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RUSH: Yesterday we had a little treat for you.  We had election night coverage 1980 from NBC — John Chancellor, Tom Brokaw, Judy Woodruff and David Brinkley.  We’ve dug deeper, and we got Bill Moyers from 1980.  He was on CBS.  He was doing commentary on The CBS Evening News with Walter “Klondike” back then, and he was part of their special election night coverage.  The interesting thing about this is it’s 1980.  What is that, 36 years ago?  Is that right?  Yeah, 36 years ago. 

I want you to hear how the characterization of the Republicans has not changed.  Listen to Bill Moyers and how he’s describing Ronald Reagan 36 years ago.

MOYERS:  “Those of you who might speak Spanish, who might be black, who might be women, remember,” said Carter, “who’s been your friend.”  And there under the California sun in San Diego at a shopping center, Ronald Reagan was delivering himself of one of those patriotic soliloquies at which he’s been a master since his days at Eureka College.  Suddenly hecklers in the crowd started shouting and waving their ERA signs.  Reagan took his cue and snapped back, “Aw, shut up!” 

And thousands of supporters roared their approval.  Those are the people for whom Ronald Reagan is the apostle of the rollback, the knight who promises finally to slay the dragon of liberal government.  Jimmy Carter won four years ago as an outsider, and, if he wins at all tonight, it must be as an insider defending the status quo.  Reagan has cast himself as a sheriff who comes riding into town at just in the nick of time shouting, “Enough’s enough.”

RUSH:  Does it sound like anything has changed in the way these people see the world?  Not an iota.  Not an iota!  And this guy still has a fledgling — or does he still?  Does he still have a show PBS, or does he do specials now and then to call people racists and sexists?  I mean, 36 years, not a single variation, not a single difference in the way they characterize Republicans.  Folks, this is why I always make the point: It doesn’t matter who the Republicans would have nominated, they were gonna get the treatment Trump’s getting. 

It wouldn’t have mattered.  You could nominate… They would go out of their way to find ways to destroy Jesus Christ if he could be nominated as a Republican.  The Democrats would do everything they could, include calling him a liar, the Bible a fake book, whatever it took.  They would scour the historical record looking for children he had fathered, anything they could do to disapprove the gospel to discredit Jesus.  That’s who they are; that’s what they would do. 

It doesn’t matter.  My point is, you’re never gonna escape — we are never gonna escape — this kind of media assault based on who we nominate.  I say this because a lot of you Never Trumpers are out there claiming that this is exactly what you get when you nominate a guy like Trump.  No, it’s exactly what you get when you nominate a Republican.  Whenever there is any opposition to the Democrats, this is what they do.  It doesn’t matter.  They’re gonna do it. They did it to Romney…

I’ve made this point ’til I blue in the face.  They turned Romney, who is mild-mannered Mr. Gosh, Can’t Even Get Noticed into the biggest walking Satan, El Diablo politics had ever seen at that time, and they made it stick.  So this is why I think Trump has so many people supporting him. He’s fighting back against it when most Republicans haven’t and don’t.  So I just wanted to let you hear that and see how familiar it all sounds.  Also yesterday on this program… (interruption) Moyers is gone? (interruption) His last show?  He doesn’t do specials or anything anymore? 

Surely, PBS when they need to call somebody racist or sexist they’ll call him and up say, “Here, we got an hour for you. You want to come on and name whoever you hate now racist and sexist?  We got an hour here at PBS for you.”  It’s what they do.  

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