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RUSH: “Rush, what do you mean, ‘In two weeks the left and the Democrats will revert back to who they are’?”  Okay, let me give you an example.  Back in 2002 when the Republicans won the midterms… It never happens. The party in power always loses midterm elections. People just naturally — human nature — express their unhappiness with the first two years of a presidency. It just happens, and the party out of power usually picks up seats. 

It doesn’t take back the chamber, but they just pick up seats.  Well, that didn’t happen in 2002.  I mean, the Democrats just blew it sky-high, and so after that election, the exit polls showed that it was value-based voters that made the difference.  Democrats come out and said, “You know, obviously we’re missing a lot of people here.  We need to get together and have some meetings amongst ourselves and get on the same page with the American people when it comes to values,” and it still hasn’t happened.  They just went out and said it. I’ll give another example. 

What just happened?  Let’s keep this in perspective.  We just had, in figurative terms, a landslide election.  What I mean by that is the people that showed up and voted yesterday were very clear in what they were rejecting and what they were supporting, okay?  So, Trump gets inaugurated, and it’s not gonna be long before he fills a vacancy on the Supreme Court.  In fact, he’s gonna have a whole bunch of ’em, folks. This is great.  He’s gonna have a slew of them.  This election, I think, is going to speed the process of vacancies occurring on the Supreme Court. 

But that’s just a little side bet that I will make with people, and I will not lose.  Here’s what’s gonna happen.  Whoever he appoints — unless he goes out and finds Ruth Bader Ginsburg Jr. Let’s play it safe. If he nominates somebody in the image of Antonin Scalia, let me tell you what’s gonna happen.  Chuck Schumer, who will be the leader of the Democrats in the Senate — and whoever the leader of the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee is — will immediately call a press conference and say that the nominee is unacceptable, that he’s too far outside the mainstream.

“We can’t put up with this. We can’t tolerate this,” and they will begin to smear this nominee and smear Trump, who has just won the election. Trump will have won big. The Republicans will have maintained the House. They have held onto the Senate. The American people… I don’t care what you want to say about the Electoral College. That’s gonna be the second thing they complain about.  Just give me a moment to get there.  But I’m giving this example. 

Despite the fact that the American voter voted explicitly and in huge numbers to keep this government in the control of the Republican Party because they don’t like what the Democrats have done the last eight years, that is exactly what happened.  There is no other way to read this.  The Democrats will try to tell you it’s a racial election, that all whites are bigots and they rose up in opposition to people of color.  That’s bull, folks.  That is not what happened here.  This is a substance-based loss for the Obama administration, the Obama agenda. 

So despite that, the Democrats will say that whoever Trump nominates is out of the mainstream, is unacceptable, and it’s not what the American people intended when they elected Trump.  The media will pick that up.  The media will then begin to help the Democrats smear this nominee on the basis that he’s not qualified because Trump chose him. He’s not qualified because Trump’s nominee does not reflect the mainstream of America.  Really?  They get to define the mainstream when they lose? 

That’s exactly what they do, my friends. 

They’re not gonna learn from this! They’re not gonna change, to adapt to what the American people want, the American people express.  They will continue in their natural existence, and that is opposed to the will of the American people.  That is the Democrat Party of today.  They govern against the will of the people when they’re elected.  I’m talking about the mass population.  Sure, they’ve got their constituency groups that love what they do.  But, as evidenced by this election last night, they’re a minority! 

We’ve not lost the country, to them or to anybody else. 

So you can look for that and other thing like it.  You got cabinet appointments, legislation that Trump proposes.  You’re gonna hear Democrats react to it as though this is not what you voted for.  You’ll have voted Trump and you’ll have voted all these Republicans in, and then when the Republicans and Trump start doing what you elected them to do, the Democrats will run out and say, “That’s not what you elected ’em to do!”  You elected them to come out and do what the Democrats would have done. 

That’s the position that they will take on a nominee or on a piece of legislation. (interruption) What, Obamacare? What was your question about Obamacare?  Did you hear what Trump said? He’s gonna convene a special meeting or whatever session in the first hundred days to blow it up and rebuild it.  (interruption) What will the Democrats do?  They will say, “That’s not what this election was about. This is the greatest law,” and Obama’s gonna be right in there, too.  Do you think Obama’s gonna hang around and watch all this happen and not say anything? 

