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RUSH: The things that are substantive today to focus on, I must tell you that this Obamacare story is it.  It’s everything that we are up against.  It is proof positive of the guaranteed implosion of this country and our economy and failure of the Clinton administration if she wins.  Obamacare encapsulates all of it. 

The abject lies to get it passed, the lies after it began to fail, and now the undeniable, out-of-control cost increases.  And you want to know how these are being dealt with?  Democrats left and right say, “It’s a bump in the road, okay? So there’s some premium increases.  It was never gonna be smooth as silk.”  Oh, no!  You people don’t get to get away with that.  You promised everybody $2,500-a-year premium reductions.  You promised everybody the moon here. 

You told them if they liked their doctor and plan they could keep it.  You promised everybody… A lot of people thought you were promising ’em free health care, or free insurance.  You promised a lot of things, and you led people to believe a bunch of things that were never gonna happen. So now the bumps in the road?  And look, let’s make another acknowledgment here.  There are even some people who are coming forth and saying, “Rush, you’re not quite right. 

“The Obamacare plan was not designed purposely to fail, to get to single payer.  These people, Obama and Jon Gruber and whoever else, they actually thought this would work.  That’s what everybody’s missing, Rush.  They actually thought command-and-control health care and market economies by a bunch of theoreticians from the faculty lounge would actually work, and they’re as shocked as anybody that it isn’t working.” 

There is that prevailing view.  I don’t care which.  Whether this is designed to fail to facilitate single payer and national health care, or whether it’s just plain old incompetence and out-of-touch inability to know what happens in markets, the bottom line is these people do not knowing what they are doing.  The Democrat Party that thinks they can run every aspect of your life, from your health care to whatever it is you drive and eat and drink and where you go to school and what you learn, there is no evidence they can do better for you than you can do for yourself.  And there never has been. 

They don’t have any expertise in anything that happens in the economy, because they have never worked there.  They are always in academia or government.  They are always sitting on the outside of all the action, looking at it and criticizing everybody doing it claiming they know how to do it better, when they’re never done it.  Barack Obama doesn’t know the first thing about how hospitals operate, how doctors operate, how trauma centers operate.  He doesn’t know the first thing about the medical device business. 

He doesn’t know the first thing about anything.  He’s never worked in it.  He didn’t go to school to learn anything about it.  Neither did Hillary Clinton.  And yet we’re told that these are the two most qualified people ever to make all of these plans and set up all of these arrangements for us.  Why?  Because they care more than anybody else and they’ve worked their entire lives caring.  Well, I’m sorry; they don’t know diddly-squat, and it’s right in front of us. 

The other thing that’s right in front of us is this WikiLeaks business.  Do you realize if journalism today was as it was back in the 1970s, we wouldn’t need WikiLeaks?  We had Woodward and Bernstein who did, back in the 70s when Nixon was the target, exactly what WikiLeaks is doing today.  But the thing that’s changed is that Woodward and Bernstein did not consider themselves defenders and protectors of the state. 

Woodward and Bernstein thought they were there to blow up the state.  They were there to prove everybody in the state was a lying SOB, and that’s because Nixon ran the state.  Today, the Drive-By Media in no way wants to hold the state, people in government, accountable for anything.  The only enemy in America today is the Republican Party and the conservative movement, and that’s it.  That’s the sole focus. 

You will not find Republican or conservative fingerprints on anything that is going wrong in this country today.  You will not find their fingerprints on Obamacare.  You will not find their fingerprints on this disastrous economy.  Well, I take that back.  You know, that’s not actually true.  There have been a lot of Republicans that voted for all the spending, I must admit, because they didn’t want to oppose Obama for reasons that you and I all understand.  They’re afraid of being called racists if they did. 

The point is, every bit of information anybody would need to run as fast as they can away from the Democrat Party is out there.  Now you move over to this email scandal and what WikiLeaks continues to release and what’s out there to know, and that is Obama lied through his teeth when he said he didn’t know that Hillary was using a private server.  And we know that everybody working for Hillary and Obama knew that he was lying, because the latest dump of documents and emails from WikiLeaks indicate that the whole modus operandi was, quote, “to get away with it,” unquote, from the White House on down. 

