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RUSH:  I tell you what I would do, and I would have already done it, but since it isn’t done already, here’s what I would do.  I’d call Obama and I’d call Hillary, and I’d say, “You’re gonna shut this stuff down.  You’re gonna stop it right now.  It’s your people doing this.  And if you don’t shut it down, I’m going to, and I’m gonna call every law enforcement department all over this country where these riots are taking place, and I’m gonna tell ’em I got their backs after I’m inaugurated.” 

You believe the hypocrisy here?  These people, you know, eight years ago I came on the air here and I said, “I hope he fails,” and now we’ve got even liberals on the audio sound bites admitting they knew what I meant, led by Bill Maher.  They knew what I meant because now they knew they’re engaging in hypocrisy.  I said, “I hope he fails.” Meaning I do not want his policy implemented, socialism and all that sort of stuff. 

originalNow these protesters and rioters are being lionized and celebrated as great Americans.  And what are they hoping for?  They are openly hoping the Trump presidency fails.  I never said that about Obama.  I didn’t want anything but his policies to fail to be implemented. But these people who excoriated me all over this country for four years, and in fact some continue to, now hypocritically look the other way and claim that these protesters and rioters are legitimate and all that. And they’re bought and paid for.  They are bused in. 

I’ve got three different websites which have pictures of lines of buses, 10 to 15 buses in Chicago and in other places where these people are bought. They’re the same people that show up at Black Lives Matter protests.  They’re the same people that showed up in Ferguson, in Baltimore, you name it. 

Anyway, greetings, my friends, great to have you, Rush Limbaugh here behind the Golden EIB Microphone.  800-282-2882 if you want to be on the program. 

The reason Obama and Hillary are not gonna shut it down is they love it.  Obama loves the look and he loves the media telling everybody that the country is objecting to the election results.  And the election results, ladies and gentlemen, let me remind you again, and I’m not, by the way, angry or in a bad mood.  I’m loving every minute of this.  But I do think it’s time to knock some heads.  And the fact is the Democrat Party was totally repudiated.  And I am gratified I have found two substantive news stories now documenting that which I already told you last week. 

The repudiation of the Democrat Party starting with the midterms in 2010 has been profound.  They are at their weakest they have been since the 1920s.  Even George Will is now on board with Trump now that he’s realized what happened.  George Will, oh, yeah, all of a sudden now conservatives get to appoint the Supreme Court for 25 years. Conservatives get to do this or that. He’s done a 180 on this. 

This election is a great illustration of reality versus mirage and illusion.  The media, for eight years, and the Democrat Party for eight years has been acting and thus apparently convincing a lot of people on our side that we have lost the country. That we are in the minority, that we’re outnumbered, and big time outnumbered, and we are dwindling away to nothing. That the transformation of the country was well underway and nothing could stop it. 

And it was not happening.  It wasn’t even close to happening.  We could have defeated Obama in 2012, and we maybe could have in 2008, but that’s a big “maybe” not worth reprosecuting at this point.  The truth of the matter is it’s the Democrat that is the minority.  We have been governed by a dwindling minority for the last eight years, made to look like a supermajority trending up. 

I’m gonna go through the numbers and the details again to remind everybody about just how deeply the Democrat Party has sunk and how they have just been shellacked and how Obama’s specific policies were repudiated in this election.  Therefore these people protesting and whining and moaning and crying about things need to be told to grow up real fast. 

They are not the majority and they never have been the majority of people in this country.  That’s why we’re gonna start hearing about the tyranny of the majority pretty soon and the rights of the minority pretty soon.  This is how the Democrats and the left always portray this when they lose elections.  But it is really bad, the circumstances for the Democrat Party. 

Now, I don’t mean anybody to assume from this that they’re gonna slink away and go away.  Quite the contrary.  They’re going to continue to try to present the illusion that they are the majority and they got shafted, and one of the ways they do that is with the popular vote versus the electoral vote.  So let me remind you of some things about that, because I want you people fully confident.  I want you armed to the hilt with data and information.  I don’t want you wavering on anything. 

You have to promise me, you’re not gonna waver, you’re not gonna go wobbly in the knees. You’re not gonna get weak on me out there.  You’re not gonna fall prey to the usual tricks and practices implemented by the left and the Democrat Party.  You are the majority.  We won the election and it was huge.  And the Democrat Party’s losses are deep and significant and for a long time. 