Don’t forget what I told you about the reason Obama’s gonna stay in Washington in his post-presidency.  I predicted it to you.  I’m making a bunch of predictions today.  They’re gonna come true.  Just mark ’em.  Whatever they try on Obamacare, Obama’s gonna call a press conference with his buddies in the media — the people, poodles that have been humping his leg in the media — and they’re gonna join forces against Trump and say, “This not what the election meant. This is not what the American people wanted.

“We can’t have this, cannot allow this to happen.” There will be a battle begin, and it’ll boil down to Obama — maybe not Obama, I don’t know, but the Democrats certainly — saying, “This is not what the American people wanted in the election,” and the reason, folks, is they don’t give up.  Their purpose for living is to beat us.  We are their number one enemy.  And even when they lose, that remains their objective.  I’ve watched ’em.  I’ve studied ’em.  I know who they are.  I know what’s gonna happen. 

What needs to happen on our side is what needs to be different.  We need to stop kowtowing to it.  We need to look ’em in the face and laugh and say, “You know, the corner of the room is over there.  You guys lost. Learn it, love it, live it, and leave us alone.  We’re in the process of fixing the mess you made!”  We don’t ever say that.  We talk about crossing the aisle, and we talk about considering opposing views, because we’re of the opinion the American people don’t like us, because the media’s told the Republicans the people don’t like ’em and Republicans have believed it. 

Republicans cannot believe what happened. Never Trumpers cannot believe what happened because they’ve all believed all this propaganda all these years that the American people hate ’em.  If the American people don’t like the Republicans, it’s not for the reasons the Republicans think.  It’s for the simple reason the Republicans have not followed through in opposing this stuff.  You couldn’t have… Look, I hate to be redundant here, folks. You couldn’t have a more clearly defined reason for the Democrats losing yesterday and the Republicans winning than what we got. 

And God bless everybody involved for make it happen.  It couldn’t be anymore crystal clear.  There’s nothing ambition about this at all.  Big Government liberalism — whether people know it or not — was told to go to hell.  Big Government liberalism is Obama.  It was rejected, whether it was positioned that way… I’m sure Trump didn’t run around saying, “We gotta beat liberalism.”  All well and good.  Doesn’t matter what you label it.  It is what it is, and it just got rejected. It just got shellacked.  It’s not hard, and it’s easy to learn from. 

It is my studied opinion that this victory that Trump had last night had been possible in each of the last two presidential elections.  The lesson for the GOP, the lesson for the Never Trumpers, the lesson for all the defeatists — the lesson for all the establishment types who think there’s no way you can ever run the establishment if you’re a Republican; there’s no way you can ever really gain enough power to change the direction of the country if you’re a Republican — the lesson is this victory last night could have been had in 2012, and that’s why the American people are livid after 2012. 

It could have been had in 2008. 

It just turns out that McCain didn’t think so, and neither did Romney — and neither did very many others in the Republican Party. 

And that’s why we’re out here sitting so frustrated, ’cause we know it could be defeated. We know they could have been sent packing. We know Obama could have been defeated on substance if somebody would have just been honest with the voters about who he was and what he was gonna do, because it was knowable. 

We knew what he was gonna do with the health care system.  We knew what he was gonna do with spending.  We knew what he was going to do with taxes.  We knew what he was gonna do policy-wise to the economy.  But they didn’t, didn’t want to go there; first African-American president, can’t criticize.  That would be racist, can’t do it, so we basically stood away, stood silent for eight years and let them run the table.  And the American people said “no more” last night.  It couldn’t be any clearer, it could not be any more clear about what happened.  


RUSH: In addition to this example I gave about how they’re gonna approach Trump’s first SCOTUS nominee, here’s something else that you can make book on.  It is going to happen. 

The left, the Democrats, are going to start caterwauling about the electoral and that it has to go.  It may not happen today, but it’s going to happen.  Because it looks like Hillary barely won the popular vote, and that’s because of the state of California and the state of New York.  But Trump won the Electoral College. 

