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RUSH: Van Jones on election night said that what was happening was a whitelash.  And I asked some questions about it, and I did it two different times the day after the election.  And I predicted to you that the media would try to make hay out of it by relating me to racism or what have you.  Here’s what Van Jones said.  He said that was this a whitelash.  He said that the reason the Democrats lost, the reason the Republicans won was that white people voted in unison for whatever reasons.  It was a whitelash.  A whitelash, not a backlash, a whitelash, what he means is is that white people decided to take their country back.

So I asked a question.  I asked the question two or three different ways, and I’m gonna repeat it to you here.  In American politics today, when women vote monolithically, it’s fine and dandy and it’s good and it’s wonderful.  The Democrats talk about it.  When lesbians and gays and transgenders, when they all vote the same way, it’s perfectly legitimate.  When they vote monolithically, it’s legitimate, and it’s a good thing, they’re voting their interests.  When African-Americans vote as a bloc, when they vote monolithically, it’s good and it’s legitimate. 

When any group, when Hispanics, when they come together and vote identically and monolithically, it’s legitimate and good.  When Van Jones thinks that white people got together and voted as a group, it’s a whitelash and it’s not good.  So my question is, why in the realm of politics is it not legitimate for white people to vote their interests?  As far as the Democrats are concerned — and I’m not saying that that’s what happened. 

I’m just asking the question.  They think it is.  They think white people voting their interests is what’s wrong with America.  And part of the reason they think they are progressing and succeeding is by chipping away at the white majority.  To them the white majority is what’s wrong with the country.  Every day since the founding the white majority has to be busted up, has to be defeated, that’s what the progressive left thinks. 

Whites and Christians are the two groups that you can attack with no criticism.  And Van Jones did.  I simply ask, how is it not legitimate for white people to vote their political interests?  What makes that not good?  Why is every other group able to do so with praise, in fact, they’re encouraged to do so, the Democrats encourage every woman to think alike and vote alike. 

They encourage every Hispanic to think alike and vote alike.  They encourage every African-American to think alike and vote alike.  They encourage every woman to think alike and vote alike.  They encourage every Asian to think alike and vote alike, every gay and lesbian, think alike and vote alike.  When white people do it in politic, ah, ah, ah, what makes that bad, what makes that unacceptable? 

I’ll tell you what it is.  What they are saying, what they are implying is that when white people vote their interests, it’s racism.  When any other group does, it’s not racism, it’s not sexism, there’s no bigotry at all, but when white people do it, it’s bigotry.  Otherwise why have a problem with it?  Why are white people voting what their self-interests are?  Frankly, I don’t know what those are.  I’m not claiming to even know.  This is the whole point of my reaction to it.  What are white people voting in their interests? 

It’s in their minds, is my point, in the minds of the left, white people voting their self-interest is voting for racism.  And that just offends the hell out of me.  Think of the assumption that must be made in order to be serious about criticizing the white vote.  That’s what Van Jones did.  My phone thinks that I said, “Hey, Siri.”  I didn’t.  Hey, shut up.  I’ll ask the question in a minute.  We’re in a good mood here. 


RUSH: Sound bite eight. It’s just one sound bite. “Rush Limbaugh on defense against whitelash,” is the way this is titled.  It’s Ron Allen. What’s this guy known for?  Oh, I don’t have time, but he did something. It’s almost like Don Lemon’s black hole swallowing up the jetliner.  Anyway, here’s the reporter.  This is how it went.

ALLEN:  Outside the nation’s African-American History Museum, there’s deep worry about President-Elect Donald Trump’s victory and the huge turnout by rural, working class, white voters.

WOMAN:  How much is it about race?  I mean, Trump has made the whole election about race, so about a hundred percent of it.

ALLEN:  They see what’s been called a “whitelash,” white Americans feeling left out and deep resentment as the nation grows more diverse.

ON SCREEN: (wall with graffiti reading: “Black Lives Don’t Matter and Neither Does [sic] Your Votes.”)

ALLEN: Despite the taunting written on the wall, conservatives pushing back at the charge of racism.

RUSH ARCHIVE:  People who define the character and who define values of our country were the winners in what happened yesterday.

RUSH: See?  They try to say that that’s a racist comment! That’s exactly my point.  It’s nothing racist about that, except they try to make it so.

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