These losses have been occurring over a long number of years.  It didn’t just happen with this election.  The left knows it, and the Democrat Party knows it, but coming to grips with it is another thing.  They are used to living illusions.  They are used to spreading illusions, delusions, and all of this, and they will continue. 

So let’s look at the popular vote versus the Electoral College.  They’re trying to tell us that some states still haven’t been called and we’re gonna end up winning, they say, the popular vote by a significant number of votes, which they are going to try to say delegitimizes Trump’s presidency, and they’re going to use that to try to deny every Trump policy initiative on the basis that in terms of the population of the country, he was rejected. So we need to get rid of the Electoral College and all this. 

I don’t think that’s gonna hold up.  The first reason I don’t think it’s gonna hold up is this — and I made this prediction last week, and I made the prediction based on some early data I had seen.  It’s gonna be awhile before we actually have the total vote count.  And the reason for that is that the Obama forces are still out there trying to massage the results so that they can get this popular vote majority that they want.  Make no mistake about it. 

So my prediction is that when all of the votes are counted, we’re going to find that a significant number of illegal immigrants voted.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the number is as high as two million illegal immigrants.  And when this all happens, it’s going to be quite clear that Trump won the popular vote as well.  Mark my words on this.  As usual, don’t doubt me. 

But there’s even more.  Let’s say let’s say, for example, that we didn’t have the Electoral College and the popular vote mattered, do you realize how that would have changed the entire campaign?  It would have made states like New York and California automatically in play.  They’re not now.  Trump didn’t spend any time in California, very little time in New York because there was no point.  If every Republican in both states votes for you you have no prayer of winning the popular vote there, and therefore you have no way of winning the electoral votes from those states, so those states automatically go Democrat. 

But what if there was no Electoral College?  The campaign would have been much different.  You wouldn’t have had nearly as much time spent in North Carolina. You wouldn’t have had nearly as much time spent in Wisconsin by Trump or Michigan or Ohio or some of these rust belt states.  You would have Trump going with the people were.  He would have gone to New York.  He would have gone to California.  He may not have needed to win the state, but if the popular vote were all that counted, he could have easily won this election by simply changing focus. 

The same thing for the Democrats.  You know, Hillary did not even go to Wisconsin?  Hillary spent all of her time assuming the blue wall, assuming the blue states were gonna come through for her and then she spent some time in what she thought were battleground states, but without the Electoral College there’s no such thing essentially as a battleground state.  They’re battleground states simply because of the Electoral College.  But if it’s popular vote only, can you imagine if Trump had spent all the time in those states that he spent there in California? 

My point is that you can’t automatically conclude that if the Electoral College is thrown out, that Hillary would have won because the campaign would have been entirely different.  And I’m gonna go with the assumption that Trump would have won either way, because Trump won.  He won as the election had to be contested.  Where Trump had to go and where Trump had to win, Trump did.  And they can’t take that away from him and they’re trying to with this Electoral College BS. 

But let me give you another analogy.  This one I like.  It’s not a hundred percent, but it is close.  To all of you Democrats talking about your popular vote victory, I’d like to talk to you about the 1960 World Series, the Pittsburgh Pirates and the New York Yankees.  Many people believe that it was one of the greatest World Series ever played.  Game 1, the Pirates, 6-4.  Game 2, the Yankees, 16-3.  Game 3 in New York City, 10 to zip, Yankees.  Game 4, 3-2 Pittsburgh.  Game 5, 5-2 Pittsburgh.  Game 6, 12 to nothing Yankees.  Game 7, 10-9 Pittsburgh. 

Pittsburgh won four games.  The Yankees won three.  But wait a minute.  Wait a minute.  Let’s not look at it as how many games the Pirates won.  Let’s look at it a different way.  The Yankees outscored the Pirates 55-27 in those seven games.  The New York Yankees hit .338 in those seven games.  The Pittsburgh Pirates batted a measly .256.  So on paper the New York Yankees just skunked the Pittsburgh Pirates, 55 runs to 27, 55 votes to 27 votes, but the Pirates won the World Series because they won the games they had to win.  They won four out of seven. 

So you could say that the Yankees in this analogy won the popular vote 55 runs to 27.  That’s how you score who wins in baseball.  But they didn’t win it, did they?  They lost the World Series, despite playing much better, hitting better.  But there were four games that they didn’t win.  Any number of ways that you can look at all of this, ladies and gentlemen.  The bottom line is Trump won this election.  He was going to win the election no matter how it was contested.  This, to me, has proven to be indisputable.  So all of these bought-and-paid-for protests — we know these protests are bought and paid for. 

