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Somebody Sent Me a Great Cigar Invention

RUSH:  Man, I just have to share this with you, folks.  The other day in the mail — well, I guess it was the mail, doesn’t matter.  In the arriving stuff, there was this envelope from an inventor out in Irvine, California, and it was for something called a Perfec Draw, P-e-r-f-e-c, Draw, Perfec, no T in there, Perfec Draw. 

Anyway, so I open this thing up.  For you cigar smokers, what is the number one problem you have?  For me, you never know whether a cigar is gonna be any good or not ’til you clip and you draw on it.  And I don’t know about you, but 30%, maybe more, of the cigars have to be thrown away because the draw is so tight you get a hernia trying to smoke it.

In the past wizards of smart have said, “Rush, get a meat thermometer and just jam that meat thermometer down there into the cigar and that will drill a hole in there.”  It never works because the hole just fills in.  What this thing is, I don’t know how to describe it.  It’s got a miniature bunch of propellers on it and you screw it in there, and when you take it out it actually brings some of the tobacco out.  And I have so far saved 10 cigars I would have had to throw away. 

You can even use the darn thing, like the cigar I’m smoking now, I’m halfway through it and all of a sudden it plugged up, it just happens because of the humidity and the heat, things expand and the draw just got tight.  I would have had to throw it away. I got an hour left so I’d have to go get a small one, light that one up. I can finish it, just take that Perfec Draw thing in there, screw it in there and then slowly draw it out, bring some more tobacco out, save the cigar for the rest of the show. 

Now, for us cigar smokers that is a big deal, and that’s why I am mentioning it.  I never heard of this thing.  I think they’re advertising in Cigar Aficionado, and I haven’t seen the latest issue.  So whoever sent me this thing, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. It’s $39.95.  I just told Snerdley I ordered him one.  Snerdley loves the Padrons.  The Padron people are so great.  They send me cigars, and they’re just the best. 

Snerdley loves them.  They sent us this big box and I’ll open the box and I’ll see there’s three or four missing from the last time I looked at it, and I’ll say, “Ah-ha, Snerdley snuck in here when I wasn’t looking.”  But I don’t care ’cause I like sharing the things.

Guy on Fox Looks Like Ted Kennedy as J.R. Ewing

RUSH: Look at that guy on Fox.  Looks like Ted Kennedy as J.R. Ewing with a black cowboy hat.  Look at that guy.  Does that not look like Ted Kennedy and J.R. Ewing?  I don’t know who it is.  Doesn’t matter who it is.  It’s irrelevant.  I’m sorry to get distracted. 


RUSH:Who is this? Sid Miller, Texas Agriculture commissioner. I guarantee you, this guy, you take J.R. Ewing and add Ted Kennedy and his weight to his face and that’s who that guy is.  It’s uncanny

Everyone Should Watch an Entire Trump Rally

RUSH: Folks, I admit here I’m somewhat surprised, maybe a little frustrated when I keep hearing people accusing Trump of going off the issues, because he doesn’t that much. 

If your only access to Trump is the media, they can make it look like that’s all he’s doing is complaining about people that attack him, and it’s late in the game, and, I’m sorry, I should have suggested this earlier.  But some of you ought to really take the time to watch one of these Trump rallies from start to finish.  There are YouTube channels.  You can do it on Facebook.  Not every rally, but it seems like every rally Drudge has a link.  Trump in Ohio, Trump in Pennsylvania.  And it links to the YouTube channel that carries Trump.  I would suggest that you watch one front to back. 

Now, Trump does stream of consciousness.  He will remind himself of something halfway through a sentence and start talking about it, but he stays on point.  I saw one of these Trump rallies last week, and I even said here on this program that if the media would have covered these things, he’d be leading by 10 points because he is on issue, and he is on point and on message. 

And what he’s saying has got his crowds going crazy and going nuts.  And when he deviates and starts responding to some of the challengers or some of the critics, be it the women who’ve come forward or whoever, it’s funny the way he does it, it’s enjoyable.  It’s not somebody that makes you nervous, like he’s lost his place and, “Come on, Trump, get back on point.”  You don’t have that reaction to it. 

Now, if all you do is see snippets of Trump as presented to you by the media, then you’re gonna get the impression that he’s off message a lot, but he’s actually not at these rallies.  We had a call earlier from a woman, Alicia from New Jersey, and her point was that there’s an automatic ground game at every Trump rally just waiting to be employed, just waiting to be energized and motivated.  I was kind of surprised, she was saying a lot of people don’t know what to do.  They don’t know how to tell people to go get an absentee ballot or where to go to early vote or register, and that kind of struck me. 

There’s some things I just assumed had been going on.  Maybe they haven’t been.  But at every Trump rally, you’re gonna have a minimum of five to 7,000 people, whatever the venue is, it’s gonna be filled, if it’s airplane hangar, if it is an arena in a city.  And now some of these rallies are 10,000 with 5,000 outside wanting to get in.  I just assumed that there were people registering Republican voters at these events.  But with that call that we had from Alicia in New Jersey, I’m beginning to question. 

