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RUSH: Oh, here’s a story: “Record Global Cooling Over the Last Eight Months.” (chuckles) That’s another subject.  You know, it’s a pet peeve of mine, this whole global warming thing and what it’s done to these young kids.  I just… I don’t know why; it just ticks me off.  I mean, people are throwing their lives away being scared into believing garbage.  They’re literally throwing their lives away. 

You know, there’s… You’re gonna think I’m crazy, folks.  Well, you won’t think that because none of you ever think I’m crazy, but have you seen the ads for this…? I don’t know what it is. It’s a movie or a documentary about a trip to Mars that’s on PBS.  You haven’t seen the promos for this?  I saw it during the football games yesterday.  It’s one of these productions by Neil deGrasse Tyson who took over for Carl Sagan.  My tech buddies worship this guy, because he believes in climate change, and global warming, and all this other stuff.

And he also is, to some extent, a believer that our only hope is to leave earth and colonize an asteroid or the moon or Mars.  So there is either… And they’ve already had this movie called The Martian, with what’s his name. Matt Damon.  But this is something else.  I think it is a documentary.  But I’m not sure.  But with Neil deGrasse Tyson, it’s probably a documentary, a science-type documentary.  And it’s all about the first trip to Mars.  Now, gotta be very careful.  I’m all for space exploration.  I absolutely am devoted to it. 

I think great things come from the research into space exploration, particularly manned space flight. But, again, there is a subliminal attachment to this that includes the idea that we have got to find a way to get to Mars or we’re gonna die because the planet is not habitable. That is what is the under-girding foundation of all of these Mars exploration things, that we’ve got to find a way to get there or we’re gonna die.  And so these young tech guys are all excited with people like Elon Musk or any of these other clowns that are talking about this.

I mean going to Mars? Fine, folks. Don’t misunderstand. But taking the earth’s population there to save it from manmade global warming?  I mean, it just embarrasses me; that is so silly.  But these kind of shows promote — subtly promote — this confused idea that we are destroying our habitat by making life better.  Our life expectancy is expanding.  People are getting healthier.  And it’s all related to fossil fuels.  “We’re destroying our environment,” when we’re not.  We’re living longer.  We’re living healthier.  We are living more prosperously. 

I mean, that gets retarded when Democrats are in the White House, but for the most part that’s the trend line, and yet all of that is distorted into, “Our planet will not be habitable in, like, 30 years.”  And it just… I shouldn’t let it bother me, because they’re gonna grow up anyway and find out it isn’t true at some point.  They’re just gonna waste their lives in the process.  And who knows what’s gonna happen when they found out they’re not going to be on the trip to Mars. 

Someday they’re gonna realize that, uh, colonizing Mars not happening in their lifetime. (laughing) Do you know the truth?  The truth is that whoever goes to Mars first will die in the process. (interruption) Well, no. The odds are they’re gonna die simply because of the length of time. Who knows about getting back. Who knows about really being able to sustain life on Mars once you get there, for how long.  I mean, there’s nothing there.  There’s no eco-system at all there. 

I mean, how much can you take with you?  But it’s pretty much certain that whoever first goes — in the name of science and exploration — it’s gonna be like getting on a ship back in 1400 going to the edge of the earth and falling off the side of it.  That isn’t gonna happen but you might… The ship might die, you might get scurvy or your ship might sink, whatever.  The odds are that the first explorers aren’t gonna make it, but they’re gonna know it going in.  I mean… It’s silly.


RUSH:  Now, stop and think of it.  The idea, the idea that life could be better anywhere but earth, you want to talk deranged, you want to talk deluded.  Now, that’s a hoax, that life anywhere, an asteroid, Mars, the Moon, it could be better than it is on earth, and yet, look, I know there’s oddballs and kooks that believe everything in a population our size, they’re trying to mainstream this in the extreme left side. And it’s all about condemning capitalism and condemning the United States as a way of life. 

Don’t doubt me on this.  This is how you get to this point where young people are so deluded and confused that they can’t handle losing, they get so frightened, scared by things.  It does matter.  We used to laugh at these things 25, 30 years ago ’til we learned that people actually end up believing it.  It’s just mind-boggling.  I’m gonna do my best to let it go folks ’cause I know I’ve bent your ear over this kind of stuff long stuff and there’s other stuff out there.

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