Now, that’s not to say that there are some truly distraught people out there.  And to the people who are truly distraught and feeling just lost, I can’t tell you how sorry I feel for these people. But the reason I feel sorry for ’em is because what has turned them out this way.  Who made them this way?  How in the world is it that adults young and old still act like five and six-year-olds when they don’t get their way.  Why is it that losing an election is causing a genuine meltdown in some people in such fashion that they’re unable to cope. They’re unable to get out of bed and function as human beings. 

I submit to you they weren’t born this way.  They were raised this way, and they were educated this way, and it is a shame that this has happened, and it’s worse than a shame because this has been done on purpose.  The fearmongering of the Democrat Party, you know, climate change is the best example I can give you of the success of the fearmongering of the Democrat Party.  John Kerry, the haughty John Kerry who once served in Vietnam, now the secretary of state, he went down to Antarctica last week.  I was reading my tech blogs, and a bunch of them were dead serious when they said at least he got to go before it melted. 

Antarctica is not melting.  We actually are a in a dramatic cooling trend worldwide right now.  There certainly isn’t any warming, but these people believe it.  They really, really believe that the earth is not going to be around in such a shape that they will be able to live on it in like 20 or 30 years, they really believe this, enough of them do.  This is just utterly irresponsible.  Now we have people out there claiming that the Trump election stands for some of the worst racism and bigotry the world has ever known in the United States of America.

We have papers like USA Today and others claiming that this is just no good, why, Trump represents a revival of Western values.  Damn right he does!  Western civilization is what made the greatest superpower in the history of superpowers.  Western civilization has fed the world.  Western civilization has clothed the world. Western civilization has given the world its morality and its laws.  Western civilization is one of the greatest things that ever happened to humanity in the history of humanity.  But the people on the left, no, no, no, no, it’s racist, sexist, bigoted, and homophobic. 

I believe the vast majority of these people protesting are bought and paid for as the Project Veritas videos proved.  It was the Hillary campaign buying and paying protesters to disrupt Trump rallies.  The same thing is happening here, and it happens every time they don’t get their way.  And they’re always called great patriots by the media. They’re always called great, great citizens practicing the fine, time-honored practice of dissent, when it’s nothing of the sort.  I’m telling you, if I’m Trump, I call Obama and Hillary, and I say, “You shut this down, ’cause this is not good for the country, and these people are out living an illusion, presenting a false illusion, and there’s nothing great about this, there’s nothing unifying about this.  There’s absolutely nothing good that can come of this, and you shut it down or I will.” 

I don’t expect Trump to do that, but that’s what I would do.  And if Trump called me and asked me what he should do, that’s what I would tell him.  One of the reasons Trump got elected is this kind of stuff been going on for the last eight years.  This is one of the reasons he got elected.  People are fed up with it.  This is not helpful, it’s not useful, and it’s not morally superior to anything going on out there.  It’s destructive.  It’s actually taking young skulls full of mush and polluting them with ruinous ideas, personally ruinous and destructive ideas.  There’s no link to the great dissent and protests of the past.  This is just childish, immature rabble-rousing at best.  


RUSH: But there are some Americans — like look at this story.  This is from BuzzFeed.  “After Trump Win, Suicide Hotlines Flooded With Calls — Four major hotlines, including two focused on LGBT populations, say their numbers are way up this week. The spike in calls is ‘unprecedented,’ one spokesperson said. Since late on Tuesday night, four major crisis prevention hotlines have reported a surge in calls, chats, and texts from people feeling intense mental distress.”

I wonder, they tell us this, but I wonder.  I don’t doubt there’s some, folks.  There is genuine — what’s the word — “insanity” is going a little bit too far, but there’s some genuine mental illness out there that has been taught.  There is genuine mental illness that has been programmed or indoctrinated or inculcated, whatever, it’s been taught.  If a teacher’s had access to a Howard Zinn history book, if your kid has been taught by anybody believing that Howard Zinn tells the truth about American history, you have a kid, you have a child that may actually be suffering mental illness.  They have been lied to.  I’m at a loss for words to describe what actually has been done to them. 

Now, I think that these reported numbers are vastly exaggerated, way over the top.  I don’t believe that such a sizable portion of the Democrat Party is this insane.  Maybe it’s true.  I mean, when you say it that way, it sounds like it could be.  But all of these suicide hotlines?  Has anybody reported a suicide?  Have you seen a suicide because of the election?  I haven’t. 

