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“My prediction is that when all of the votes are counted, we’re going to find that a significant number of illegal immigrants voted. I wouldn’t be surprised if the number is as high as two million illegal immigrants. And when this all happens, it’s going to be quite clear that Trump won the popular vote as well. Mark my words on this.”

“Eight years ago I came on the air here and I said, ‘I hope he fails,’ meaning I do not want his policy implemented, socialism and all that sort of stuff. Now these protesters and rioters are being lionized and celebrated as great Americans. And what are they hoping for? They are openly hoping the Trump presidency fails. I never said that about Obama.” 

“The reason Obama and Hillary are not gonna shut down the protests is they love it. Obama loves the look and he loves the media telling everybody that the country is objecting to the election results.”  

“This election is a great illustration of reality versus mirage and illusion.” 

“It is the left that is intolerant, not tolerant. It is the left that’s divisive, not unifying. It is the left that feeds off of the chaos of disunity. It is the left that talks about us versus them, even from the top. Obama, during his campaign in ’08, and then as he served as president, used the same kind of divisive language.” 

“The media and the Democrat Party for eight years has been acting and thus apparently convincing a lot of people on our side that we have lost the country. That we are in the minority, that we’re outnumbered, and big time outnumbered, and we are dwindling away to nothing. That the transformation of the country was well underway and nothing could stop it. And it was not happening. It wasn’t even close to happening.”  

“The Democrat Party’s losses are deep and significant and the losses have been occurring over a long number of years. It didn’t just happen with this election. The left knows it, and the Democrat Party knows it, but coming to grips with it is another thing.” 

“The bottom line is, winners do not reach out to accommodate losers. It’s the other way around. And we have been making that mistake for way too many years here, folks. And it’s time now, when we’re on the winning side, to act like it and to be confident of it and to accept the victory as legitimate, in the sense that it represents the majority of the American people and that it is specific. It’s related to specific events and ideas and policies. And there is nothing to apologize for.” 

“Why is it that losing an election is causing a genuine meltdown in some people in such fashion that they’re unable to cope. They’re unable to get out of bed and function as human beings. I submit to you they weren’t born this way. They were raised this way, and they were educated this way, and it is a shame that this has happened, and it’s worse than a shame because this has been done on purpose. The fearmongering of the Democrat Party.” 

“The mayor of Los Angeles is also in on this, mayors, Governor Cuomo, city of Chicago, will continue as immigrant sanctuary and the mayors of New York and Los Angeles pledge to remain immigrant sanctuaries. This is lawlessness. Sanctuary cities are against the law. Illegal immigration is against it law.” 

“The Democrats are always trying to help us do the right thing, aren’t they? Chuck-U Schumer and Dingy Harry and Nancy Pelosi have been telling us that unless we reach out to Hispanics and unless we join this push for amnesty, that we are never gonna win the White House again, and look what happened.” 

“I’d like to help the Democrats like they have been offering us. And I’m gonna say, if you guys don’t shut down your sanctuary cities, you’re gonna continue to become an even smaller minority. People are gonna continue to vote against you.”

“The truth of the matter is it’s the Democrat that is the minority. We have been governed by a dwindling minority for the last eight years, made to look like a supermajority trending up.” 

“The Democrat Party has created all of this hysteria, all of these young skulls full of mush running around acting like five- and six-year-olds are the direct product, they are the product and the result of leftist education.” 

“I’m saying Trump ought to call Obama and Hillary and tell them to shut it down. It’s their supporters that are being paid to do this, folks. This is the key that everybody — and Trump especially — needs to understand. The idea that this is organic out there? It’s not.” 

“The simple fact of the matter is this country is not unified because the Democrat Party and its policies. This country is not unified because of Barack Obama and his policies and his words and his approach to things. We do want a unified America. We want an America great for everyone.” 

“I think it is fascinating to watch how people in leadership positions are actually nothing more than followers. They moisten their finger and they put it up in the wind to figure out which way the wind is blowing and make sure that they are in the same direction. They don’t want to make waves. They don’t want to venture away from whatever is viewed to be as the safe position on any issue.” 

“One man persisting against the establishment of Washington and New York, both parties, one man bullheadedly opposing it, was rewarded with an overwhelming victory.” 

“We have been governed by a dwindling minority for the last eight years, made to look like a supermajority trending up. I’m gonna go through the numbers and the details again to remind everybody about just how deeply the Democrat Party has sunk and how they have just been shellacked and how Obama’s specific policies were repudiated in this election.”



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