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RUSH:  Yes, siree, here we are, Open Line Friday, the wrap-up to an epic and historic week in the country and here at the Excellence in Broadcasting Network.  I want to thank all of you who have signed up and become subscribers at RushLimbaugh.com, Rush 24/7. 

We have set a record with the number of subscribers.  We went over the top this week.  And I want to assure all of you, those of you who have newly signed up, you are going to absolutely love RushLimbaugh.com.  It is a living, breathing online encyclopedia, and that just is the part that documents what I say.  It is just literally a one-stop shop for the acquisition of knowledge about things that you care about and fun and entertaining as well. 

We got the Dittocam here. We got podcasts of the Dittocam available 30 minutes after the program every day.  You can download from the site or from iTunes.  We don’t talk about the podcast much.  We did when it was new, but the podcasts, we were the leaders.  When Steve Jobs first announced podcasts that were going to be made available via iTunes in one of his keynote addresses, there it was right out there, Rush Limbaugh as one of the originating podcast providers.  People noticed it, thought it was odd, but we made it, and we’ve been trailblazing in this regard ever since.  The podcasts contain no commercials and they come in three files, one for each hour.

If you miss the program, you can always find it.  The app, RushLimbaugh.com app allows you to listen to the program live via streaming or watch it via the Dittocam if you are a subscriber, meaning we televise the program.  It’s just a camera there recording what’s going on in here.  We don’t do anything particularly special.  There’s no TV switcher.  We don’t do video to the audio sound bites that we play, but if you’re watching, you’re watching to watch me, and that’s what you get. 

We also have the digitized version now of the Limbaugh Letter, which has also set subscription records during this campaign. And I could not be more thankful and grateful to all of you because, not just for the obvious reasons, but the more people that are exposed to what happens here, the more informed a country we’re gonna have, which has always been the objective here.  You know, inform people, let ’em go out and vote.  Inform people, let ’em go out and be citizens. Inform people, and let ’em participate. Inform people and you can be confident about what they’re gonna do.  And this election has proven it, has shown it.  

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