I’ve seen some horrible, vicious beatings, angry African-Americans beating up on white people just because they think they voted for Trump, dragging them behind a car for a quarter, half a mile at 75 miles an hour, after beating them up.  I’ve seen these stories.  But I haven’t seen anybody actually reported to have committed suicide because of the election, and yet we’re told that calls to suicide hotlines are running at a record pace.  I think it’s largely imaginary and it is all due to the fearmongering of the media, the Democrat Party, and the education institutions in this country and their propaganda machinery. 

You take people that might not be wrapped too tightly to begin with, you take some people that might be an order of fries short of a Happy Meal, and then you get them in your classroom for ten, 15 years, and you scare them to death, especially if they come from minority groups, LGBT, African-American, women, whatever. I don’t doubt the Democrat Party’s technique, one of their most practiced techniques is scaring people to death over what will happen if Republicans ever win elections. 

But it seems to me that those who appear to be the most affected by all this are LGBT Americans.  And many of them are citing fears about their safety and security under a Trump and Pence administration.  And I can’t even remember one negative thing Donald Trump’s ever said about gays.  But, you see, that doesn’t matter.  It’s the hysteria that counts, and the Democrat Party has created all of this, all of these young skulls full of mush running around acting like five- and six-year-olds are the direct product, they are the product and the result of leftist education. 

And it really is a shame, when you strip it all away, to have human beings, American citizens that are this fragile, this unable to cope with disappointment.  Life is filled with disappointment.  Life is filled with not getting your way.  Life is made up of the fight to win the things you believe in and get your way.  You don’t win all the time.  And if you ever notice it’s only the people on the left who act like five and six-year-olds when they lose.  It’s only minority groups, and who are they?  They are almost universally liberal Democrats. 

Another brief time-out.  We’ve got some sound bites, and you might imagine that your host is featured quite a lot in many of the audio sound bites since we last got together.  


RUSH:  No, no. I know Trump has said, “Stop it.” I know that.  Trump’s gone out and stopped it, and he’s told these people, “You don’t have to protest.  We’re gonna get along fine,” and all that.  That’s not what I’m saying.  He can do that all he wants.  I’m saying Trump ought to call Obama and Hillary and tell them to shut it down.  It’s their supporters that are being paid to do this, folks.  This is the key that everybody — and Trump especially — needs to understand.  The idea that this is organic out there? It’s not. 

Every time there is a major event that goes against the left or might, these people show up.  We’ve even had witnesses say that they’ve seen the same people this week in Chicago as they saw in Ferguson.  They’ve seen the same people in New York that they’ve seen in other cities during other protests.  It’s the same people!  It’s George Soros money, largely, but it’s Democrat donors that are paying for this.  All of this was exposed with the Project Veritas videos, James O’Keefe.  But we knew it before that. 

This isn’t organic.  This is not how people normally behave.  These people are being paid. As I say, within this universe of rioters, there no doubt are some people that are in total distress, but I don’t want to be redundant.  They’re that way because they’ve been raised or taught that way.  It’s not… Look, what’s going on does not require Trump to change anything. That’s my whole point.  Donald Trump doesn’t need to change a thing. He doesn’t need to apologize for anything. He doesn’t need to explain anything. 

It’s these people’s business to get on board.  The bottom line is, winners do not reach out to accommodate losers.  It’s the other way around.  And we have been making that mistake for way too many years here, folks.  And it’s time now, when we’re on the winning side, to act like it and to be confident of it and to accept the victory as legitimate, in the sense that it represents the majority of the American people and that it is specific. It’s related to specific events and ideas and policies.  And there is nothing to apologize for. 

Nothing! Not one thing.

It is up to them to adapt. 

They are not going to be harmed. 

The idea that they think they’re gonna be harmed? That’s the Democrats’ problem.  It’s up to people that they listen to to reassure them, because they’re not capable of listening to anybody else.  But even that assumes that all this is legitimate.  And I’m just telling you: The majority of it’s not.  It’s all for show, it’s all for television, and the media is out there celebrating it in total hypocrisy.  People ostensibly are saying they do not want this, they hope this fails, they don’t want any part of it, they think it needs to be shut down and reversed — and that gets praised to the hilt by the media. 

