him as uncontrollable in order to fuel the fire of a bad transition.

RUSH:  Oh, I see what you’re getting at.  You think Obama might be baiting Trump, trying to get him to say or do something that appears to be odd, that would affect the transition and make it appear rocky.

CALLER:  To incite more rioting, to bring up more dis —

RUSH:  Well, let me ask you, what if this rioting goes on for four years, folks?  What if it goes on for four — (interruption) You don’t care?  All right, let ’em burn their own city.  Okay.  Rioting goes on for four years.  ‘Cause I’m here to tell you that if they’re paying $1,500 a week for it, it’s gonna keep happening.

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