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RUSH: Obama did his final Veterans Day appearance at Arlington National Cemetery today, and the media of course made a big deal about that. There’s gonna be a lot of Obama lasts coming up that they’re gonna be crying tears over, and this was one of them today.  Grab audio sound bite number 20.  I mean, this I think captures and encapsulates yet another set of challenges that we have because I really would like to be able to — I don’t know if I can do it.  I haven’t really thought about how.  I really would like to be able to get to all these young people who really think that climate change is shortening their life.

I’d love to get to them somehow and tell them they don’t have anything to worry about.  I would love to be able to convince them that what they’re worried about isn’t happening and that even if it were we couldn’t stop it because we’re not causing it because we don’t have this kind of power.  And I would love to try to convince them that this is not what progress means. 

Progress doesn’t mean you die early.  Progress doesn’t mean your environment gets destroyed.  Progress doesn’t mean that you lose your opportunity for success.  Look at what they have been made to believe.  Look at how they have been programmed.  So listen to Obama at Arlington.  Now, this is Veterans Day, and we are honoring the members of the United States military who have died in service to their country.  Here’s Obama. This is one of the excerpts of his remarks.

OBAMA:  Veterans Day often follows a hard fought political campaign, an exercise in the free speech and self-government that you fought for.  It often lays bare disagreements across our nation.  But the American instinct has never been to find isolation in opposite corners.  It is to find strength in our common creed, to forge unity from our great diversity, to sustain that strength and unity even when it is hard.

RUSH:  The key word for me there as I listen to this is “diversity,” because the president also said the following in his remarks.  He said that “the United States military is the single most diverse institution in America.”  Now, to those of us, say, in the Baby Boom generation, well, some of us in the Baby Boom generation, it doesn’t mean anything.  Diversity has nothing to do with merit.  Diversity has nothing to do with quality.  Diversity has nothing to do with how well you do your job.  Diversity has nothing to do with anything except surface window dressing.  And, yet, it is a defining, dominant characteristic as far as these people are concerned. 

They could put together the absolute worst military the nation’s ever had but if it was diverse, if it had the right number of groups of people in it, it would be considered the best.  When the Rangers were rappelling up the cliffs at Pointe du Hoc at Omaha Beach on D-Day, I don’t think anybody was the slightest concerned about the diversity of anybody involved.  At the top was the enemy, the Germans, and everybody on the Rangers was on the same team and they loved their buddies and it didn’t matter who they were. 

But where does this whole diversity pitch originate?  Where does it come from?  It’s classic.  It is telltale.  It is highly instructive of how liberals think and how liberalism is destructive and chips away at the idea of merit.  There has to be a presumption in order to arrive at the belief that diversity is good.  And I’ll tell you what it is.  It’s the same thing that Van Jones was talking about when he’s wringing his hands and crying and moaning about the whitelash that was this election. 

I’m telling you, these people believe that the white population of this country, which has been the majority since the days of the founding, is inherently corrupt.  They believe the white majority, which is largely Christian, is also corrupt because of religion and because of skin color.  In other words, they believe the majority of this country has always been racist and bigoted, and so it must be chipped away at, it must be destroyed and it must be properly categorized.  And one of the ways that they have chosen to chip away at this whole presumption that the majority is a bunch of racist bigots is to promote this diversity business and to simply say that anybody nonwhite makes something better, whether it does or not. 

That’s what they’re saying.  We’re gonna make things better by reducing the numbers of white people.  We’re gonna make things better by reducing the numbers of themajority, and we’re gonna start sprinkling diversity in there. And it doesn’t matter in whatever endeavor we’re talking about, whether the new members of whatever diversity club you’re assembling, whether they are any good or not, that doesn’t matter.  It’s simply about appearance. 

But it’s about much more than that, because this is the route, it’s part of the route, it’s part of the technique for chipping away at the very founding of the country and capitalism and the systems that have given us and that we have produced the greatest superpower the world has ever known.  So on one hand, yeah, I mean, there’s nothing wrong with having people of all walks of life in the military, but to claim that the greatness of the military is defined by that is dangerous, because it isn’t. 

It’s dangerous to claim that a police department, a fire department, a college faculty, the more diverse, the better.  No.  It’s like if you’re disagreeing with me, how about this?  They love to say there are not enough women in the Senate, therefore women are not being properly represented.  Do you believe that?  If you believe that, then you don’t believe in unity.  You cannot believe in unity if you think only blacks can represent blacks, only Asians and only Hispanics and only women.  If you believe that, then you don’t believe in unity.  You can’t possibly.  You can’t even want it. 

But you’re really short-changing your fellow human beings if you believe that they are that bigoted, that incompetent, and that racist and whatever else they would have to be for people to be unable to fairly and equally, before the law, with the eyes of the Constitution, represent people who don’t look like them.  It’s absurd.  But this is where we are.  

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