Anyway, that’s my take on it.  You know what it is.  To the audio sound bites this was CNN’s “New Day” this morning.  Chris Cuomo speaking to a panel, among them Jeffrey Lord of the American Spectator.  Cuomo’s question: “What Breitbart does — whether they’re targeting me or targeting other people in media — is they deceive. They distort context, and they do it to advance an agenda that the media’s against you and that everything is the left, and that the system is the left. And that this is about a race war and about white America being put down.  “And now you have that guy in the White House speaking for all Americans.”  I don’t know what the hell he’s… I gotta rein it in here, folks.  I was on the verge of offering a serious opinion of this particular TV newsman, and that will not be useful.  All I’ll tell you is I have no idea what his question is.  But I think he’s asking Jeff Lord, “Are you kidding me?  A Breitbart guy is gonna be in the White House? A Breitbart guy who’s responsible for race wars and white supremacy and all of this?” Chris Cuomo’s one of these people that’s just off his rocker, with a total mischaracterization of who Donald Trump is and who his supporters are. 

Here’s how Jeff Lord answered the question…

LORD:  I just disagree with you totally with your picture of Steve Bannon.  I read Breitbart every day.  I mean, it’s conservative.  You’re not gonna hear much difference out of Breitbart than you are from Rush Limbaugh. Rush Limbaugh says —

CUOMO:  You think that Rush Limbaugh would be a good guy to have as a president’s top strategist, with him spending all of his time —

LORD:  Of course!

CUOMO:  — trying to divide this country?

LORD:  Chris, here’s the trick that the left always plays — and you just, my friend, played it.  It’s that you guys divide Americans all the time. The Obama administration and the American left divide people by race, and then they pretend that it’s all normal.

RUSH:  Jeff is exactly right about this.  So here’s Chris Cuomo. When you’re talking about dim bulbs… See, I couldn’t help myself.  Should I bleep that out?  I’ve got 30 seconds to do so. (interruption) okay.  That’s harmless enough.  So he really thinks that I divide America, that I am a divisive guy.  Of course, he — CNN — and all these people on the left, why they’re about total unity, even while all of this rioting is going on. The simple fact of the matter is this country is not unified because of the Democrat Party and its policies. 

This country is not unified because of Barack Obama and his policies and his words and his approach to things.  We do want a unified America.  We want an America great for everyone.  We do not judge people by the color of their skin or anything of the like — just as they do, folks.  So poor Chris Cuomo here is living in his illusions, and he is the product himself all of bunch of propaganda and stereotyping in which he believes that any conservative is — by virtue of his or her existence — divisive (chuckles), when it’s the exact opposite.

It is the left that is intolerant, not tolerant. 

It is the left that’s divisive, not unifying. 

It is the left that feeds off of the chaos of disunity. 

It is the left that talks about us versus them, even from the top. Obama, during his campaign in ’08 — and then as he served as president — the same kind of divisive language.  But even with that, Chris Cuomo is emblematic of many in the media who are simply incapable of critical thinking, incapable of observing something and coming to his own conclusion.  He’s simply trapped in stereotypical prejudice that is the result of being a liberal. (impression) “You mean Rush Limbaugh in the White house? Rush Limbaugh is divisive!” That’s just… It’s just outrageous. 


RUSH:  I tell you something else.  Embedded Media Belief Syndrome.  Every one of these little snowflakes and every one of these leftists and these rioters — the not-being-paid-for rioters — believe the media.  The media told them — Nate Silver, New York Times — there was a 99% chance Hillary wins. They are assured by their bibles that Hillary was going to win.  And she didn’t, and they can’t cope.  They haven’t been taught to.


RUSH: So here comes Trump, who is feared, disliked, hated, he scared a lot of these people, here comes Trump winning, and, folks, this Trump victory — and make no mistake, it is a Trump win — one man persisting against the establishment of Washington and New York, both parties, one man bullheadedly opposing it, was rewarded with an overwhelming victory. 

And this victory has put on display a reality nobody knew existed.  And that reality is that the Democrat Party is dwindling away.  The Democrat Party is getting smaller and smaller and older and older.  The Democrat Party does not have a bench.  It does not have a youthful subset of people willing to step in and take over as the dinosaurs of this party flitter away, like Dingy Harry Reid and Barack Obama and the Clintons.  I mean, you know how bad it is when the thing that excites them most is that Chelsea might run for Congress someday.  I’m serious, and it may sound funny to say. 

