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RUSH:  Another WikiLeaks email dump. Nothing to do with the foundation investigation.  This is something. Listen to this.  An email from John Podesta to Hillary Clinton has been discovered, Podesta explaining to Hillary Clinton that Obama is desperate to bail out the insurance companies in Obamacare.  Do you realize the collusion that’s gone on there?  There has been collusion during the campaign, during the Democrat primaries.

The DOJ and others were communicating with Podesta to give Hillary a heads-up on anything that might be coming her way so she could prepare for it.  Bernie Sanders? You people that supported Bernie Sanders, where are you today?  Do you realize how the whole deck was stacked against you from the Democratic National Committee and the presidency on down? Everything about the Bernie campaign was nothing more than an exercise in futility.  It was.

As we told you here, it was never gonna amount to anything.  But Bernie supporters actually believed that it was a real campaign; he had a real chance.  It was being undermined by the Clinton campaign, undermined in cooperation with the White House and elements to protect Hillary from whatever might be coming down the pike, say, at the Department of Justice, Peter Kadzik, the close friend of Podesta.  But we’re still… This latest email, that’s all I have.  I need to get more information on it. 

This is what I meant yesterday. You prepare the show, you get ready to go here, and then stuff keeps happening while the program is on, and it’s a challenge to stay on top of it as it all happens.  But Podesta email to Hillary explaining that Obama is desperate to bail out the insurance companies and Obamacare.  Why?  ‘Cause it’s failing, because it’s bombing.  He had guaranteed the insurance companies profitability, Obama had, in order to rope them in.

Look… (sigh) I’ll take the time. Under normal circumstances, the insurance companies would want no part of a government-run health care business.  They would want no part of the governing running their business.  No business would.  Obama understands this.  So to rope them in… Obama, in order to get it passed and to sell it, needs to make it look as though it has as much support from mainstream America as possible.  So they come up with the individual mandate — which is what the Supreme Court case in Obamacare was all about — a law requiring every citizen to buy health insurance. 

That is not constitutional.  The federal government cannot require you to buy anything.  Well, when John Roberts, the chief justice, got hold of this he changed that mandate to a tax.  The government can tax you any day, all day, as much or as long as it wants. So they change that mandate to a tax.  But as far as the insurance companies were concerned, why, they can’t lose! They’re in a meeting with Obama, and Obama says (impression), “Yeah, we’re gonna mandate every American have to buy a policy from you.” 

“What?  Y-you are going to make it a law that people have to buy our product? Where do we sign up?” They couldn’t wait to get in on this deal.  What business wouldn’t want in on this?  The government’s gonna make every citizen buy your product or you get fined and maybe go to jail?  And even with that, it didn’t work. People didn’t buy.  They couldn’t afford it. They can’t afford it now.  Not everybody gets subsidies.  The subsidies are… (sigh) If something has to be subsidized, it’s not worth doing anyway, something of this magnitude. 

So the insurance companies are getting killed.  They are dropping like flies. They’re dropping out of Obamacare.  In Florida, I think there are only two companies now that are offering private health insurance.  All of this, I think, is by design for the government to eventually take over this broken system and give us single-payer national health care.  But Obama didn’t want it happening that soon.  He didn’t want it to happen overnight.  He wanted the insurance companies to survive.  So he wanted to bail them out. 

Now, here’s a guy who hates… His supporters think he hates the banks and hates Big Business.  These are the people ripping the country apart, right?  Big Corporation, Big Drug, Big Pharma, Big Retail, Big Oil. These are the enemies of the Democrat Party. Big Insurance. We’re gonna bring ’em to their knees,” Obama and Hillary say.  They’re in bed with them, like Hillary’s in bed with Wall Street.  So it is eye-popping what we continue to learn here about the degree of deceit and corruption that we have been governed by and still are, and so many desperately want out from underneath it.  


RUSH:  Okay, I had a chance to check that WikiLeaks email from Podesta to Hillary.  The bottom line is that Podesta is assuring Hillary the insurance companies are gonna get paid, therefore Obamacare is not gonna fall apart and become an albatross during the campaign.  Podesta (paraphrasing), “Don’t worry, Obama wants ’em paid, we’re gonna find a way to get ’em paid. Obama’s gonna get them paid.” Meaning, Obama’s gonna find a way to bail the insurance companies out, don’t sweat it, Hillary, that’s the tone of the note from Podesta to Hillary in yet another WikiLeaks dump.  

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