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Cigar Troubles, Despite PerfecDraw

RUSH:  Man, I’ve been having trouble all day.  I cannot find a cigar, I can’t find a cigar that draws right.  I got this new tool in there that you screw in there called a PerfecDraw, not T in there, P-e-r-f-e-c, Perfec Draw.  I still can’t get ’em to draw right. I’m having to really suck on these babies to get some smoke out of them, and that can lead to a hernia.  But I’m in a great mood, I can’t tell you.

Brazile Heckled by Millennial at DNC Meeting

RUSH: Did you hear about this blow up at the Democrat National Committee, this is great.  Donna Brazile still runs the Democrat National Committee.  She walks on stage dripping in shame, except she doesn’t know it.  None of them feel any shame over there yet because they’re blaming everybody but themselves, and the long knives are starting to come out for Hillary now.  But mostly they’re still blaming me.  Mostly they’re still blaming us.  They’re blaming Trump voters as being racists and misogynists and sexists. 

David Brooks Promises Trump Will Resign or Be Impeached Within a Year

RUSH: The New York Times, wait ’til you hear some of the headlines in the New York Times today. David Brooks, the conservative columnist at the New York Times tells everybody not to worry about it because Trump’s either gonna resign or be impeached in the first year.  There’s nothing to worry about.  Trump doesn’t have the attention span, the intelligence, or the interest to really do this.  You talk about denial, it’s incredible.  These are supposedly the smartest people among us. 

Women Advised to Hoard Birth Control Before Trump Takes It Away

RUSH: You  know how many women are running around — I got a story today, a woman writing a piece, “Make sure you go grab as much birth control as you can today ’cause Donald Trump’s gonna take yours away from you.”  Donald Trump thinks you should pay for your own birth control, he’s gonna destroy Obamacare.  Donald Trump doesn’t want you to be able to control your body.  As I say, 20 years ago we would laugh ourselves silly until we realized they believe it.  

Great Facebook Post from Mr. Newt

RUSH:  I saw a Facebook post from Mr. Newt that I want to share with you, ’cause I think it’s great.  Newt Gingrich posted the following: “The eight years of Donald J. Trump are going to be among the most extraordinary, inventive, exciting periods in all of American political history. President Trump will not only make America great again but also drain the swamp in Washington and move our systems into the 21st centuy to provide dramatically better experiences for every AmeriThat is clearly the hope.  That is clearly what people voted for and desperately hope happens.  Newt is close to Trump.  Newt spends time with Trump.  Newt posting this on Facebook means he’s confident that that’s exactly what Trump is going to do.  We are looking at the next eight years as being extraordinary, inventive, exciting, and it’s gonna be hard to contain our thrills.

Howie Kurtz: Mainstream Media “Coming to Terms” with Trump Victory

RUSH:  I’ve got the Fox News Channel on here.  Howie Kurtz is the media analyst at Fox News.  He’s the guy that tells us why the media’s doing what it’s doing and all that.  We don’t need that, but every network gives us one of these guys.  And get this.  Howard Kurtz says that the mainstream media is coming to terms with Donald Trump’s victory.  Now, stop and think about that.  What is there to come to terms with?  They are the media.  I mean, if they’re who they claim to be, it shouldn’t matter who wins, and there ought to be nothing to have to come to terms with.  The very idea that the media has to accept, has to come to terms with a specific outcome, doesn’t it kind of blow their cover?  Not that it’s ever been in doubt.  I mean, they haven’t been succeeding in their cover of objectivity in a long time. 

The way they continue to treat us with this as though we’re plodding idiots.  Mainstream media outlets coming to terms.  No, they haven’t.  The bottom line is, as we speak they are all devising ways to undermine the upcoming Trump administration.  They’re finding ways to sabotage it, undermine it, or what have you.  And anybody who won’t admit that doesn’t want to face reality. 