The depth of this Democrat defeat is something nobody saw.  It was out there to be seen.  The power of the media, the power of people in Washington agreeing with and buying into and thus promoting what the media was saying.  Many people — and I will count myself among them — how many times on this program did we openly discuss the concept of have we lost our country and how this election — I know I said it countless times — we’re gonna find out this election whether we were outnumbered.  We weren’t.  We’re not.  Traditional values have not been relegated to the minority. 

Western civilization is not hanging on by a thread.  We still are the majority of this country.  The people who believe in America as founded, we still are and we have been throughout the past eight years.  We were living in an illusion that was presented daily by the media and the Democrat Party and all of the people on that side of the aisle, creating the illusion that they were ascending in ever greater numbers. And that with every leftist idea, a majority of Americans was agreeing, a majority of Americans hated conservatives, a majority of Americans wanted no part of conservatism and the Republican Party. 

None of it was true.  The exact opposite was true.  And it was right out there for everybody to see.  And by that I mean we’ve been chronicling, ever since the midterms of 2010, the number of Democrats that have been losing elections.  So if you add 2010 to 2014 and then this election, the Democrat Party is down 1,500 elected offices all over the country, not to mention the declining fundraising.  When you look at the cheating that was going on at the Democrat National Committee, the rigged game that it was for Hillary Clinton, when it may be true that a majority of that party did not want Hillary Clinton. 

But everybody, because of the natural tendency toward pessimism, everybody — well, you may want to exempt yourself, but a large number of people were scared to death. How many of you called me here, or wanted to call, and ask me if it was time to panic yet because you thought it was over?  Even Mr. Snerdley tried to trick me into answering that question by feeding me certain phone calls that wanted to ask that.  And it was emblematic of how many people had bought it.

This is how difficult it is to resist the daily narrative or narratives of the mainstream media, when it’s everywhere, with every guest agreeing and signing on, when it’s everywhere, and when these people purportedly in the majority and purportedly winning are happy and gloating it’s not difficult to conclude or assume that we’re losing and losing big, and we weren’t. 

Well, Obama got reelected, and that was a devastating blow, after the 2010 midterms and the rollicking success.  Obama’s approval number, I frankly, to tell you the truth, I don’t think it is 53%.  People have said, how can he have a 53% approval rating and yet his presidency personally rebuked and repudiated in this election?  I don’t think he had 53% approval.  If you ask people about Obama and then ask people about Obama’s policies without mentioning his name, you get two totally different takes.  If you ask people if they like Obama, 53%, yeah, we think he’s doing a good job.

Okay, what about Obamacare and just go down the list of Obamacare policies, the Iran deal, the economy, jobs, universal disapproval, when he’s not part of the question.  When he’s part of the question, 53% approval.  I think it’s the Wilder Effect again in polling.  I think it’s people simply afraid to say anything critical of Obama for fear of how they will be thought of as racists or whatever.  I actually think that the election of the first African-American presidency created total paralysis of legitimate opposition in this country.  It totally paralyzed legitimate opposition. 

For the first time I think in all of our lives, and for the first time maybe in American history, it became incorrect and unacceptable to criticize a president of the United States.  That has never happened, but it became that way here because of race and everybody’s fear of being called racist or being thought of as that way.  But when Obama’s not on the ballot, when it was Hillary instead, when his policies were on the ballot, as he put them there, look what happened:  a total repudiation.  It was striking what one election has exposed, the degree of illusion and fraud.

The reason I’m going through this, I don’t want anybody in this audience reverting.  I don’t want you to fall back on negativity and pessimism as it relates to all of this.  I’m not saying you can’t get angry if Trump disappoints, don’t misunderstand.  But we have every reason to be upbeat and optimistic and confident of what we believe as the best for the country because we can now rest assure that a majority of people, at least voters — and for this discussion that’s what counts — a vast majority of voters are with us on this, and that includes even these people that want to try to say that Hillary won the popular vote and then take away certain meanings from that.  I reject that as I did explain in the first hour of the program. 

Therefore the lesson that has been learned here is one of total doubt, disapproval, disbelief of what you hear in the media.  Later in the program I want to read to you the letter that the publisher and editor of the New York Times wrote to their readers.  It’s astounding what they try to make people believe.  They actually say that they’re gonna go back now to covering the news.  But they really don’t.  They want people to think that’s what they’re saying in their letter, but they’re not actually saying that. 

