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RUSH: Here is me.  I want to go back — because everybody’s starting to lift this now, a lot of people are — and I’ve been pointing this out for two years, ever since I learned that Obama was not leaving Washington for his post-presidency.  Ever since I learned that he was gonna stay, that meant one thing to me.  Here’s just one example of me pointing it out all the way back in 2014. This is almost a three-year-old sound bite.

RUSH ARCHIVE:  Obama is going to stay in Washington.  Can you guess why that might be?  He’s gonna stay in town to make sure that whatever he accomplishes is not unwound.  I guarantee you, folks, even after he’s out of office he is going to be treated by the media as though he’s still president.  Every Republican, and this may be the case even with a Democrat president, whatever the next president does, the media is gonna go to Obama every day.  He’s gonna have a satellite administration in exile, in Washington.  I guarantee you.  Do not doubt me.  I know these people.  I know how he thinks, I know who these people are, I know that’s exactly why he’s gonna stay there.

RUSH:  Right, and let me get even more detailed for you.  The Drive-Bys are already saying — you know what they’re saying that happened between the Trump and Obama meeting yesterday?  Keep in mind, nobody knows.  But the Drive-Bys, you can find two or three of ’em, “Yeah, and I’ll tell you what” — they’re telling each other that Obama laid down the law to Trump. Obama told him, you do not unravel any of the progress that I have made here.  You do not strip Obamacare.  Too many people need it.  You do not take away any of these executive orders. 

The media is telling us that this is what Obama said.  He schooled Trump in leaving his legacy intact.  Nobody knows that.  I could just as easily, as I did yesterday, tell you what I think actually happened in there and why it went an hour and 15 minutes longer than it usually does, usually a 15-minute meeting, this went 90 minutes.  Why couldn’t it just as easily have been Trump schooling Obama on how, “My friend, you really screwed up when you mocked me the way you did at the White House Correspondents Dinner and telling me and everybody else that the KKK is on my campaign team.  You don’t get away with saying those kind of things about me, and I’m just here to warn you,” why couldn’t that have happened? 

Trump’s not gonna go in there and kowtow and back town.  He may have obeyed ceremonial decorum when the cameras are on.  Time will tell, but we will find out.  But here’s Doug Brinkley, a noted presidential historian.  He is at Rice University.  He keeps changing universities.  He used to be at Tulane.  I think he used to be at Columbia.  Not sure about that.  But I know he used to be at Tulane.  Now he’s at Rice University in Houston.  He was on CNN last night with Wolf Blitzer who said, “The president and the president-elect, we’ll see them together in the Oval Office –” this before the meeting.  “Doug Brinkley, I’m anxious to get your thoughts on this.”

BRINKLEY:  It also dawns on me, Wolf, that President Obama now is the leading Democrat.  Hillary Clinton’s gone, and he’s gonna be living in Washington, D.C. not very far from the White House when all this is unfolding.  So, in a way, instead of going to Rancho Mirage in Hawaii, Barack Obama may be the leader of the Democratic Party symbolically, rhetorically, bringing his flock together in the next coming months.  I don’t think he’s gonna be able to disappear from the national stage as quickly as he may have thought.

RUSH:  Oh.  So Brinkley’s basically lifting my theory, because Obama’s the leader of the Democrats ’cause there isn’t anybody else, and he’s not gonna leave.  Now, you want to hear decorum and protocol and tradition, is that the president leaving office vanishes and disappears, and the new president takes office, and it’s his show.  George W. Bush behaved that way.  Bill Clinton behaved that way for a while.  But it didn’t take long.  A couple years in and Bill Clinton was over in Europe making speeches about George W. Bush and how incompetent he was on the Iraq war that was in the planning stage, was a big mistake. 

And then Algore joined him.  George H. W. Bush never said a word about Bill Clinton.  But you watch, Obama is not gonna follow that protocol.  He’s not gonna vanish.  He’s not gonna disappear.  He is going to be on television as often as he needs to be.  And the media, like CNN, is gonna lap it up.  Their tongues are gonna be on the floor trying to lap up everything Obama says, because the effort to thwart the Trump administration has already started, and it’s going to intensify.  It’s gonna backfire on ’em, by the way. 

It’s gonna backfire. It’s gonna look unpresidential. It’s gonna look petty.  These are the people who have lost.  These are the people whose policies have been repudiated totally. 

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