The express purpose of why Obama was lying, and there were people at the Hillary camp who knew he was lying.  People on the Obama side knew he was lying, worried about it, trying to find ways to protect both of them.  We’re dealing with genuine full-fledged corruption and sleaze, and it’s out there for everybody to see. 

The question is, how many people are seeing it? I happen to think a lot of people are because I don’t think the Drive-By Media is succeeding at suppressing all of this.  They are keeping it off of ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and the New York Times, admittedly so.  But there are so many other outlets that are vomiting this stuff out there each and every day.  We’ll see.  We’re not that far away from learning.  


RUSH: Now, about these emails in the WikiLeaks continual dump here, we now know, folks, that in just 10 days, just 10 days after Cheryl Mills said they would have to clean up what Obama says, Obama’s out there saying that he found out about Hillary’s private server like everybody else did. (imitating Obama) “I found out about it when I reading the news.”  And Cheryl Mills and everybody, “Oh, no, no, no, no,” because they knew he was communicating with her on her private server using a pseudonym, a fake name. 

So everybody knew he had lied.  So they panicked.  And the WikiLeaks dumps show us that just 10 days after Cheryl Mills said they would have to clean up what Obama said, in other words, find a way around his lie, Obama reversed three decades of White House policy when he ended Freedom of Information access to White House correspondents, including emails.  The White House had been honoring Freedom of Information Act requests for 30 years, but Obama ended it 10 days after it was fairly confident he had lied about not knowing Hillary was using a private server. 

We have an email exchange between a top Hillary aide and Podesta from the day of the New York Times revelation of Hillary’s email server in March of 2015.  And in this exchange they are wondering why Hillary didn’t come forward sooner about her secret server.  And the aide, a woman by the name of Neera Tanden answered her own question.  She’s asking the question:  “Why didn’t Hillary come forward sooner about all of this?”  Answered her own question by saying, “They wanted to get away with it.” 

Let me translate what I just said.  Some of this gets in the weeds.  There’s an email exchange between the Clinton aide and Podesta.  And the subject is:  Why did Hillary go so long and not admit this?  And the answer from a Hillary aide is because they wanted to get away with it.  Bill and Hillary, the Clinton camp, wanted to get away with breaking the law.  They wanted to get away with having a private server outside the State Department.  Ladies and gentlemen, that is the entire historical summation of the Clintons since we have first heard of them in the late eighties.  They wanted to get away with it.


RUSH:  You know what the left-wing spin is on the Obamacare story?  It’s not a big deal ’cause it doesn’t affect that many people, the 25, 30, 80% premium increase is not a big deal.  Most people get their health care at work.  It isn’t gonna affect ’em.  That’s their spin and they’re gonna stick with it.  Mr. Snerdley, tells me not a single call from anybody asking to hear Megyn Kelly and Newt Gingrich mix it up.  Still no calls on that?  My instincts right on the money again.


RUSH:  I checked the email during that obscene profit break we just had.  “Mr. Limbaugh, Mr. Limbaugh, what does it matter when Obama canceled Freedom of Information Act requests?”  What does it matter?  Actually, I’m glad you asked.  I should have explained this when I made the observation. 

Obama had to end Freedom of Information Act access to presidential communications.  If he hadn’t done that, there were only two ways to keep the Obama and Clinton emails buried.  Remember, now, Obama lied to the nation about a lot of things, but this particularly when he said he didn’t know she was using a private server until he found out like every one of us did, on the news.  But it’s an out-and-out lie because he was using it. 

He knew she had a private server.  He was using a pseudonym so that he wouldn’t be discovered, and it was a way around sending classified information, ostensibly.  So if they want to keep that secret, there’s only two ways to have done it.  They would have had to designate every email between Obama and Hillary as classified, and that would have been a confession that not only Hillary, but Obama himself had been unlawfully transmitting classified information over a non-secure system, which everybody even now is denying happened. 

