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RUSH: I mentioned yesterday that, if you didn’t know, you should know that they’re in panic. In the deep, dark crevices of power, the Democrat Party, they’re in abject panic.  This is not where they were supposed to be.  Trump was not supposed to be a factor. The election was supposed to be over months ago.  But certainly this week it was not supposed to be in question.  Hillary should have been… They’re already planning inaugural balls and all the other trappings that go with victory.  This is not where they wanted to be, and with the possibility Trump could win, they are in abject panic.  And it’s being demonstrated on TV.

James Carville lost it on MSNBC.  We’re gonna break the ban that we have on MSNBC to let you hear that.  Robby Mook of the Clinton campaign lost it.  They’re all losing it out there over Comey.  Now, stop and think.  The Clintons themselves are responsible for sustaining this.  It has nothing to do with Comey.  Like, there’s a story in TheHill.com about how Comey is gonna soon be under investigation for the letter that he sent to Congress because he violated the law.  It’s not how it works, folks.

I hate to tell you, but it’s the subject or the target of an investigation that is the focus of the investigation — in this case Mrs. Clinton and Huma.  The investigator is not under suspicion.  But this is how the Clintons operate.  They turned it around on Ken Starr, made him the focus (with the media’s assistance), and they’re trying to do the same thing now with one week out. They’re trying to do the same with Comey.  The problem is back in July, they praised Comey to the hilt.  You know what Hillary should have done the minute Comey came out?

Last Friday, when this letter was made public, Comey’s letter to Congress, you know what she should have done?  She could have shut all this down.  She could have owned this week, because they’re not gonna be producing anything… Well, that’s another thing.  I gave you a hypothetical question yesterday that may turn out to have actually some truth behind it.  But if Mrs. Clinton on Friday — or if the Clinton campaign, if Mook or whoever — had said, “We trust James Comey.  He’s already investigated this, and there isn’t anything there.

“We’ve got one week out. We’re gonna continue our quest here to win the presidency.  We have complete, utter confidence and faith in James Comey.  I don’t know what he’s found, but he’s already said that there’s nothing there, and that’s what we think is the case now.” That would have shut it down.  But with her fighting it and with her team trying to make Comey now into Satan incarnate — and with all this, you know, hiding Huma — they have invited scrutiny.  They have made it look like, “Oh, my God!

“Comey must have something or Hillary wouldn’t be acting this way.  There must be something there or the Clinton campaign wouldn’t be reacting this way.”  So all of this they are bringing on themselves.  All of this, they have brought on themselves.  None of this… I’m watching these left-wing commentators, and they’re all complaining about Comey and the FBI.  They’re missing the boat.  If she hadn’t set up this server, if she hadn’t said, “What difference does it make?” after four people died in Benghazi…

If she hadn’t been so cavalier, if she hadn’t thought that laws don’t apply to her, if she had not believed that she was above the law and traditions that everyday people have to follow, she wouldn’t be in this mess.  She’s in this mess because of what she did.  She is in this mess because of who she and her husband are.  She’s in this mess because there is evidence that they have been running a grifting operation and a graft operation at their foundation.  There is evidence that she has not been completely truthful on whatever it is with this email and server, and now that Huma Abedin and her husband are involved in this…

Do you find it as fascinating as I do that here you have a woman who portrays herself as a staunch feminist — and she represents staunch feminists, she represents the new era of feminists — being brought down by a sex pervert married to her number one aide, Huma Abedin?  What about the irony of that?  And then… And then you have Huma marrying the guy in the first place, and then now Huma saying (stammers), “I — I — I don’t know how my emails ended up on my husband’s computer!”  It’s just too rich.  It’s just too rich.

Hillary’s the most cheated-on woman in America, and it’s happening again right in front of our eyes, and this time it’s Anthony Weiner and his own activities because of his marriage… Oh!  Hillary is call Huma now “one of my staffers.” (impression) “Yes, one of my staffers’ laptops is in investigation under questions the FBI, one of my staff.”  One of my staffers?  Huma Abedin is Hillary’s body companion, meaning Huma is everywhere Hillary is.  Huma carries out Hillary’s orders and directives.  Huma advises Hillary.

Huma and Hillary are inseparable.

She’s not just one of Hillary’s staffers.

