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“RushLimbaugh.com is a living, breathing online encyclopedia, and that just is the part that documents what I say. It is just literally a one-stop shop for the acquisition of knowledge about things that you care about and fun and entertaining as well.”  

“Democrats do not feel any shame over there yet because they’re blaming everybody but themselves, and the long knives are starting to come out for Hillary now. But mostly they’re still blaming me. Mostly they’re still blaming us. They’re blaming Trump voters as being racists and misogynists and sexists.” 

“I think deeply about a lot of these things ’cause I care about people, I really do care, folks, from the bottom of my sizable beating heart. Ba-boom ba-boom ba-boom.” 

“The Democrat Party’s done one of the greatest disservices. In the concept of fearmongering they have literally created millions of people who are afraid to leave home every day.” 

“Roger Goodell, the commissioner of the National Football League, thinks the election of Donald Trump is gonna make his league have a greater challenge with domestic violence. Why? Does it mean that the election of Trump is sending a signal to the players in the NFL that somehow it’s okay to go out and beat your wife? What can this possibly mean?” 

“I would love to be able to convince all these young people who really think that climate change is shortening their life that what they’re worried about isn’t happening, and that even if it were we couldn’t stop it because we’re not causing it because we don’t have this kind of power.”   

“Diversity has nothing to do with merit. Diversity has nothing to do with quality. Diversity has nothing to do with how well you do your job. Diversity has nothing to do with anything except surface window dressing. And yet it is a defining, dominant characteristic as far as the left is concerned.”   

“There’s nothing wrong with having people of all walks of life in the military, but to claim that the greatness of the military is defined by that is dangerous, because it isn’t.” 

“I tell you what, Donald Trump just made a brilliant move. He removed Governor Christie as head of his transition team and put Mike Pence in there. Mike Pence is in charge of the transition. There are 4,000 jobs that need to be filled in these next 73 days, and having Mike Pence lead that effort is some of the best news we could have today.” 

“They love to say there are not enough women in the Senate, therefore women are not being properly represented. If you believe that, then you don’t believe in unity. You cannot believe in unity if you think only blacks can represent blacks, only Asians and only Hispanics and only women. If you believe that, then you don’t believe in unity. You can’t possibly. You can’t even want it.” 

“I’m convinced if you look at the polling data that you can find oversample of Democrats. You can find that they knew what was going on. They just wanted to be able to report things that did not reflect what was go on. They didn’t miss anything.”     

“The days of Republicans having to make excuses for what they believe should be long gone now. We’ll see if that happens. But it ought to. There ought be no guilt. There ought be no reservation. There ought be no fear.”    

“Obama’s presidential race literally paralyzed legitimate opposition, the fear of any opposition being immediately tagged as insincere and just simple bigotry and racism has shut people up. It has shut them down.” 

“The Democrat Party, in order to continue in power, lies to everybody, including their own voters, and they fearmonger everybody. They have their own charges, their own college students, their own voters literally scared to death of the future, unless Democrats are in power.”  

“When Democrats are not in power, it literally is the end of the world, with global warming. It’s the end of the country, the end of diversity. It’s really eye opening, because this fear, this fright, this paralyzing fear on the part of so many people that vote Democrat is real.” 

“President Obama is not qualified. Mr. Obama has made mistake after mistake after mistake. He has an agenda that’s based on a false understanding of the founding of the country. It is America changing for the worse the last eight years that had to be stopped. What we’re doing is restoring America to the greatness of its founding for everybody, for everybody. There’s nothing exclusionary here.”

“While the Democrats are mired in a fit of emotional pique that is going to further destroy them, this rage and anger, Trump is really going to follow through on what he campaigned on.” 

“Trump is his own man. He’s gonna put his own people in key positions. He is going to put people who are not part of the establishment as head of his cabinet positions, agencies. And it has the potential to be absolutely great.”

“I can’t find a cigar that draws right. I’m having to really suck on these babies to get some smoke out of them, and that can lead to a hernia. But I’m in a great mood, I can’t tell you.”



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