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RUSH: Gretchen in Buffalo as we go back to the phones.  Nice to have you with us, Gretchen.  Hi.

CALLER:  Hi, Rush.  It’s a pleasure to talk with you today.

RUSH:  Thank you very much.

CALLER:  I’m a big woman’s advocate and a big promoter of women’s rights and I was watching Elizabeth Warren and the women cheering her on and I was puzzled by it ’cause I was looking at them saying, “Why aren’t you directing that toward Hillary sitting next to you?”  Because Hillary Clinton, in my mind, is an enabler to a man who has been proven to abuse women. 

So she has enabled him and she had an opportunity — she’s smart — she had an opportunity to walk millions of women that are currently in abusive relationships and to walk them out and show them hope and the light, but she chose not to do it.  So I’m just totally puzzled why people aren’t outraged, who are people that advocate for women aren’t outraged —

RUSH:  Gretchen, I think the honest answer to your question is rooted in how our education system all the way through college has been so changed because it requires critical thinking for you to conclude what you concluded.  You have to be able to see Elizabeth Warren attacking Trump for calling Hillary nasty, then you have to be able to think, “Wait a minute.  Hillary Clinton married to somebody that raped somebody and abused other women and then Hillary came out, came to destroy those other women.” 

If you can’t think that way, then you’re not even gonna reach the point of being outraged.  If all you have been raised to be is a sponge to soak up and absorb whatever the media shows you and react to that, which is where we are with a whole lot of Americans.  Critical thinking, by design, is not being taught, it is not being encouraged, people instead are being indoctrinated.

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