That’s another indication here that there’s something really going on.  There may be something to see here.  And I just… For people that are so expert in dealing with things, they have really mishandled this.  Now, let’s take a look at some of the headlines and news summaries that happened since we were last together.  The New York Times has come out with a piece last night that says definitively there is no Donald Trump link to Russia.  Now, they put it on page 21 so that New York Times readers on the Upper West Side won’t see it and have their days ruined, but they still run it.

Zabar’s is not gonna be damaged here by deranged New York Times readers ’cause they won’t see this. It’s on page 21.  However, they ran it. It’s all over their website and it’s all over the country now.  The New York Times came out with a piece last night: There is no Donald Trump link to Russia.  Now, what’s going on with that?  That is a major, major cutting ’em off at the knees for the Clinton campaign and Obama, who have been living off this notion that Trump knows Putin, that Trump’s a friend of Putin, that Trump and Putin are behind the email did you review that WikiLeaks has.

The New York Times says there’s no Trump link.  Then we had Doug Schoen saying he can’t vote for Hillary anymore.  He’s been around her ever since she’s been in public life and he’s withstood every scandal, but this one he wants no part of, and he announced publicly on Fox he’s abandoning Hillary.  CNN dumps Donna Brazile after they learn that Donna Brazile’s been sharing debate questions with Hillary Clinton.  The sidebar to that is: Isn’t it amazing how many people in the Hillary camp think she’s incapable of simply answering issue-oriented questions on the fly?  They have to cheat. They have to furnish her the questions

They have to let her get a leg up and maybe an advantage in preparation, ’cause they just don’t trust that she’s up to speed enough issue by issue to handle a question.  I mean, who can’t anticipate the questions? But they have to go out of their way, and here’s Donna Brazile. Whatever she did for Hillary Clinton has resulted in her being canned at CNN.  That takes a lot.  Then Obama came out via Josh Earnest and said (summarized), “We totally trust Comey. We don’t think Comey has done anything here to interfere with an election. We think Comey and the FBI are behaving here with utmost integrity.”

You say, “Whoa!  Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!  What does this mean?”

If you read a little further, you might also sense a warning from Obama to Comey, but I have to take a break on that aspect.  I’ll complete all this when we get back.


RUSH:  I actually had a couple people email me last night because they came across everything I just shared with you.  It looked to them like, well, the question was, “Rush, is the Democrat Party turning on Hillary?  Have they decided it’s not worth it, that they can’t prop her up?”

I mean, that’s how this stuff appeared to people last night.  Let me review again.  New York Times: “No Trump Link to Russia.” New York Times backed Trump, in fact, on Russia.  Doug Schoen can’t support Hillary: I’ve seen everything and this takes the cake. I’m no longer in the Hillary camp, can’t do it.  You know, that’s a major defection.

CNN is getting rid of Donna Brazile, major, major, unprecedented type things happening on the Democrat side.  Obama holding with Comey! “President Barack Obama does not believe FBI Director James Comey is attempting to influence this year’s presidential vote, Press Secretary Josh Earnest said Monday. ‘The President doesn’t believe that he’s secretly strategizing to benefit one candidate or one political party,’ Earnest said. ‘He’s in a tough spot,'” this is where the potential warning might be.

“‘Comey’s in a tough spot. He’s the one who will be in a position to defend his actions in the face of significant criticism from a variety of legal experts, including individuals who served in senior Department of Justice positions in administrations led by presidents in both parties.'”

They always throw that in.  But despite that — hang on.


RUSH:  Okay.  So before I was rudely interrupted.  White House:  We will not defend nor criticize Comey on emails.  So if you add all of these things up just one more time.  The New York Times last night comes out with a piece, no linkage of Donald Trump to Russia, undercutting a major campaign thrust point of Hillary Clinton.  Doug Schoen, longtime Clinton pollster, announces he can’t support Hillary.  He leaves.  CNN dumps Donna Brazile after they learn she was sharing debate questions with Hillary Clinton.

The undertone there is that Hillary obviously does not have the confidence of her people to go into a debate without having a leg up, without having been able to cheat.  They don’t trust her to be able to answer questions to which she doesn’t know that they are coming.  It’s astounding!  And then Obama announces via Earnest: nothing wrong with Comey, we totally support Comey, we don’t condemn Comey.

