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“This is not where the establishment thought they’d be one week away from the election. Nowhere close. There is panic not just in the Democrat Party, folks. There’s panic at the upper levels of what we now call the ruling class or the establishment or the elites.” 

“The election was supposed to be over months ago. But certainly this week it was not supposed to be in question. Hillary should have been… They’re already planning inaugural balls and all the other trappings that go with victory. This is not where they wanted to be, and with the possibility Trump could win, they are in abject panic. And it’s being demonstrated on TV.”

“We’ve reached a crossroads here. I mean, in the 29 or 28 years I’ve been doing this, I’ve had massive attitudinal shifts about government and about people in it and about how the country works. I used to have a misguided perception.” 

“We’re in a battle with people who don’t care what kind of country this is because they’ve got it made already.  They’ve got it jacked.  They’ve arranged things so that they benefit no matter what happens ‘out there,’ and by that I mean in the rest of the country.” 

“I have noted on several occasions what’s at stake here.  The establishment, who they are, why they will do anything to hold onto power.” 

“Obamacare premiums are of no concern to people in the establishment.  Same thing with illegal immigration, same thing with trade deals.”  

“This group of establishment types, the elites, it’s an incestuous group, it’s a small group, everybody knows everybody. They go from media to Congress to legislative aide back to media, to think tank, to lobbyist.  They change jobs and they change roles but their objectives are all the same.”  

“To me, the world is the next eight days.  I don’t care about 15 days from now.  The world is the next eight days, and we got people in the next eight days who apparently are okay with Hillary Clinton winning, people on our side who are apparently okay with Hillary Clinton winning.  I don’t care the reasoning.  I don’t understand it.”  

“Isn’t it interesting, I’m supporting the party nominee and I’m the bad guy.”

“I happen to get the sense — I’m pretty confident that I know this — that the vast majority of you firmly believe that the country’s on the wrong path and has been for a long time largely because of Democrats and establishment types, and you want them stopped.”  

“You don’t want Hillary elected because you don’t want a continuation of the last eight years.  You want the Democrats out of power.  You think the Democrats’ priorities are not the best to maintain this country as founded, so you don’t want Hillary elected.”

“John Kasich does not think that it’s important to defeat Hillary Clinton. Since he’s the governor of Ohio, he has the mechanisms to get ground game activity going to facilitate the Republican nominee. f he wanted to, he could do a lot to help Trump in Ohio. Instead, he is choosing not to.”

“It’s really hard to separate your desire, your prejudicial desire from static analysis of what’s actually happening. But I can just tell you that where we are right now is not where anybody of expert status anywhere thought we would be.”

“The people of this country have gotten a sense that this is not how the country is run, that it’s not fair, that there’s not a level playing field, that certain people get certain advantage that others don’t in the justice system.”

“You use the tax law as it’s written, and if it results in you not paying any taxes, there hasn’t been any loophole, and there’s nothing dubious. You’re following the law. Legally means follow the law.”

“Victor Davis Hanson back with a brilliant piece about the Clintons and who they are and what motives ’em. It’s at National Review Online, and I just love it because it essentially, in his own words, makes points that I have been trying to make about the Clintons since I first became aware of them in 1990. There’s another piece, and this also is a piece right after my heart. It’s by somebody named Thomas Frank.”

“If Hillary Clinton hadn’t thought that laws don’t apply to her, if she had not believed that she was above the law and traditions that everyday people have to follow, she wouldn’t be in this mess. She’s in this mess because of what she did. She is in this mess because of who she and her husband are.”

“The New York Times has come out with a piece last night that says definitively there is no Donald Trump link to Russia. Now, they put it on page 21 so that New York Times readers on the Upper West Side won’t see it and have their days ruined, but they still run it.”

“How are you gonna feel if Wednesday or Thursday Loretta Lynch bops out or Comey bops out with another appearance and says they have wrapped up the investigation and they found nothing? How are you gonna feel?”

“The objective of the people who bring impeachment charges, if the Republicans do this on Trump, the objective will be to get one of them back in the power structure.”

“It’s all about the political class, run by Democrats with Republicans just hoping they can be one of their little pets.”  

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