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Over the summer, the Clintons bought their neighbor’s house in Chappaqua, for a weekend retreat for Chelsea’s family, reportedly. A couple of weeks ago, the town got a complaint that work was being done to the new property. When an inspector showed up, it was obvious a huge project was underway.

The house for Chelsea, was being totally renovated. A new kitchen was being installed. Along with a new heating, air conditioning, and ventilation system. Interior walls were being removed and the pool was being filled in.

The town had no idea about the Clinton mansion expansion, because nobody had filed the required permits.

Apparently, in order to finish the renovations before the holidays, the Clintons ordered the work started right after they bought the house. They didn’t bother to secure permits. Too much trouble, I guess. Bill and Hillary are busy people.

They did have time to approve contractors and okay the renovation plans. But taking the time to make sure rules and regulations are followed? Ha! No way, that’s for the little people. 

These are the Clintons we’re talking about. Legal requirements are for the little people. The pee-ons.

I wonder if they have a “server” room in that new house? Maybe in Chelsea basement for when she’s president?

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