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Get this Washington Post headline: “Trump Will Have Vast Powers. He Can Thank Democrats for Them.”

Far-left author Glenn Greenwald reports that “liberals are understandably panicked about what Trump can carry out” as President. Greenwald agrees they’re right to panic, and he blames Obama and the Democrats.

After all, once in office, Obama did an about-face on policies he complained about under President Bush. Obama detained terrorism suspects without due process. He targeted terrorists for execution by drones, including a U.S. citizen. He operated in secret, keeping the courts away from torture and eavesdropping programs. He greatly expanded mass electronic surveillance.

But all that was okay with liberals because they believed in Obama. They trusted Obama. In their heart of hearts, they were sure Obama would never go too far with all the new powers he assumed for himself. Greenwald says liberals were “blinded by the belief that Obama was too benevolent and benign to abuse his office.” The left put their “partisan loyalties” above their “principles.”

 Well. Come January, all those expanded executive powers that Obama added now belong to Trump. Who the left does not think is “benevolent and benign.” And that, is too much for panicked liberals to bear.

Well, liberals, you made your bed. Now, lie in it.

While the rest of us get to watch you lying there reveling in your misery. It’s called schadenfreude. 

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