Again, here’s the whole paragraph.  ‘President Barack Obama does not believe FBI Director James Comey is attempting to influence this year’s presidential vote.” Now, wait.  It wasn’t that long ago, just a couple days, that the White House was not doing this.  The White House was joining the Clinton campaign in casting aspersions on Comey.

Then all of a sudden there’s a 180 and it made people think, “You know what?  Maybe President Obama sees the handwriting on the wall. Maybe she’s toast and Obama is gonna throw her overboard because what Obamacare’s about, first and foremost, is his legacy in the history books. Not the Democrat Party, not Hillary Clinton, not even his agenda as it relates to this in terms of continuing it.  I actually had people thinking this, sending me emails, “Could this possibly be going on?”

Now, here’s the whole paragraph, though, from Josh Earnest. “The President doesn’t believe that he’s secretly strategizing to benefit one candidate or one political party.”  That’s cutting the Democrat Party off at its knees with one of their main claims that Comey has become a pure partisan.  Now, they don’t have credibility saying this because they praised Comey back in July.

But then Earnest said of Comey, “He’s in a tough spot, and he’s the one who will be in a position to defend his actions in the face of significant criticism from a variety of legal experts, including individuals who served in senior Department of Justice positions in administrations led by presidents in both parties.”

You could construe that as a warning from Earnest — well, Obama through Earnest to Comey.  “The White House had no role in Comey’s decision to inform Congress he was investigating new emails related to Hillary Clinton’s private server, Earnest added. Earnest said he would neither ‘defend nor criticize’ the decision,” Obama wouldn’t, “Amid outcry about Comey’s decision, Earnest called the FBI director a man of ‘integrity and good character.'”  Well, that undercuts every line of attack the Democrats, the Hillary campaign decided to mount against Comey.

There’s one more element to this.  Now, yesterday on this program I asked a hypothetical.  I think it was of a caller, but I asked the question of everybody:  What are you gonna do, what’s your reaction gonna be if Wednesday or Thursday of this week the FBI announces the investigation has proceeded significantly enough that they now know there’s nothing there.  There’s no additional information to be added to what we already know about Mrs. Clinton and her emails and her server, I said, “What’s your reaction to that gonna be?”

And people admitted, “Oh, that would be horrible, Rush, that would be terrible.  That would have meant we’d been played.”  That’s exactly right.  Because while all this five days has gone on, nobody’s talking about WikiLeaks.  Well, did you see what the LA Times reported late last night?

FBI investigators had planned to conduct a new email review over several weeks.  FBI now hopes “to complete a preliminary assessment in the coming days, but agency officials have not decided how, or whether, they will disclose the results of it publicly.”  Developing.  That was a Drudge flash.

So, in addition to all this other stuff, the Times saying nothing to see there, Trump and Russia. Doug Schoen leaving Hillary. CNN dumping Brazile. Obama siding with Comey, praising his integrity. The New York Times backing Trump on Russia. The LA Times saying investigators at the FBI may have some news for us on Thursday, could come this week.

So let’s throw that into the mix.  The FBI says they might have something on Thursday.  The White House is singing Comey’s praises amidst a potential rushed preliminary assessment of 650,000 emails.  Do you realize you couldn’t be blamed if you thought some BS was in the air here.  So the point is, nobody knows.  Again, I hate to keep repeating my mantra, but, boy, there are things happening that we did not expect to happen in any way, shape, manner, or form.

Whoever thought that Obama would side with Comey?  Whoever thought CNN would ever get rid of somebody like Donna Brazile and for the admitted reason that she helped Hillary cheat in a debate?  And let’s not forget that the Obamacare premium increases are out there, and that has dramatic impact on people. Now, the people in the establishment, the people in Washington, the Obamacare premiums are of no concern to them. Immigration, no concern the impact of these things on average, ordinary Americans, no concern to them ’cause it doesn’t affect them.  Obamacare premiums are of no concern to people in the establishment.  Same thing with illegal immigration, same thing with trade deals.

But you have to throw all of those things in the mix.  Folks, on the surface to me, this is looking really bad for Hillary Clinton.  These are not the kinds of things that happen to a winning, vibrant, upbeat and positive campaign one week out from an election.  Nowhere near it.  Now let’s go to the audio sound bite.  Here’s Robby Mook on CNN’s New Day this morning.