Mr. Snerdley, whose responsibility would it be?  You got a Trump rally say Tampa, you’ve got say 12,000 people, you would think that there would be somebody there registering those people that are not registered, register to vote, who would be doing it?  The state RNC, the state party, the Florida — well, that’s what I would think, too, unless they’re saying, “Well, that’s Trump’s job.”  I just assumed that all of that was happening. 

Anyway, try to watch one of these things on the internet.  The networks were televising them in toto during the primaries, but they’re not doing that now.  Of course, they can’t do that now.  They wouldn’t be caught dead doing it now, but you can see them, the various links on the Web. 

Now, Trump is in Washington today to participate in the grand opening of his new hotel there.  And the conventional wisdom is, “See?  See?  What an idiot!  Doesn’t this guy know that we’re less than two weeks out?  He doesn’t have time to be doing that. See, he’s just selfish, just greedy. The only thing Trump’s doing, cares about, is himself.” 

Folks, I understand that reaction, but it’s so dead wrong.  I honestly can’t recall somebody who seems as indefatigable as Donald Trump.  The guy is doing four rallies a day.  The guy is traveling all over this country.  The guy is meeting with individual groups, large and small, then going out and doing a rally. He has lunch and dinner on the day of debates with people and then goes and does the debate. Then leaves for the rally in the next city the next morning.  I don’t, especially when you compare to Hillary Clinton, how in the world can you say that Trump is not working hard enough at this? 

I mean, he takes the time from his campaign to celebrate the grand opening of his hotel. He turns that into a campaign appearance of sorts, too.  What’s wrong with that?  Again, this is what it looks like when somebody from the outside is challenging.  In fact, Dana Bash, CNN, asked Trump about this.  She interviewed him at the grand opening of Trump International Hotel, and she said to him, “So, to people who say you’re taking time out of swing states to go do this at your hotel, what do you say?” 

And Trump said, “I say the following:  You’ve been covering me for a long time.  I did yesterday eight stops, three major speeches, and I’ve been doing this for weeks straight.  For you to ask me that question is actually very insulting because Hillary Clinton does one stop then goes home and sleeps.  I think it’s a very rude question, to be honest with you.”  And then they reply, they report that Trump was very defensive, very, very defensive. 

Something else, by the way.  Been meaning to mention this all day, and it slipped my mind, but this just jogged my memory.  This Megyn Kelly-Newt Gingrich dustup.  I mentioned today at the opening of the program, CNN spent 20 minutes on what happened on the Megyn Kelly show on Fox last night.  CNN spent 20 minutes, they gave their competitor 20 minutes of their time.  I’ve never heard of that. 

Now, I know that the lines of demarcation are different than they used to be back in the old days.  But I’m a dinosaur when it comes to that stuff.  The competition to me doesn’t exist and you don’t talk about ’em one way or the other.  You don’t build ’em up, you just don’t mention ’em.  That’s the way I learned, that’s the way I was taught, and that’s what my instincts are.  CNN, 20 minutes.  And you know why they did?  Because in their opinion, Megyn Kelly made Newt look silly and therefore made Trump look silly, so CNN said, “We don’t care if we’re ending up promoting our competitor.  The bottom line is we want to smack Trump, and Trump got smacked last night, and we’re happy to show it.” 

And then another thought hit me.  It’s not a new thought.  It’s something that really bugs me and irritates me, and that is that people in the media consider themselves above criticism.  

Trump Tells CNN’s Dana Bash She Asked an Insulting Question, CNN Says He’s Defensive

RUSH: Here’s Dana Bash telling Trump and everyone else, “Man, oh, Donald Trump was really defensive when I asked him why he showed up at his hotel.”  You want to talk about defensive, criticize somebody in the media.  You want to talk about childish immaturity and defensiveness?  These people, you’re not entitled to criticize them.  Why, they’re journalists.  They’re just the messengers. 

“You must be having anger issues if you criticize me.  You can’t criticize me.  Who do you think you are?”  They think they’re above all of that.  It’s one of the many things about that profession that’s always irritated me is they carve out these special places for themselves, and they are experts in dishing it out, but, boy, you turn it around on them and they can’t take it, and furthermore they don’t think they should have to take it, and they’re gonna punish you for daring to criticize them.  Yet they can sit there and try to destroy you day in and day out.   

“Trump gets defensive when asked why he took time off from the campaign to open his hotel.”  It just goes to show that you cannot count on the media seeing things your way.  Even if they do, they won’t report it.  Rather than see Trump working hard and combining all kinds of… You know, I’ll tell you what my takeaway is on all of this, frankly. I don’t know how many of you stopped to think of this: How many Republicans do you know who would have caved in to all this pressure and criticism by now? 

They’d have just said, “To hell with this! I don’t need this,” and they would have changed their campaign and do whatever necessary to stop the criticism.  Trump has not.  He has not given up.  He has not the one moment acted like he believes any of these polls.  In the process, he’s not permitted his supporters to give up.  He’s kept his supporters engaged and enthused.  Some of them may be nervous because of the polls. 

But Trump is not acting like he’s bothered by it.  He’s continuing to do all these appearances.  He’s scheduling more of them.  He squeezes in the grand opening of his hotel because it allows him to say (summarized): “It came in under budget and on time and early, and this is the kind of efficiency our country needs and our government needs.”  I guess that’s the difference in being a natural pessimist and a natural optimist.  

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