This whole thing is a great illustration of the brilliance of the Founding Fathers, by the way, and the system they devised.  To make things equal around the country in terms of representation and proportionalism, regardless of population centers, and that’s what the Electoral College is for.  It also served another purpose back in the early days.  It was to guard against a bunch of idiot citizens not knowing what they were doing, say, and electing Putin.  Ha-ha-ha-ha.  Throw that in. 

But it works out famously well.  Trump has now won Michigan.  He is padding his margin in the Electoral College.  It’s not close.  It doesn’t come anywhere near Florida in 2000.  But the left does not accept that the founders of this country gave us a Republic of Sovereign states, and they’re gonna make a move to eliminate the Electoral College because of this, ’cause they’re going to present this as they’ve been screwed again like in 2000.

And the reason they’re gonna do this — don’t listen to Hillary saying we’ve gotta give Trump an open mind, we owe it to Trump to work with him, Obama saying the same thing. Folks, they don’t mean this.  Please listen to me.  This happens every time they lose.  They do not mean it.  They sound magnanimous, but they’re not.  They are seething with rage and they’re already plotting how they can delegitimize this Trump victory, and this is the way they’re gonna do it, by claiming he’s illegitimate. 

The popular vote, Hillary Clinton won, we get screwed again, and they’re gonna make a move to get rid of the Electoral College, not ’cause they want to get rid of Electoral College, although they might. It’s a vehicle for them to try to portray the Trump victory as illegitimate, just like they did to George Bush in 2000.  And you see how that worked out, by George Bush’s second term, they had everybody in the country believing he was illegitimate, and his wars were illegitimate, and Abu Ghraib was illegitimate. We were torturing people and we invaded Iraq because they wanted to get even with Hussein for trying to kill his dad, all this stupid stuff. 

But they took this country down the sewer taking George Bush out.  It took them four years to get his approval number down to the thirties, and they’re gonna start on Donald Trump in about two weeks.  They will intensify it after he is inaugurated.  This is gonna be one of the ways they do it.  Do not doubt me.  This hasn’t even begun yet.  Just stick with me and don’t doubt me.


RUSH:  I just checked in with CNN, and the infobabe there, Brooke Baldwin, was asking Bill Burton, former spokesman for Obama — by the way, this guy was on Fox last night, too, during this period of time where Trump was coming back, about seven o’clock Trump was losing in a landslide.  About nine o’clock, Trump was making a move.  That’s how they presented it.  It was all BS.  And they answered, “It’s nothing, it’s nothing. Trump’s not going anywhere, doesn’t have a chance. Not gonna go anywhere. We’re not worried. We’re not nervous.” 

So today he’s on there, of course they just got shellacked, and she says, “Is there anything, Bill, is there anything (crying) is there anything Obama can do to protect the things he’s done from Trump when Trump gets in there?”  I’m watching this, I said, they’re worried all these great things Obama’s done, Trump’s gonna go in there and just rip it all out.  And Bill Burton said, “Sorry, no, Trump will have the keys and do what he wants.”  Because here’s the thing you leftists are gonna have to live with.  You stood there and you stood silent when Obama was ignoring the Constitution and doing all of this garbage via executive order.  And you applauded that use of power by the president. 

It’s gonna be very difficult for you guys start piping up and whining and moaning about a president using powers he doesn’t have when all Trump is probably gonna do is grab that, “Nope, that’s not legal. Nope, that’s not, rip that out. Nope, can’t do that.”  And Burton said there’s very little our president could do.  He knows that this stuff’s not etched in stone, is the point.  That’s why Obama wanted Hillary in there, to leave his stuff in there.  But stuff that’s not enacted via legislation, it’s up for grabs.  They know this.  And that’s why when Trump starts this, you’re gonna see Obama pipe up, folks. 

Mark my words on all of this.  You’re gonna marvel, when all this stuff starts happening, you’re gonna remember that I warned you and predicted it.  And the reason I’m warning you is so that you can help join the effort to stop this when it happens.  I’m not just informing you so that you know it.  We want to be able to put this stuff to good work. 

The Mexican government — he-he-he-he — probably figuring out how they can make it look like they’re not paying for the wall when they are.  That’s what I think the Mexican government is doing.  The Mexican government is probably asking just how worth it to us was it to have Jorge Ramos out there? Carlos Slim saying, what good does it do me to own part of the New York Times?  

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