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RUSH:  Marissa in Long Beach, California.  Glad you waited.  Great to have you here with us.

CALLER:  Hi.  It’s a pleasure and honor talking to you, Mr. Rush.

RUSH:  Well, thank you.

CALLER:  It’s my first time in so many years that I want to try to talk to you.

RUSH:  I so appreciate that — and like all first times, you will not forget this, I guarantee you.

CALLER:  Thank you.  Since I find you on the stations, I’m Mexican and I’m a citizen of the United States, and I vote for Trump and I have a lot of friends that are — of course, I’m in California. They are Democrats, and they always fight with me and I’ll tell ’em my beliefs and what I hear and the way I grew up, and tell them that this is not their party, the parties are conservative because I ask them questions and they answer all conservative, and they start leaning towards Democrat.  But when they have kids they change their mind and start looking at it the other way, and they talk to me, and they don’t say anything to their other friends because now they leaning to conservative ways because now they want a better future for their children.

RUSH:  Good.  So your point is you are Mexican, you’re Hispanic —


RUSH:  — you voted for Trump, you are a citizen, and you know a lot of others who did the same thing, but they don’t talk about it openly —

CALLER:  Exactly.

RUSH:  — because they don’t want a lot of grief from friends, right?

CALLER:  Yes.  And also because I’m Republican and conservative, and I vote for Trump, and I always talk about it since Obama — the first election, the second election — I’m being harassed at work.

RUSH:  Let me ask you something, Marissa.  What do you think when you hear all these people in the news saying that Hispanics are gonna vote in droves for Hillary. “There’s no way Trump can possibly do well with Hispanics! There’s no way. They hate him. It isn’t gonna happen,” and what do you think when did you hear that knowing the way you voted and the way you think?

CALLER:  Well, because they need to know the culture of the Mexican people, because we all grew up conservative.  And we work hard when we were growing up even if our parents had the money, and we have to work in the business and learn how to work the business.  A lot of people, they come from little towns, and they don’t have the opportunity, and they don’t know how to read sometimes, and they want a better future because they love their land, and they come and emigrate to another country.  They don’t know the law, they don’t know things, and they follow the lie they tell them, and they start putting —

RUSH:  Right.

CALLER:  — them inside the corral and telling them what to do.

RUSH:  Well, Marissa, I’m glad you called.  I am sure that there are tons of people like you out there.  We know that there are.  We know that Trump got every bit the percentage of the Hispanic vote that Mitt Romney got, and that late-breaking surge of Hispanics for Hillary was a bunch of BS, as well.  Well, she sounds like she has got some newfound confidence out there.  She feels comfortable in telling people what she thinks now.  That’s great.  Marissa, thank you so much.  I appreciate the call.  

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