So there’s reason to rejoice here.  And all of these riots and protests, again, the purpose — and there are many — but the primary purpose of this is to make you think that a majority of Americans are unhappy.  Look, we want to be as unified as possible.  We want a great country made up of people, extraordinary people doing extraordinary things.  We want people who are happy and productive and making it.  We want people getting ahead.  We want people enjoying success, everybody, as many as possible. 

They are still in the business of trying to create illusions.  With all these riots and protests, what they want you to think is that a vast majority of people are unhappy and doesn’t want any part of this and that you are still in the minority and that this was nothing but a quirk, something strange and odd that nobody can explain.  And it’s not that at all.  The Democrat Party is in deep, deep trouble.  They have been rejected and repudiated now for three elections in a row.  The outlier is the reelection of Obama in 2012, but I think that is also due to the racial component, probably more so to do with the racial component than it is with substantive policy.  It has to be. 

The policy every time it was on the ballot was rejected — 2010, 2014, 2016. There were four elections in that period.  The only one of them when Barack Obama was on the ballot, what he believes in, appeared to win.  And I think it’s the racial component that was behind this.  As we speak, George Soros is meeting with Nancy Pelosi and other Democrat leaders on strategy to deny Trump his first hundred-day agenda and beyond.  They are meeting as we speak to devise ways to block and obliterate the Trump agenda. 

Anyway, another brief time-out, my friends.  We’ll hang in there, be tough.  We’ll continue — start with your phone calls when we come back, and then back to the audio sound bites, and then back to the Stacks of Stuff here.  As I say, loaded.  I don’t think I’m gonna be able to get it all in today, either.  You might have to continue listening tomorrow to find out everything I intended to discuss today.


RUSH: Let me tell you what I think’s really going on because I’ve had some emails from people who saw Trump on 60 Minutes and they’re worried.  And I’ve had some people who have heard — like there’s a story out there that is from NBC News, and the headline to this story is:  “‘Stop It’: Trump Calls Alleged Harassment by Supporters ‘Terrible’ — President-elect Donald Trump said Sunday he was aware of reports that some of his supporters may be harassing Latinos, Muslims and members of other minority groups — a development he said must stop immediately. In an extensive interview broadcast on CBS’ ’60 Minutes,’ Trump said that such behavior represented only ‘a very small amount’ of his support but that any was unacceptable.”

Now, folks, I will admit that I was busy yesterday, and I didn’t devote my usual 100 percent to the news, so you need to correct me if I’m not entirely correct here, but I haven’t seen a story about Trump supporters harassing protesters.  I’ve seen the exact opposite.  Mr. Snerdley, have you seen any stories of Trump supporters harassing protesters? (interruption) Oh, you have seen?  Snerdley says he’s seen the stories.  I haven’t.  All I’ve seen are stories about rioters and protesters beating up people they think are Trump supporters.  But you’ve seen these stories where Trump supporters are harassing the rioters, and you think that they’re plants and not legitimate?  Okay. 

Well, anyway, so I’ve had emails from people about this particularly, Trump calling out his own supporters and having them stop.  Not a lot of emails.  Just people that are worried here that Trump is softening on this and that he’s not gonna remain the guy he was in the campaign, and it’s gonna be the same old story.  Same old story, Republicans win, promise they’re gonna do all this stuff in the campaign, then don’t.  And, folks, I don’t think that’s what’s going on here. 

I will tell you what I think is really going on.  I would not change anything I said.  If it were me, you know, I would take the bull by the horns here.  But there may be things I don’t know that Trump does know.  And I’m not Trump, and he’s not me.  But I think there’s a pattern of behavior by Trump, and there’s enough of it that we can gauge it and that we can assign a philosophy or a strategy to it.  


RUSH:  Yeah, right there it is.  I just ran across a couple of ads for protesters, $1,500 a week, hiring immediately, call today, start tomorrow, 15 to $18 an hour plus bonus overtime, up to 77 hours a week, Philadelphia. Craigslist.org.  That’s just one.  There’s a bunch of different recruitment ads that we have found for rioters, $1,500 a week.  


RUSH:  Trump said on 60 Minutes last night that he thinks that we need to go to the popular vote to determine the winner, get rid of the Electoral College, said it on 60 Minutes last night.  Lesley Stahl couldn’t believe it.  (paraphrasing Trump) “Just ’cause I won doesn’t mean I’m gonna change my mind about it.  I think we gotta go to popular vote.”  

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