There’s no coming to terms here.  They are livid.  Their livid that their influence didn’t matter.  They’re livid that they were unable to convince people they already think are idiots how to vote.  They’re going through massive psychological problems due to rejection.  They haven’t come to terms with anything.  And people, in their minds, are gonna pay for this mistake.

Sad and shocking Example of How Liberalism Kills

RUSH:  Let me give you a really sad and shocking example of how liberalism kills.  This is how liberalism kills innocent and gullible people.  This story is about fearmongering by the Democrats and the left from the Latin-American Herald Tribune, which sounds like it might be the Latin-American version of the New York Times, but here’s the upshot of the story.  It’s from Buenos Aires. 

“A seven-month-old baby survived alone for three days with a bullet wound in its chest beside the bodies of its parents and its brother, who died in a suicide pact brought on by the couple’s terror of global warming, according to the Argentine press. The cops found a letter on the table alluding to the couple’s worry about global warming and their anger at the government’s lack of interest in the matter.”

They killed themselves.  Familial suicide — well, murder and suicide brought on by the fear of climate change and the fact that a government wasn’t doing anything about it.  These people had to be — you might want to say they’re deranged, who knows.  But who made them this way?  Who inculcated such fear that the planet may not be habitable in X-number of years to the point it may not be worth growing up because the suffering is going to be so, so profound?  So to eliminate the potential suffering that might happen because of climate change, they kill themselves. 

Yes, it’s an extreme example, but it’s an example.  And I’m telling you, I know many of you might think I’m be somewhat jocular.  I could share with you stories every day from the tech blogs I read, and I read these, these are Millennials, these are highly educated in terms of formal college education.  They’re arrogant, they’re educated, they think they know it all, and they have bought this hook, line, and sinker.  And they are scared to death that Donald Trump is going to hasten the destruction of the planet, and some of them think because he wants to. 

I never understood this during the Reagan years.  They accused Reagan of purposely destroying the ozone layer.  Why would anybody — in the first place, we wouldn’t know how to do it if we wanted to.  Just like let’s say President Trump — no, no.  Not gonna put Trump in this.  Let’s say President Obama, as one of his outgoing missions, convenes his cabinet and orders his head of the EPA to hasten, to speed up climate change, to do great damage to the country in order to pay people back for not electing Hillary.  


RUSH: Now, keep in mind, some people in this audience think that’s possible, when I mention that, they think it’s possible.  What would Obama’s EPA director do?  You’re sitting there, you’re in the cabinet meeting, and Obama has just told you to speed up climate change so that its effects happen in the next six months to a year instead of the next 20 years because you want to exact revenge on the people that did not elect Hillary. 

What would the EPA guy do to hasten the speed of global warming and climate change?  Any of you who believe that man is making this happen, tell me what anybody, EPA director or anyone, what would you do if you got the order to hasten climate change, the rise of the sea levels, the increase in global temperatures, what would you do to make it happen?  (interruption) So you think they would set fire to every forest, try to explode every volcano, trigger every earthquake.  You think that would hasten climate change? 

See, you have just fallen for the trap.  You’re answering it, okay, this is what the insane would do.  You don’t really think that would hasten climate change, do you? But the danger is that somebody might think you could do it. (interruption) No.  James Carville having a talk show, that wouldn’t. I mean, I get your point, hot air and all that, but I don’t think that’d be —

Chuck-U Endorses Keith Ellison for DNC Head

RUSH:  Have I heard that they’re thinking of putting Keith Ellison as the head of Democratic National Committee?  Yes.  Not only have I heard that, you ought to see the people endorsing the move.  Chuck-U Schumer!  Are you kidding me!  If the Democrat Party thinks they’re in trouble now, wait until they make this move.  I think he may be the only Muslim serving in the House of Representatives, right?  Or are there two?  He’s it is first and maybe still the only Muslim, Keith Ellison, he’s from Minnesota.  He’s the official candidate of the council on — CAIR, whatever the acronym stands for. 