Chris Cuomo is talking to him, says, “Okay, so what do you do?  By all accounts, the FBI is not gonna say anything between now and Election Day.  Do you leave it alone?  Because as you accurately point out, we don’t know what the heck’s in these emails. Or do you keep banging on Comey’s door and saying, ‘Tell us more about these emails’?  Or do you keep banging the door and say ‘Trump, tell us more about Trump, look into what Trump’s done.’  What are you doing, Mook?”

MOOK:  If you’re in the business of releasing information about investigations on presidential candidates, release everything you have on Donald Trump. Release the information on his connections to the Russians. Maybe there are investigations now into his taxes.  It was shocking to me yesterday that every time people asked questions about investigations pertaining to Donald Trump they are tight-lipped and silent, quote, unquote, sticking with protocol.  When it comes to Hillary Clinton, they don’t.  We didn’t cause this problem.  James Comey opened this door, and we’re just asking —

CUOMO:  Robbie —

MOOK:  — for him to make this right and treat everybody the same.

RUSH:  So you hear that. (imitating Mook) “We need to investigate Trump.  We need to investigate Trump on Russia.  We need to investigate Trump on taxes.  We need Trump’s investigations to continue.  And we need the FBI to tell us what’s going on.”  This sounds childish.  This sounds like first grade sandbox kind of stuff.  This sounds like Bart Simpson.  “I didn’t do it.  Nobody saw me do it.  You can’t prove anything.”  He’s like a little kid here. “I think you should go after Trump, too.”  He has no defense for Hillary.  He’s got literally no defense for whatever they are investigating Hillary Clinton on.  The only thing he can do is demand the FBI look into Trump, too.

Maybe he hadn’t known that the New York Times has already cleared Trump when it comes to Russia.  And as far as liberals are concerned, the Democrats are concerned, when the New York Times clears you, you are cleared.  The New York Times carries as much weight as the FBI, and if the New York Times says there’s nothing to see between Trump and Russia and Putin, then there’s nothing to see.  It doesn’t matter what the FBI says.  The New York Times is that big a bible for people on the left.

Here’s Alex Wagner over on CBS This Morning.  She’s a senior editor at The Atlantic, used to be at PMSNBC.  Gayle King says, “Are you hearing whisperings of concern about her presidency even in her own party?”

WAGNER:  Yeah.  I mean, I think what happened last week, we were treated to another batch of WikiLeaks, stolen emails from John Podesta’s account which reflect a serious amount of consternation inside her own campaign about how she handled the email scandal when it first broke.  If we are still saying the words “Vince Foster,” if we are still saying the words “Whitewater,” if we are still talking about Kenneth Starr, who’s in the New York Times today, Democrats are forced to say the words “Anthony Weiner” 10 days, nine days before an election is not where the party thought it was gonna be.

RUSH:  I think that’s the same Alex Wagner that worked at MSNBC.  Maybe there’s two of them, and maybe the Alex Wagner I’m thinking of still works — I don’t know.  Doesn’t matter.  The fact is they’re panicked.


RUSH: MSNBC “Live” with Thomas Roberts.  And it’s pretty volatile.  And it just… It’s in the vein of panic and anger.  And I don’t care however you choose to analyze what’s going on, the thing that you have to know is this is not where the establishment thought they’d be one week away from the election. Nowhere close.

There is panic not just in the Democrat Party, folks.  There’s panic at the upper levels of what we now call the ruling class or the establishment or the elites.  I may even change my mind and share with you a couple or three excerpts from this Thomas Frank piece about the Podesta emails demonstrating how our country’s actually really run and who is running it.  And it’s got a soft spot in my heart because it’s pretty much everything that I have attempted to inform people of in terms of just who the ruling class is.

So that’s coming up.

We have a ban on MSNBC.  We do not play audio sound bites that involve their talent. They’re lamebrains and, you know, why promote ’em?  But occasionally they’ll have a guest that goes off one thing one way or another.  Carville did.  Thomas Roberts says, “The Democrats criticized Director Comey. But if he sat on information ’til after the election and there’s something there, wouldn’t he be accused of a cover-up?”

CARVILLE:  He was acting in concert and coordination with the House Republicans.  End of story.  He gave the letter to them. They gave it to Fox News.  Also we have the extraordinary case of the KGB being involved in this race and selectively leaking things from the Clinton campaign that they hacked!  American democracy is really under attack here.

