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“You can’t examine why Comey did what he did Friday without going back to the beginning, because once you start making mistakes, you usually continue making them in order to service the first mistakes. So the first mistake, being honest was what Comey did in announcing her crimes, listing what would have been an indictment. But then he took the extraordinary step of saying he was recommending that she not be prosecuted because he couldn’t find any intent and no reasonable prosecutor would take this case to court.”

“Making the complex understandable. That’s what we do here. And despite that, people still get it wrong, which means they have to be doing it on purpose.”

“Is this gonna have an effect on the election? That’s all anybody wants to know. And I’m gonna tell you, yes!  And if you don’t believe that, just listen to the Democrats.”

“Can you imagine those FBI agents in there dealing with Huma and Weiner’s computer? How many pairs of latex gloves did they have to wear in order to be investigating?”

“Up until Friday, James Comey was probably the most beloved hero of the news media and the rest of the Democrat Party? And now? Now his name is worse than mud!”

“Democrats nominated somebody that’s under constant FBI investigation, and there are four different investigations into the Clinton Foundation. Do not doubt me when I tell you that within the inner circles of the Democrat Party they are very worried about this. Even if she gets elected they’re very worried about it, because of what it portends for her presidency.”

“Hillary Clinton is corrupt. She and her husband are constantly engaged in things that place them under investigation, for 30 years.”

“Hillary Clinton is under this cloud of suspicion, not because of the FBI, not because of James Comey. Hillary Clinton is where she is precisely because of her own behavior. Hillary Clinton is under investigation because of her own egregious misconduct.”    

“Democrats chose to nominate the subject of a criminal investigation. This criminal investigation has been going on for a long time, not just the emails, but the Clinton Foundation. This is all on the Democrats. Everything they are facing today is all on them. Comey is not to blame.” 

“The voters are just fed up with the fact that our betters, the elites, the ruling class, the establishment, they just don’t see the country as most people have to live it. And so Trump represents an opportunity to change the leadership of the country simply because it’s failed. It has failed, and it will continue to fail if it doesn’t change because it’s the same people with the same kind of thinking.” 

“Donald Trump exists not because America has descended to the gutter culturally or socially and finds a reality TV star to be more genuine than a politician. Donald Trump has ascended to the position he holds because the people who have been in power are taking the country down the tubes and in the wrong direction, and people have tried every which way they think, using the Democrat process, to stop it.” 

“For the last recent number of years that there’s an internecine fight on the right. We can’t even unify around the concept of defeating Democrats anymore because conservatism is too busy trying to take itself out, essentially, and it makes no sense whatsoever.”  

“I don’t know why anybody would find it necessary to distort what I say, if it’s so bad to begin with. I think they have to distort what I say in order to construct ways in which to disagree with me or to otherwise impugn my honor and integrity.” 

“This is what happens to people who come in contact with the Clintons. Nothing good happens to most of them, and Clinton and her illegal behavior has now snared Obama.” 

“Why does a world-class pervert have secret government emails on his home computer? Stop and think about that for a second.”  

“I don’t see anything that could happen that could turn Never Trumpers into Trumper voters. They’re two dug in on the whole concept that Trump is not even a human being in the realm of politics.” 

“This has all been a very educational awakening for me, by the way, folks, and this is a conversation for after the election. It’s not really relevant right now. But this whole notion of what is the conservative movement and who is and who is not in it and what is a conservative.”  

“The latest WikiLeaks document dump indicates that Donna Brazile has been sharing questions of upcoming debates with Democrats, Hillary Clinton, for a long time. Now, she said that she knows persecution ’cause she’s ‘a Christian woman.’ That didn’t help Christian bakeries. It didn’t help Christian photography shops. It didn’t help Christian pizzerias. It was okay to persecute them.” 

“Do you realize, folks, there’s a letter from Eric Holder — and signed by a hundred other such dignitaries — condemning and opposing and crucifying and whatever Comey. Do you know who wrote it? The Clinton campaign.” 

“Trump is getting better, folks. I don’t know how many of you have taken my suggestion to actually watch one of these Trump rallies on YouTube or via a Drudge link or wherever you find it. But for the most part this past week, he was on message, he was from the teleprompter, and he was hitting a ton of different issues. It wasn’t just NAFTA and trade deals and jobs.”

“I love to probe people’s minds. I am a critical thinker. I like to make people think rather than just react. So I throw out contingencies, possibilities, to get their thinking on things.”

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