So they couldn’t do that.  That would have been admitting they were guilty, and Comey would have had no choice.  There would have been intent out the wazoo.  The second thing they could have done was to invoke executive privilege, and they weren’t gonna do that ’cause that’s what Nixon did.  That’s what Nixon did in Watergate to try to bury incriminating evidence there. 

And as we learned in the Supreme Court’s Nixon ruling, the invocation of executive privilege cannot shield evidence relevant to a grand jury investigation or criminal trial.  That again is why Obama’s DOJ never opened a grand jury investigation and had no intention of turning this into a criminal case because there was no way to shield the evidence.  Nixon tried and got blown up. 

So he had to end Freedom of Information Act access for the first time in 30 years, and it didn’t raise any red flag anywhere.  And the whole purpose of it was to not get caught.  In fact, there’s a great piece here today that runs at TheFederalist.com by Timm Amundson.  Is the headline:  “If The Media Investigated Hillary Like They Did Watergate, We Wouldn’t Need WikiLeaks.” All in due course.  


RUSH:  You want to hear something that is just mind-boggling, but is just perfect as an illustration of how convoluted things are? This is Chris Cillizza, our old buddy Chris Cillizza at the Washington Post.  Chris Cillizza is our old buddy. He’s a nice guy. I occasionally have email exchanges back and forth with him where he will ask me for the conservative interpretation of something when he’s not sure of it himself, and I don’t think he’s ever taken me out of context or misquoted me like most of them have. 

He’s got a piece today, and the headline… (laughing) This is just incredible in what it admits.  “In an Alternate Universe, This Obamacare News Is Absolutely Devastating for Hillary Clinton,” and it is.  Folks, what is happening to Obamacare in any other campaign, you combine what’s happening to Obamacare with the state of the economy, and the party in power would be history. The polls would show it, it wouldn’t even be close, and the party in power would be scared to death how many House and Senate seats it was gonna lose. 

It’s that bad. 

The economy itself: 94 million Americans plus not working. Unemployment rate not 5%, not 5.2.  It’s more like 16 to 20%.  And if you go into certain demographics, it’s even higher than that.  The jobs created are part time, mostly.  Millennial college education circumstances, student loans are astronomical.  The prospect of paying them back before you can start to acquire your own personal wealth is so far down the road in the future you can’t see it. 

There isn’t any legitimate reason for optimism unless you’re a hedge funder or somebody with connections on Wall Street where the Federal Reserve has been printing and pumping money for you.  But it’s bad.  And Obamacare… With what was promised and as important as health care and insurance are? The Democrat Party has made health insurance… You remember how they’ve sold it.  Remember all these people they would parade in front of us and tell us that they’re one paycheck away…? No.  Sorry.

They’re one disease away from bankruptcy. They’re one trip to the emergency room away from bankruptcy. Remember all that?  And they have convinced people… Harris Wofford, who ran for the Senate in Pennsylvania back in 1990 some odd, was the guy who started this whole health care entitlement notion. Well, it actually started in the sixties when they wanted all this Medicare stuff. But he, in the modern era, popularized it by saying, “If the Constitution guarantees everybody a lawyer, whether they can afford one or not, then it by God ought to insure provide ’em health insurance as well.”

The Democrats glommed on to that, made it a quasi-constitutional, moral constitutional right.  And they created in the minds of people this entitlement. And then the way they managed the health care system anyway caused prices to skyrocket way out of proportion with people’s ability to pay so that the only hope anybody had for catastrophic injury was health insurance. You know how it all fell out.  I mean, health care is something that you can’t afford.  Catastrophic, you can’t even contemplate affording it — and this has all been done by the people who claim they’re the experts in fixing it and structuring it. 

I mean, it’s devastating!  What they have done to the American health care system should disqualify the Democrat Party for a generation, and it would have in any other year, if it weren’t for the fact that the president of this party happens to be African-American and therefore immune to any critical analysis.  And if other events had not coalesced at a moment in time where the Drive-By Media said to themselves, “Whatever is necessary to defeat Republicans, we will do. Even if it means selling out the American people and insuring that their economy sucks and that their health care system sucks, we will do whatever it takes!”  And so that’s where we are.  And Cillizza knows it, this guy, he knows it.