ROBERTS: James Comey was praised in July by everyone —

CARVILLE: (sputtering)

ROBERTS: — for not moving forward with the recommendation —

CARVILLE: (sputtering) Right.

ROBERTS:  — to Loretta Lynch.

CARVILLE: (sputtering) You know…

ROBERTS: So why now is this different for Comey when they find something that could be pertinent?

CARVILLE:  You know what John Maynard Keynes said?  “When the facts change, I change my mind.  What do you do?”  Well, he said something else in July, so y-you can’t say in spite of justice department policy, in spite of former people in the Bush administration, in spite of ethics people all over saying this is unprecedented. Why are you defending this?

RUSH:  Comey sent his letter to Republicans and Democrats.  Carville says Comey “was acting in concert and coordination with the House Republicans. … He gave the letter to them.” He gave it to both parties, and then, “[t]hey gave it to Fox News.”  So what?  Fox News is a news agency! We also got it.  I had it that afternoon.  Everybody had it.  “And now we have the extraordinary case of the KGB being involved in this race…”  Carville has lost it.  Carville has become a left-wing conspiracy loon.

Believing whoever in the Democrat Party started this insanity that the KGB or the Russians are responsible for exploiting the Clinton server and then leaked the information to Assange who then put it on his servers at WikiLeaks? And he’s actually trying to sell that.  That’s not what happened.  The Russians don’t have anything to do with this, folks.  But the Democrats, that’s all they’ve got is to blame it on the Russians.  And if the Russians didn’t do it and they’re just out there saying it as a political point, this is dangerous.

Accusing a wannabe, potential again superpower of meddling when they’re not? The Democrats… The point is they can’t get over this.  It has to be something totally complicated and inexplicable to explain how they allowed such a monumental screw up to happen.  The monumental screw up is not jettisoning the Clintons long ago.  When you’re in business with the Clintons, this is what happens to you. So now their only recourse is to blame the KGB?  That’s Putin.  You know, Putin was KGB, so Carville’s trying to be colorful here.

Rather than say the Russians, he’s trying to say the KGB.  “American democracy is really under attack here”?  No.  There are people trying to save it, James.  That’s what this election is really all about, Mr. Carville.  There are people working their butts off trying to save our republic and save democracy from the likes of powerful people in the Democrat Party who want to take this country and turn it into a personal little playground for their own private gain.

And to hell with what happens to anybody else that lives here.  People are fed up with it.  So Thomas Roberts says, “So, James, in July when Comey did the unprecedented act of holding a press conference to reveal that he wasn’t going to have charges recommended to Loretta Lynch,” recommending she charge Hillary or anybody else, “no one then on the left was up in arms over what James Comey had just done,” that Comey was acting in ways he shouldn’t act. They praised Comey back then. “Isn’t this a double standard?”

CARVILLE:  No! It’s not a double standard at all.  You’re sitting here defending an assault on American democracy.  This is an unprecedented event that was done at the behest of the House Republicans, that was leaked to the press by the House Republicans, and as we know the KGB is all over this election, and this is what we’re talking about.  This is unbelievable eight days before an election, and it’s more unbelievable that people like you are defending this.

RUSH:  Right.  And there’s still more, folks.  One more to pay.  Here we go…

ROBERTS:  In no way am I defending it.

CARVILLE: Well, of course you are!

ROBERTS: I’m just trying to ask questions of you.

CARVILLE:  You’re making excuses for Comey by bringing up something somebody said in July.

ROBERTS:  No, I’m not making excuses.

CARVILLE:  Yes, you are!

ROBERTS:  Director Comey has been praised on the left —

CARVILLE: Oh, come on!

ROBERTS: — and the right for being a pretty —

CARVILLE: (sputtering)

ROBERTS: — neutral guy for his career.

CARVILLE:  I don’t know what someone said in July.  We [are] talking about the FBI — against justice department policy, against everything that we all know — gets involved in a presidential election.  If you want to defend that, you defend it, but I’m not.  I think this is a[n] outrage, and I think the fact that the KGB is involved in this election is a[n] outrage, and I think the American people ought to take their democracy back regardless of what the press wants to do and excuses they want to make for Comey.  And if there’s not something substantial — and I mean, really substantial — then this is, in effect, an attempt to hijack an election.  The House Republicans and the KGB are trying to affect our democracy.

