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RUSH: Mike in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  Great to have you with us, sir.  Hi.

CALLER:  Hello, Rush.  Thank you for taking my call.  It’s quite an honor.  I have a question for you, but I’d like to give just a tiny bit of background first, if that’s okay.

RUSH:  Sure.

CALLER:  It’s all relevant.  I’m a longtime student of yours.  Thank you for all the insight and the wisdom over the years.

RUSH:  Thank you, sir.

CALLER:  As a well-informed voter I am absolutely terrified at the prospect of Hillary Clinton winning the election.  And, as such, I use that terror — I am a get-out-the-vote volunteer.  And I do a fair job of that.  I talk to people and get undecided voters to vote for Trump.  I’ve even gotten a couple of Democrats to vote for Trump.  I turned ’em into Trumpocrats.

RUSH:  Very cool.

CALLER:  It’s surprisingly easy.  All you have to do is a little bit of insight and information.  It’s amazing how many people do not know about the scandals, the Clinton scandals and so forth.  For example, the uranium scandal with the Russians where Hillary gave away 20% of the production of uranium in the United States away to the Russians, okay, as an example.  Nobody knows about that.  When I let them know about this, they convert rather easy.  Okay?

RUSH:  That is one of the many scandals that was produced by the book Clinton Cash, by Peter Schweizer.  And, by the way, these WikiLeaks dumps are documenting practically everything Schweizer wrote.  Everything in Schweizer’s book — we didn’t need it documented, we knew it was true.  That book nails the Clintons.  But you’re right, the Drive-Bys are not reporting it.  They don’t have him on as a guest to explain it.  They ignore it or try to ridicule it.


RUSH: Here’s Ken in Lake County, California, on Open Line Friday.  You’re next, sir.  Hello.

CALLER:  Hey, Limbaugh, how you doing?

RUSH:  I’m just fine.  Thank you very much.

CALLER:  Oh, that’s Snerdley’s a great guy. I love this Open Line Friday format, Rush.  Last time I think we talked I was on the tarmac with Jeffrey Epstein.

RUSH:  (laughing) Last time we talked you were on the tarmac with Jeffrey Epstein.

CALLER:  Yeah, I did Bill Clinton back there.  Let me get to my point.  I’m sorry.  Don’t believe the polls.  Trump’s going to win and here’s why.  He did something Romney and McCain couldn’t do.  He has shored up the single issue voter base.  The conservative base is all Trump.  The evangelicals, they didn’t turn on him.  The pro-life people, when he said he’s going to nominate pro-life judges, they’re on the bandwagon.  The immigration, the wall, gets the drugs out and the bad hombres, they’re all over him.  And military, peace through strength and take care of our vets, Trump has shored up that conservative base.  And, number five, he’s going against the most despised, the most hated person ever to seek office in the United States.

RUSH:  Well, some think that’s Trump, some in the establishment. You mean Hillary, obviously.

CALLER:  Definitely Hillary, and her negatives are too high.

RUSH:  That’s true, her negatives are higher than any Democrat who has ever been elected, ever run.  But let me ask you —

CALLER:  Right.

RUSH:  — a question based on year theory that the base has come together and been unified, because it’s a good way of looking at it.  You think he’s wrapped up the pro-lifers, the evangelicals, he’s got the Second Amendment crowd, he’s got the basic ideological conservatives you think wrapped up, he’s got the military.  When I talked to Mitt Romney and when I talked to Marco Rubio, Rubio late last year, Romney back in 2012, they both told me, and Rand Paul, three different Republicans told me, Ken —

CALLER:  Yeah.

RUSH:  — that the Republican Party cannot win the White House anymore with just conservative and Republican votes.

CALLER:  That’s what’s gonna get them elected.

RUSH:  There aren’t enough of them.  Those three guys told me, Romney, Rand Paul, and Marco Rubio said there are not enough, we’re outnumbered, we can’t win this without picking up a bunch of independents.

