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Huma Returns to Hillary’s Side, Gets Standing O at Concession Speech

RUSH:  Yeah, I saw that.  I saw. People asked me, “Did you see that Huma walked the rope line with Hillary after her speech, not Bill? It was Huma.  It’s like Huma was the spouse.  Where was Bill?”  He was working the crowd. He was there on the other side of line.  I just saw… (interruption) Okay.  All right, then some of my observers didn’t observe it right.  But I did see Huma got a standing O when she came out.  Huma got… Well, the Democrats, they know.  They know what’s going on.  They know that Huma swallowed one for the team there on the FBI thing.  

Tech Bloggers Freak Out Over Trump Win

RUSH:  You know, a lot of people have been asking me, “Hey, Rush? Rush, what are your little tech bloggers saying?”  Oh, they’re miserable today, folks.  They are uniformly… They’re just this side of suicidal.  Anyway, greetings, and welcome back.  There’s still so much to do in our final busy broadcast hour here.  800-282-2882, and the email address, ElRushbo@eibnet.us.  For those of you new to the program, I have a hobby, and that’s staying up to date with technology, high-tech. 

It’s a passion, it’s a hobby, and I try to stay as current with it as I can.  As such, I read a bunch of blogs that have to do with technology.  And I’ve learned quite a bit.  These are basically Millennials.  They think they are experts in matters of science.  They have been poorly educated.  They are the product of public school and institutional higher learning propaganda in terms of what they think is real and what they believe, and it’s just an eye-opening experience when they delve into politics to read what they think. 

For example, they all believe that we are destroying the planet, and many of them — I’ve read this I don’t know how many places — really think the earth will not be habitable when they are 65 years old, that we are destroying it that fast.  But they are uniformly… They hate Trump; they hate Republicans. They have the stereotype version of whatever Democrats and media have told them that Republicans and conservatives are. They are it, and they uniformly thinking identical things. 

It’s really a case study in Pavlov’s Dog, in groupthink, in how indoctrination and propaganda actually work.  And they think that we are all products of propaganda.  They think they’re the open-minded thinkers and enlightened ones, highly educated, super-intelligent, very perceptive, lightyears ahead.  They have that in common with many young people.  But I just picked one story here to give you an example.  They’re just beside themselves.  They thought Trump was a buffoon and they thought everybody else thought Trump was a buffoon. 

They thought Trump might get 20% of the vote.  They thought Donald Trump was the way he was portrayed on Saturday Night Live.  If they wanted to get a dose of Trump, they watched YouTube videos of Saturday Night Live and Alec Baldwin portraying Trump.  Likewise, they thought Hillary Clinton was the smartest person in the world, smartest woman in the world, eminently qualified.  But the thing is, 95% of Silicon Valley thinks the same way, from the executives on down on down to the employees. 

So I just randomly grabbed a story just to illustrate, and it’s from Gizmodo.  Gizmodo happens to be the so-called science and tech side of Gawker, which has been creamed by Hulk Hogan, if you recall.  And this story was posted this morning, and the headline: “Don’t Give Up on the Planet.”  Now, your kids… If you have Millennial kids or younger, I’m sure your kids believe a lot of this.  Despite what you think, they’ve learned at school and at kindergarten watching Planet Cabinet or Planet Captain — Captain Planet cartoons when they were kids.

They have bought hook, line, and sinker the idea that oil single-handedly will destroy the atmosphere and the climate and that they are going to die.  And they believe it’s scientifically proven (when it isn’t) and that it’s infallible.  And it’s really kind of frustrating and humorous at the same time, because there is no data.  The only thing that supports the entire premise of climate change is computer models that predict things 30 and 40 and 50 years into the future.  They never predict ’em for two weeks away, ’cause we’d be alive to know they’re wrong.

So they make these predictions for decades in the future, where nobody’s gonna be around to know if they were right or wrong.  We’ll all be dead by the time their predictions come true or not.  “Welcome to the future,” this piece begins, “A future that me, and many Americans who put their faith in science, have been staring at in bewilderment, denial, and abject terror for the better part of a year.  Donald J. Trump, a climate denier, is the 45th President of the United States. As such, he poses a unique, unprecedented threat to our shared global environment and nascent international ambition to transition off fossil fuels.”  

It is not an “international ambition to transition off of fossil fuels.”  There’s nothing to replace fossil fuels!  It may be an ambition, but it’s not realistic.  “The implications of this election for the future of our fragile biosphere cannot be overstated.  But I’m not here to tell you the world has ended — just open any mainstream news outlet or social medial channel if you’d like to slather yourself in apocalyptic rhetoric today. I’m here to tell you that now, more than ever, we need to put our noses to the grindstone and fight for a better, safer, cleaner future. 

“Let’s start with the good news,” and then they go to the good news, then they get to the bad news and they talk about how we need to put all of our faith in the United Nations. And we need a carbon tax and we need to start spending and taxing the American people to prevent them from following their impulses. We need more people not driving. We not more electric cars. We need people… It even goes so far as to recommend the kind of meat that people should eat or stop eating, if I can find that passage. 

