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RUSH: Indianapolis with Andrew.  You’re up first, sir.  It’s great to have you.  How are you doing?

CALLER:  It’s great to talk to you.  Thank you, Rush.

RUSH:  You bet, sir.

CALLER:  I wanted to draw a parallel between you and Donald Trump and your success.  You both are very funny people.  And I don’t think that either of you have achieved the success you’re having without such a great sense of humor.  I mean, you do it in such a beautiful and subtle way with little jabs and imitations and the parodies, and it just makes it so fun to listen to, and I think that’s why you have so many listeners.  Same thing with Donald Trump.  People go and line up and he gets 20,000, 30,000 people, and they’re there to support him, but he’s funny, and they have a good time.

RUSH:  You know, you are very shrewd.  There’s a passage that’s gone viral out there one by our old friends, Salena Zito. She wrote a piece — this one was for The Atlantic.  And she said that the problem is that Trump, people that oppose Trump don’t take him seriously, but take him literally.  Trump’s supporters take him seriously, but not literally, which means they know when he’s joking with them.  They know when he’s having fun.

Somebody who opposes Trump is wound so tight, they’re not funny people anyway, that they don’t get his humor.  They really believe when he tells these jokes that that’s dead serious stuff.  And you are very, very right.  There’s not enough laughter on the left.  Even their comedians are angry.  Their comedians, the humor they shoot for is all personal put-down kind of humor where it used to not be that way.  But Trump’s humor, even the stuff that’s not subtle, they miss, they take it literally and are frightened to death by it.  It’s incredible.

CALLER:  Absolutely.  And I think when the other side tries to be funny they just appear more angry.  You hear Hillary Clinton talking about Trump rating the Statue of Liberty a four or a five on a good day or something, that just turns people off, in my opinion.

RUSH:  Yeah, but, see, here’s the problem with comedy.  Real comedy, real humor, as I have said many, many times has to have, it must have a grain of truth.  If it doesn’t, it’s gonna fall flat.  And rating the Statue of Liberty, it doesn’t connect.  It’s not funny because if anybody would be thinking about that with the Statue of Liberty, it would be Bill Clinton.  It was Bill Clinton that once said (imitating Clinton), “Hey, you know, that mummy, if that mummy weren’t 500 years old, I might take her out.”  It was Bill Clinton that said that looking at a mummified 500-year-old woman commenting on her attraction.  Hey.  Let me ask you, Andrew, would you like a new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus?

CALLER:  Oh, I would love one, yeah.

RUSH:  What carrier do you use?

CALLER:  I use AT&T.

RUSH:  AT&T.  7 plus or 7?


RUSH:  7.  Okay.  Hang on.  You’ll have it sometime either tomorrow or Monday.  

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