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RUSH: Grab sound bite number eight.  This is Doug Schoen.  Doug Schoen is a longtime Clinton strategist, pollster, ally, supporter.  He was on the Fox Report last night talking to Harris Faulkner, and she said, “What’s your reaction to the FBI reopening this case?”

SCHOEN:  I have been a supporter of Secretary Clinton.  But — and the “but” is a big deal, at least to me — given that this investigation is gonna go on for many months, if the secretary of state wins, we will have a president under criminal investigation with Huma Abedin under investigation — the secretary of state, the president-elect, should she win, under investigation. Harris, under these circumstances I am actively reassessing my support.

RUSH:  Aw.

SCHOEN:  I’m deeply concerned —

RUSH:  Aw! 

SCHOEN:  — that we will have a constitutional crisis —

RUSH:  Aw!

SCHOEN:  — if she’s elected.  I want to learn more this week —

RUSH:  Aw.

SCHOEN:  — see we see. But as of today I am not a reporter of the secretary of state.

RUSH:  Doug, now, you know I like you, and you know that I have praised you numerous times. But, Doug, come on, buddy. You’ve known about these people for 30 years.  You know everything about them, Doug.  You know them and their dirt and you’ve helped them cover it up.  So the fact that he’s backing away from her on this tells me it’s just another bit of evidence that there is really something here that they can’t dispose of by destroying Comey like they destroyed Ken Starr.  ‘Cause Doug Schoen, he’s acting all shocked.  He’s seen everything these people have done, and now he wants to pull out?  There must be a serious reason.

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