“What can you do? You can eat less meat and dairy, especially factory-farmed beef. When you do eat meat and dairy, you can support sustainable, local food systems. You can drive less, and walk and bike more. You can replace all of your incandescent bulbs with energy-saving LEDs, buy more efficient appliances, turn down that A/C in the summer, and get a programmable thermostat.” Now, get this: “If your local utility has the option, you can opt for your household to draw power from clean energy sources — my utility does, and my electric bill hasn’t gone up more than a few bucks a month since I made the switch.” 

Let the iPhone go up a dollar and the world’s coming to an end and they hate Apple.  A utility can raise prizes on these people all day long, and as long as the utility tells them that the power is coming from something sustainable. (laughing) It’s just… It’s frustrating to me.  I wish these kids weren’t so wrong.  I really do.  I wish the left were not so successful in propagandizing and indoctrinating these people.  No, I’m not for pollution.  I am for reality and realism and… Look, I’ve spent enough time on that over the course of the many years of broadcasting.

I don’t want to get sidetracked with that.  I just wanted to share with you what the tech crowd is doing today.  They’re in abject panic and horror, and they really think that Trump’s election means that we’re gonna tell the United Nations to go to hell, which we probably will.  Trump has made it clear he’s gonna take our money back the U.N. on this. It’s a bottomless hole and it’s a waste of money and it’s not gonna accomplish anything, and he’s absolutely right about it.  

How One Pollster Found the Hidden Trump Vote

RUSH: Other things in the news: “The Democratic Party Establishment Is Finished.” This is… It looks like it is… It’s Slate.com.  “The Democratic Party Establishment Is Finished.”  From The Politico:  “How Could the Polling Be So Wrong?”  How could it be so wrong?  It’s very simple how it could be so wrong: Prejudice and bias on the part of the people that do the polling!  It was very clearing during this entire campaign that the people who were voting for Donald Trump were mocked and impugned and laughed at and not taken seriously. 

They were stereotyped.  The pollsters said (snicker), “We don’t need to poll those people.  They’re not even educated!” It was classic bubble existence.  From TheHill.com: “Pollsters Suffer Huge Embarrassment — Pollsters and election modelers suffered an industry-shattering embarrassment at the hands of Donald Trump on Tuesday night.  Trump had long said the polls were biased against him.  His claims turned out to be true,” and this is an admission from a site that mocked and made fun of the Trump for his claims as much as any. 

There is one pollster out of all of them, however… The LA Times poll was right and the TIPP poll was right. But there’s another pollster here named Robert Cahaly, who’s the CEO of a polling group called Trafalgar.  You haven’t heard much about Trafalgar, but they were right on the money on this.  You know why?  They found a way in their poll to uncover and detect the silent Trump supporter.  They found the people who were telling pollsters they would never vote for Trump who intended to.  They found the people on “the margin of shame,” I call it. 

These are the people that wouldn’t tell the pollsters what they’re doing ’cause they didn’t want the pollsters judging them or mocking them or what have you.  And Mr. Cahaly said all it took was one question to find them.  All I had to do was devise one question, and that question exposed all of the hidden support for Trump and it never exposed any hidden support for Hillary. And that would have happened if there was a bipartisan and equal reluctance to reveal voting preference, but people voting for Hillary fully were open and honest about it to pollsters. 

The trick here is a lot of people who voted for Trump would never tell the pollster.  Mr. Cahaly here, Trafalgar, found a way to uncover those people.  And his question is very simple.  His question probes for hidden preferences by asking people who their neighbors are supporting.  After asking people who they are supporting, he then asked, “Well, what about your neighbors?  Do you know how they’re voting?” 

And when they answered Trump in a preponderance of times and so forth, Mr. Cahaly said that after a series of polls asking this question we were confident that we had found the undercover or undeveloped Trump voter.  Cahaly said on Wednesday, meaning today, “I’m either going to be the guy who got it right, or nobody is going to listen to me anymore. That’s why I take this craft, polling, seriously.” 

He said his polls “are designed to capture opinions from people who otherwise avoid lengthy interviews on the phone. That’s difficult under normal circumstances, but it is especially difficult when many people are reluctant to pick a side,” and tell the pollster about it. 

“He keeps his questionnaires limited to a minute or two, relies mostly on computer-delivered phone questionnaires and he probes for hidden preferences by asking people who their neighbors are supporting. That question about neighbors allows respondents to present their preferences as the opinion of others, so minimizing possible fear of stigma or embarrassment for supporting Trump.”

Now, when they asked this guy, Mr. Cahaly at Trafalgar, about the reliability of a hidden vote, he offered several arguments for its existence.  “He says the people most likely to hide their votes are women and college-educated professionals. … Whenever he asks the neighbors question, the answers consistently show a hidden vote for Trump worth three to nine points.”

You might say it’s a trick question.  This guy called Pennsylvania, he called Michigan, he called a number of states correctly.  I find it fascinating that his question produced that many of the people who were gonna vote Trump that wouldn’t tell anybody, women and college-educated professionals, 

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