“The news broke Monday: The costs of insurance premiums for those in the nationally run Obamacare exchange would soar 25% on average in 2017 even as the number of plans to choose from would shrink drastically. … This would be big news at any point in this election: The signature achievement of the outgoing Democratic president appears to be fulfilling many of the doom-and-gloom predictions Republicans made when the law passed. Costs are rising for many. Major insurers — like Aetna — are dropping out. And the law, which has never been terribly popular, isn’t faring any better in most credible polling these days. For Clinton…”

This is where it gets interesting.  Look at me.  Listen to this: “For Clinton, who has latched herself to President Obama throughout both the primary and general election, this should be a very bad development. Very bad. If you wanted to make the case that Clinton represents an extension of the bad part of the Obama presidency, this is a gift of epic proportions. EPIC. Here’s the problem: Donald Trump is the Republican presidential nominee.” Wait a minute.  How does that change any of the facts about Obamacare?

What does it matter who the nominee is? 

Why does Trump being the nominee change everything Cillizza just wrote?  It doesn’t change one fact.  For that matter, how does Trump being the nominee change any of the facts revealed in the WikiLeaks emails (which the Drive-Bys are also refusing to cover)?  Cillizza then continues: “He has spent the last few weeks dealing with allegations of sexual harassment from 11 women and a hot mic tape in which he made a series of lewd comments about women. That’s not to mention his a) attacks on fellow Republicans as insufficiently loyal to him, b) insistence that the entire process is rigged, and c) description of Clinton in the final debate as ‘such a nasty woman.'”

So Trump doing all that cancels out the facts of the absolute disaster that is Obamacare.  What does any of that, Trump’s lewd comments about women, the hot mic tape, Republicans insufficient, what does that have to do with Obamacare and the facts of its disastrous implementation?  What does that have to do with it?  What does any of this have to do with the reality that Obamacare premiums are going through the roof? 

Is Cillizza saying that Trump defending himself from scurrilous sex allegations is keeping the media from covering this?  Whose fault is that?  Or is he saying, “Well, I don’t care how bad this Obamacare stuff is.  The fact that Trump is the nominee means we gotta to put up with how bad Obamacare is because Trump’s actually horrible.”  Is that what he’s saying? 

“Trump, through those and any number of other self-inflicted wounds, has made the election a referendum on him.”  Is that what happened?  I think it’s the fact that the Drive-By Media and the Hillary campaign have made this election a referendum on Trump.  And that was the plan from the get-go.  The plan from the get-go was to say Trump is unfit, Trump is unsuited, Trump is unqualified. 

Hillary’s never wanted to talk about the issues.  Hillary’s never asked to explain any of this. Hillary gets away with saying that she wants to improve and expand health care.  Grab sound bite number 24.  Yesterday in Hollywood, Florida, she was on the radio.  Notice I’m not telling you what station, ’cause I don’t know if it’s mine.  That’s just me.  But she was on the radio in south Florida.  Might be my station, in which case I’m missing a chance to plug ’em but I’m not gonna take the chance ’cause I don’t know.  Sorry.  That’s just me.  Anyway, this is what she said.  She was being asked about Obamacare and the mess that it is.  Here’s her answer.

HILLARY:  We’re going to make changes to fix problems like that.  The president and I have talked about it, and so, look, this is a major step forward.  Twenty million people.  And actually I’m sure you know this, predominantly working people, African-American, Latino people now have access to insurance, but the costs have gone up too much.  So we’re gonna really tackle that.

RUSH:  Oh, yeah.  She is admitting, yeah, we don’t know what we’re doing, and we’ve really screwed it up, and the people of color in this country, they’re the ones that really need insurance, but they can’t afford it, I talked to Obama about it, and we’re gonna fix it. 

Right.  We’re gonna hand over the keys to the people who don’t know how to design the car.  We’re gonna hand over the keys to people that have demonstrated they don’t know what they’re doing.  Oh, yeah, I talked to Obama about it.  We’re gonna make sure that African-Americans and Latinos, poor people of color who, by the way, are still poor after voting for us for 50 years, we’re gonna make sure they can’t afford it next year either ’cause that’s gonna be the result.

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