RUSH: (impression) “Ken Starr! Ken Starr and aliens from out of space are trying to get your kids smoking Joe Camel! Dirty cigarettes, Larry! That’s what they trying to do.”  That’s James Carville, my friends.  James Carville. “The KGB! Taking back our democracy! The KGB is threatening our democracy, ruining our democracy.  The KGB interceding in an election.”  No.  Justice — when done properly — doesn’t see a calendar, Mr. Carville.


RUSH:  Right here it is in the New York Times: “U.S. Officials Doubt That Donald Trump Has a Direct Link to [the KGB.]”  Well, it says “Russia” but I’m substituting KGB for Russia. It’s what Carville’s doing.  Right there it is in the New York Times.  “Obama Doesn’t Believe FBI Director Trying to Influence Election — ABC News.”


RUSH: Here’s James Carville.  This is commonplace for him.  We did a parody.  This goes back to the nineties when the Democrats were under siege with Ken Starr looking into the Lewinsky affair and the associated potential violations of law that were part of the Lewinsky affair.  The way the Clintons dealt with that was to attack the investigator, which is what they’re starting to set up with Comey.  So they went after Ken Starr.

Ken Starr, if it weren’t for his varicose veins, would be totally colorless, folks.  The guy is the biggest dryball — and I don’t mean that as a cut.  He’s a straight-line person.  Ken Starr is the kind of guy that wouldn’t be noticed wherever he was, and they turned him into the biggest sex pervert in the country. They turned him into a sex pervert trying to go after Bill Clinton for whatever unfair and nefarious reason, and it got to the point of being ridiculous. So we did a parody of Ken Starr and Carville appearing on Larry King Alive one night.


“STARR”: Good evening, Larry.

“LARRY”: And in our Washington studios, Clinton advisor and former campaign manager, James Carville.

“CARVILLE”: Hi, Larry. I’m just glad you gave me a chance to show America what a madman vicious dog Ken Starr really is. He’s a twisted, evil man, Larry, and I know what the American people —

“LARRY”: Thank you, James. But let’s hear from Ken Starr first. Ken, are you a madman?

“STARR”: Larry, let me just say that I only want to —

“CARVILLE”: — to destroy the president, ’cause he’s crazy! He’s so crazy with tobacco money, he’s lost his mind. You can hear it in his voice. He not only wants to destroy the president, he wants to kill all your children. He wants your babies dead. He’s been giving cartoons of cigarettes to every kindergartener in America, and he ain’t gonna stop ’til all your babies are smoking like Joe Camel!

large“LARRY”: Ken, why would you give cigarettes to five-year-olds?

“STARR”: Larry, I never would —

“CARVILLE”: You see? He just said he “never” didn’t give no cigarettes to your babies. And he’s also been around showing your babies how to play with matches, ’cause he’s been taking all kind of money from them (Cajun) Bic Zippo lighter match people ’cause he’s a madman, Larry, a killer who wants the president and all your babies dead! And you know what else? Ken Starr’s a space alien. He ain’t even a real man! He’s from Mars. That’s right. A madman from Mars, and they’re invading the planet. He flies around a space ship handing out cigarettes made by little green men to kill your babies and destroy our president.

“LARRY”: Pretty serious charges, Ken Starr? Are you an alien?

“STARR”: Honestly, Larry I —

“CARVILLE”: Larry, you can’t trust a man mad Martian out to kill your babies with cigarettes and matches and destroy our president, the most moral man in America! It’s a war, Larry! It’s a war! Bill Clinton against the invaders from Mars trying to kill you through secondhand smoke of kindergarteners, trying to burn down your house with matches and lighters as Ken Starr flies around in a spaceship. That’s it Larry! That’s the plan to get us and our president!

“LARRY”: Quite a compelling argument. Well, we’re out of time. Now, tomorrow night our show will feature a completely different subject: A psychic that says Ken Starr is using mental vibrations to keep Susan McDougal awake at night. See you then.


RUSH:  Well, that’s timeless.  It is timeless.  That’s what they… They don’t have enough time to do it but if they did, that’s what they would try to James Comey, after first praising him last July.

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