I mean, for crying out loud, folks, they couldn’t do much worse if they’re thinking of unity.  Holy smokes.  And you know why they would do this.  I don’t even want to get — you know, I don’t want to be steeped in Democrat Party negativism today, but man, oh, man, all they want is payback.  They just want to ram it down Trump’s throat or what they think will be ramming things down Trump’s throat.  But what they’re doing is engaging in self-destructive activities that they apparently do not see.  


They are going to be driven even further insane, and that’s one of the reasons they’re talking about Keith Ellison as head of the Democrat National Committee, assuming the chair that Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz had.  That’s an in-your-face move.  It’s not a move designed to help them.  They think it is.  But really it’s an in-your-face move. 

The Salena Zito passage in The Atlantic, Trump’s opponents do not take him seriously, but they take him literally.  Now, I think this is true of all liberals, by the way, and Trump’s supporters take him seriously, but not literally.  I’ll give you a great example of this.  The Chris Wallace debate question: “Mr. Trump, will you acknowledge here with us all tonight that if you lose the election, that you will concede that you’ve lost the election.”  Trump:  “I’m not gonna do that ’til we find out what happens.” 

I know Donald Trump.  I have spent enough time with Donald that I know him, I know how to read him, I know how to hear him. I know him.  There is no way that Donald Trump was ever going to not accept his defeat if that’s what genuinely happened.  If it didn’t genuinely happen, he wasn’t going to accept it.  But these people believe, they really believe that Trump was prepared to blow up the Constitution if he lost.  They really believed that by virtue of that answer. 

By the same token, when Trump talks about limiting immigration and finding out who loves this country and who doesn’t, and trying to best to vet them and keep the people that don’t love this country and may intend us harm out. And he says part of that is a Muslim consideration because they’re the ones conducting acts of terror.  They hear Trump say that he’s going to go on patrol and he’s gonna make sure that not a single Muslim ever gets in this country, and, furthermore, that every other Muslim is gonna get kicked out. 

They are so far from and distant from reality that it’s hard to chronicle.  When what you and I knew was that Trump was simply saying we’re gonna keep bad people out of the country to the best extent we can.  It was no more complicated than that.  But they have their inordinate, out-of-control fears, and it doesn’t take much to trigger them.  So now college students, women really believe, like this piece I have in the show prep Stack here, some feminist leader is urging women to go out and buy as many birth control pills as they can ’cause Donald Trump’s gonna make sure they’re not in the drugstores when he’s in office. 

Who would possibly believe that?  What kind of people really believe that?  Donald Trump’s never said it.  Even if he did say it, he wouldn’t have meant that.  This is the point about taking him literally versus seriously and vice versa.  But it’s fascinating to watch these people.  Harry Reid, the outgoing Senate leader for the Democrats: “Donald Trump has ushered in a new wave of hate.  And it’s going to be up to Donald Trump to temper the hate and make sure the hate does not become –”  Donald Trump is not about hate.  They are.  Harry Reid and the Democrats. 

Another great example.  Hillary was actually at one of the debates, I think, actually made some claim or some media person that Trump was gonna put people that disagreed with him in jail.  Remember that?  “This is not who we are.  We do not jail our political opponents.”  We don’t?  The Obama administration did.  The poor guy that made that pathetic video that had nothing to do with Benghazi was put in jail!  They’re the ones that want to jail political opponents and let absolute human debris out of jail. 

Scooter Libby they put in jail about a false, phony, trumped-up charge. But I’m telling you, they are still coming to grips with this, and it’s gonna be a long time.  I don’t think they’re ever going to accept it. The meltdown is going to continue. 

Earnest: Too Early to Know What Election Meant

RUSH: The current White House press secretary is Josh Earnest, and he said this.  He said that it is too early to discern exactly what message voters were trying to send on Tuesday.  (laughing)  We’re talking the river in Egypt again here: denial.  There’s no way that there is an unclear message. 

