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RUSH: Reince Priebus is going to be the new chief of staff in the Trump White House, and Steve Bannon will be the Karl Rove, if you will. He’s gonna be the top strategist in the White House and this has caused them to come unhinged, further unhinged.  I mean, they live unhinged on the left, but now, folks, I think they’re deranged and further and further away from sanity.

I must tell you, I do not know Steve Bannon.  I don’t know who he is, well, I know who he is now, but I know only about him what I have read, former Goldman Sachs banker, CEO Breitbart, the website.  I do know he was one of the earliest investors in the Seinfeld show, and he participates in the profits from all the reruns and syndication.  That’s a lot of money.  Aside from that, I don’t know much about him.

All I know is that the left is scared to death because they think the guy is a white supremacist, alt-right, just a reprobate, and Donald Trump is none of those things, and I don’t think the left is being accurate.  I know how they mischaracterize me and have for over 29 years.  So not much to say there.  As far as Priebus being chief of staff, a lot of people are alarmed by this because they link Priebus to the Republican establishment.

They link Priebus to Paul Ryan, and the Republican establishment, the congressional leadership not popular going into this primary season and campaign with the base of the Republican Party.  They were viewed as soft, unwilling to fight, not willing to stand up for the Republican Party or its voters. Many saw them as sellouts to the left in order to get along and ultimately many of them saw them sell out to donors, regardless whether the donors wanted Republican ideas implemented or not.

And many of these establishment people vowed to do everything they could to make sure Trump didn’t win, first the primaries, then the general. And many of the Republican establishment openly said they were gonna vote for Hillary.  Now, it’s interesting, and human nature is a fascinating thing to observe. To me, sharing some of my own personal views here with you, I think it is fascinating to watch how people in leadership positions are actually nothing more than followers.

They moisten their finger and they put it up in the wind to figure out which way the wind is blowing and make sure that they are in the same direction.  They don’t want to make waves.  They don’t want to in any way stand out. They don’t want to venture away from whatever is viewed to be as the safe position on any issue.  And so many of these — I’m not naming names here.  I’m not specifically talking about Ryan, don’t misunderstand.  Any number of people would fill this bill.

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