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“Hillary Clinton’s incompetent. Hillary Clinton does not know what she’s doing on anything. Hillary Clinton wouldn’t be where she is if her name wasn’t Clinton. She doesn’t have any stand-alone achievements, standout achievements and accomplishments that in any way recommend her to the presidency.”

“Greetings, my friends. It is the all-knowing, the all-caring, the all-sensing, the all-feeling, the all everything and all everywhere Maha Rushie once again behind the Golden EIB Microphone.” 

“It doesn’t matter who the Republicans would have nominated. They were gonna get the treatment Trump’s getting.”

“It’s a different age, it’s a different media era, and we all can conclude here that maybe everybody involved media-wise is on the same side now, pulling no punches, make no bones about it, particularly when the objective here is to take Trump out, to destroy Trump.”

“The media is one rather than a series of different entities that are competing against each other.”

“I’m not one of these bleeders. I don’t tattle out of school. I don’t give out little tidbits of information. I am an upstanding guy and I respect confidences.” 

“It is as I predicted, that as we near the election, the polls will tighten to more accurately reflect reality, because up ’til now, the polls are simply a tool, a weapon to shape public opinion.” 

“Whether Obamacare is designed to fail to facilitate single payer and national health care, or whether it’s just plain old incompetence and out-of-touch inability to know what happens in markets, the bottom line is these people do not knowing what they are doing.”

“Do you realize if journalism today was as it was back in the 1970s, we wouldn’t need WikiLeaks? We had Woodward and Bernstein who did, back in the 70s when Nixon was the target, exactly what WikiLeaks is doing today.” 

“Aside from a couple people at the RNC, just what has the Republican Party done for Trump? Seeing this as an observer from afar here, how many Republicans are out there claiming they’re voting Hillary? How many Republicans are saying there’s no way no matter what, no how that they can vote for Trump?” 

“We are never gonna escape — this kind of media assault based on who we nominate. I say this because a lot of you Never Trumpers are out there claiming that this is exactly what you get when you nominate a guy like Trump. No, it’s exactly what you get when you nominate a Republican. Whenever there is any opposition to the Democrats, this is what they do.”

“Obamacare is everything that we are up against. It is proof positive of the guaranteed implosion of this country and our economy and failure of the Clinton administration if she wins. Obamacare encapsulates all of it.” 

“The establishment wants low-skill workers here. Republicans want ’em here because cheap labor; the Democrats want ’em here for voter registration.” 

“Democrats don’t have any expertise in anything that happens in the economy, because they have never worked there. They are always in academia or government. They are always sitting on the outside of all the action, looking at it and criticizing everybody doing it claiming they know how to do it better, when they’re never done it.” 

“Barack Obama doesn’t know the first thing about how hospitals operate, how doctors operate, how trauma centers operate. He doesn’t know the first thing about the medical device business. He doesn’t know the first thing about anything. He’s never worked in it. He didn’t go to school to learn anything about it. Neither did Hillary Clinton. And yet we’re told that these are the two most qualified people ever to make all of these plans and set up all of these arrangements for us.”

“The Drive-By Media in no way wants to hold the state, people in government, accountable for anything. The only enemy in America today is the Republican Party and the conservative movement, and that’s it. That’s the sole focus.”

“The only thing Hillary Clinton has got is she was a first lady who was given a bunch of power in exchange for her keeping quiet about her husband’s sexual-predator behavior.” 

“The woman on the ballot for the Democrat side is just as guilty because when her husband was engaged in this kind of predation and disrespectful treatment of women, she enabled it. She made it happen. She made it possible for him to continue doing this.”  

“I left TV because I couldn’t handle everybody telling me what I should have done after they watched me on TV. I said, ‘You’re not even watching what I think I’m doing, so I’m out.'” 

“It’s not real until I comment on it.”

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