Now, having said that, I’m not surprised the White House would try to pretend they don’t understand.  I’m not surprised the White House would try to confuse other Democrats or give them comfort.  I mean, I’m not surprised the guy that’s the press secretary for Obama will go out and try to convince people that the result had nothing to do with Obama.  He’s a loyal guy. 

But Tuesday’s vote can be summed up in one sentence:  The people of this country said “no more.”  They said no more fundamental transformation of America.  We want somebody not only who’s gonna stop what Obama was doing, but we want someone that’s gonna roll it back.  Just like Obama vowed to roll back the Reagan revolution, we vow to roll this back.  It’s understandable Earnest would go out there and try to make everybody think that this election was not about his boss. 

But Earnest wasn’t finished.  He went out there, he went on to say that Obama was going to continue to push and protect his policies between now and January 20th. No matter how much people hate and reject them, he’s still gonna push ’em.  Yep, real servant of the people. Obama’s policies have just been told to pound sand.  What’s Obama gonna do?  He’s gonna go down and just slam them right down our throats.  

How ‘Bout the Grubhub Guy?

RUSH: How about the Grubhub guy, did you hear about this guy?  Do you know what Grubhub is?  It’s a food delivery service.  And the guy that runs it — when I saw his picture it’s all I needed, after I read the story and saw his picture — you know, it is a shame.  I’m just gonna say this.  It’s a shame what liberalism has done to Millennial-aged men, way too many of them.  They’ve demasculated them.  They have neutered them in just incredible ways.  That’s the only way to describe this.  Not just this guy at Grubhub, but all of these leftists Millennial men, whether they’re journalists or businesspeople, to listen to them talk, they have become full-fledged, walking robots of the indoctrination that they’ve had.

Anyway, this guy at Grubhub, before he was called out on it, this guy basically said that anybody who voted for Trump is not welcome to stay employed at Grubhub.  If you voted for Trump, you don’t have a home here, you don’t have a job.  You’d better keep quiet.  And that’s what he was really saying, ’cause he can’t fire people. Well, I guess he could try.  But what he was really saying, what the CEO of Grubhub, his real message was to the people that work there, if you agree with Trump, you shut the hell up and you don’t talk about it or you’re gone.  We don’t want to hear it and we will not hear it.  That’s the message. 

He was bullying his employees and using the power of his position to tell them that they were not free to speak.  And he can do that.  I mean, the First Amendment, the government can’t write a law that infringes on your speech, but this guy can.  He can lay out the conditions for employment.  But it’s typical.  I mean, these people, these are the ones that tell us, folks, that they are the ones who are tolerant.  They’re not bigoted, no!  They’re the ones that are tolerant and understanding, and they love diversity.  What a crock. 

Diversity to them is nothing more than the coloring on a package.  That’s all it is.  It certainly has nothing to do with substitute thought.  Whether it comes to substitute thought, the left doesn’t have any diversity.  It has rote requirements. 

Journalist Trump Shaming on Twitter

RUSH: You hear what’s happening on Twitter?  Have you heard of the journalist shaming that was going on out there? It reached record proportions.

There were some journalists toward the end who were writing positive things about Trump, and the journalist community — I’m talking about people whose names you would know — were responding and shaming them and the telling them to shut up, they were an embarrassment to the profession, they didn’t even opine, if they were just reporting things that showed Trump in a positive way. 

So here we have among us our brave leftists, champions of diversity, champions of non-bigotry, champions of tolerance.  And they’re none of those things.  They don’t tolerate opposing opinions.  They don’t tolerate any diversity whatsoever of thought.  But what the left has done to Millennial aged men, and even older than that, I think is very sad.

And it’s very unfortunate because what they’ve essentially done is try to erase characteristics of masculinity and maledom that are genetic, and they have done their best to nearly criminalize much of what has long been normal male behavior.  If not criminalize it, stigmatize it.  And they have succeeded in creating a series of, a huge number of — I don’t know, “wimps” is not the correct word, but it’s certainly a new definition of “manly.”  

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