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RUSH: Here’s a Natalia.  Natalia, we didn’t have time to talk to her yesterday, she let us call her back.  She is in Walnut Creek, California.  How are you doing, Natalia?

CALLER:  I’m good, Rush.  Thanks for taking my call.

RUSH:  We ran out of time yesterday. We didn’t have the time for me to really get into it with you, and I’m glad you let us call you back.

CALLER:  It seems like a more appropriate call for Open Line Friday anyway.

RUSH:  There you go.

CALLER:  I’m gonna try to be brief and stay on topic because I’m extremely nervous.  I’m a first-time caller and a first time voter and I have been very excited about what this election represents.  The reason why I called yesterday was because the trend that keeps being published about, that 53% of all white female voters voted for Trump was unnecessarily shocking.  There were signs way before.  Over the summer I was watching, minding my own business, watching Bravo, watching Real Housewives of Somewhere or another, and right after the host of Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen, decided to have his own election poll, and he was shocked, because 65% of respondents said they were for Trump.

RUSH:  Well, you’re right, because Trump got the same percentage of the female vote that Romney got.  He didn’t lose any.  There wasn’t a gender gap that was any more pronounced than any Republican candidate ever gets.  And his support, by the way, was equally divided between college educated, non-college educated white women.  Of course the media was telling us that nobody with a college degree was ever gonna vote for Trump regardless whatever else they were.  They were all wrong about all of it.  That’s why I remember you said you saw signs on social media that this was gonna happen?

CALLER:  Yes.  No, and I think the saddest and scariest part is that we have been led to believe that the people who voted for Trump are racists, bigots, misogynists, and I feel like the demographics of Bravo TV demonstrate otherwise.  Eighty-nine percent of the viewers are female.

RUSH:  Natalia, all of that’s a lie.  It is always been a lie.  It’s what the Democrats have told people in this country, and their voters believe it.  That’s why you got all these phantom allegations of rape on campus that don’t happen.  That’s why you have all these people that really think the planet is going to explode before they hit 65 because of climate change.  The Democrat Party’s done one of the greatest disservices. In the concept of fearmongering they have literally created millions of people who are afraid to leave home every day.

CALLER:  Yes.  The fear is real.  The fear is real, and I feel like so many of us on the right are afraid to speak up.  I live in California in the Bay Area, and I can tell you that I have two conservative friends out here, and they’re afraid. It almost feels like bullying, they’re afraid to speak up.

RUSH:  I know.

CALLER:  And if nothing else, the poll that they did on Bravo represented exactly, that women, once they were anonymous, were happy to —

RUSH:  Exactly.  Do you by any chance traffic in Facebook at all?

CALLER:  I don’t, and I honestly have been avoiding it for the last couple of days.

RUSH:  Well, the reason I ask, Facebook is social media, and the poor old guy that founded it and runs it, Mark Zuckerberg, the left is accusing him of being responsible for Trump winning because he allowed all the fake news, the supposed fake news that’s in the Facebook news timeline, whatever it is. They’re claiming that they didn’t police the fake news posted by Trumpsters out there and Zuckerberg’s trying to tell them to go to hell, that he has nothing to do with this.  I thought maybe —

CALLER:  If they were policing it, I didn’t see it.  It was very one-sided.  I have an iPhone and even the news that are covered when you look at the digest of news, it was extremely one-sided and bias.

RUSH:  It always is.  Yeah, even on the Apple News app, absolutely.

CALLER:  It’s terrible.

RUSH:  See, you’re ready for it, you’re armed for it, and you have the ability — this is something — if you care to try, you have the ability now to correct people and bring them out of the shadows of fear along —

CALLER:  I’m working towards it.

RUSH:  Well, you should.

CALLER:  And the one thing that I’ve been trying to do, my two conservative friends are listening, it can be done.  You don’t have to be afraid —

RUSH:  Well, it results in —

CALLER:  — to be honest and loving.

RUSH:  Right.  It’s not good.  It results in a paralysis of legitimate opposition and a paralysis of people learning things that are not true.  You said you have an iPhone.  Would you like a new one, would you like an iPhone 7 or 7 plus?

largeCALLER:  I won’t say no.  (laughing).

RUSH:  Good for you!  Okay.  So first I need to know, who’s your carrier?


RUSH:  Fine and dandy.  And plus or iPhone 7?

CALLER:  I’ll take the iPhone 7.  Thank you!

RUSH:  What color?

CALLER:  The black.

RUSH:  Space black?  How about the new jet black, the really shiny —

CALLER:  Okay, yes.

RUSH:  — that nobody can get that I happen to have.

CALLER:  Very cool.

RUSH:  There you go.  Okay, so it’s got 256 gigabytes of storage, it’s an AT&T iPhone 7, jet black.  Hang on so Mr. Snerdley can get your address to FedEx it to you, hopefully you’ll get it tomorrow.  Remember, now, it’s unlocked.  All you’ll have to do is swap your SIM cards and your new phone’s ready to go.

CALLER:  Perfect.  Thank you so much, Rush.

RUSH:  Okay, thanks for letting us call you back, Natalia, and hang in there.  You’re on the winning side now.

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