CALLER:  Well, they stayed home on single issues for Romney and McCain, okay?  They’re not staying home.  They’re behind Trump, big time.  And Hillary ticked off a big voting bloc of Reagan Democrats. When she ticked off Catholics, she doesn’t know what she started there, ’cause in Illinois and Milwaukee, it’s a huge Catholic population, and if she loses Illinois right around Chicago, she ain’t gonna win anything.

RUSH:  Well, you’re the first I’ve heard say that she could lose Illinois.

CALLER:  Well, there’s a huge Catholic population —

RUSH:  Yeah, but look, for example, people of Catholic faith are not — you would expect them to be pretty unified on the pro-life side, but they’re not.  There are all kinds of choice Catholics.  So what is it about Hillary that’s causing Catholics to unite for Trump?

CALLER:  Because of what she said, the emails come out, the WikiLeaks, how they look at Christians, how they really singled out Catholics, and, you know, if they had access or the media reported what she said, she would be toast.  Did you see the debates, Rush?  The last two?

RUSH:  Yeah.

CALLER:  Okay.  Every time Trump hit a nerve, that he brought up, you know, the foundation or this and that —

RUSH:  Yes.

CALLER:  — she had no answer for.

RUSH:  That’s true.

CALLER:  She went into that phony, phony, thick smile on her face.  And, you know, I’m out here in California, I’m on my first glass of chardonnay, but I did do a double-take.  She looked like Alfred E. Neuman with a blonde wig.

RUSH:  She didn’t refute anything he said.

CALLER:  Right.

RUSH:  — about what’s in the WikiLeaks dumps.  She didn’t refute anything about her campaign being responsible for so much of the — like the women coming forward, plaguing him and —

CALLER:  Right.

RUSH:  — some of the other things, disrupting rallies that he’s had.  He accused her campaign of being behind it.  She didn’t say anything; she didn’t defend it —


RUSH:  — she didn’t try to reject it, just let it go.

CALLER:  No.  But the biggest point he made when he said you take money from these countries that throw gays off of buildings —

RUSH:  Yeah, he did.

CALLER:  — return the money.  Did she answer that?

RUSH:  No.  He reamed her on the foundation.

CALLER:  That was huge.  That was huge.  And now she wants to let in all these Syrians that are responsible for acts like what happened in Orlando.

RUSH:  And open borders.  She’s for open borders.  But she was talking about electricity.  You heard that, right? 

CALLER:  (laughing)  Yeah, right.

RUSH:  (laughing)  That’s right.

CALLER:  The Energizer is up in Chappaqua, electricity.

RUSH:  (laughing)

CALLER:  Hey, Rush, I gotta leave you, man, but I’m gonna say this, we had a huge loss the last month —

RUSH:  I like your confidence.  You think there’s a whole bunch of things going on that nobody’s reporting and thus nobody actually seeing that equals a whole bunch of support for Trump that’s building out there underneath the surface?

CALLER:  Oh, he’s gonna win. It ain’t gonna be a landslide, it’s gonna be close, but he will win by a substantial margin.  November 8th and 9th, the Democrats are gonna be in shock.

RUSH:  Well, they’re also gonna be on the protest march and burning things down if you’re right about this.  The bigger, the worse.  Bigger it is, the worse it’s gonna be.  And you’re gonna hear a bunch of stuck pigs start talking about rigged elections and fraudulent votes, all these people that want to appear holier-than-thou.  But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  Because, I’m telling you, all these polls, though — I mean, the ones that show Hillary up 10 to 12, 13 points — trying to be very careful. 

I don’t want to be responsible here for false optimism, but at the same time, I do want to tell you the way I see this, the way I react to it, I don’t see behavior and attitude commensurate with people who think it’s over and that they’re going to win big to the point that Trump’s gonna be humiliated.  But yet that’s what they’re saying is gonna happen.  The media people are acting this way.  I mean, people on CNN, all the guests, they’re all acting cocky as they can be, it’s over. 

But the campaign people are not.  And maybe that’s smart, maybe you never count your chickens before the egg’s hatched or whatever, and maybe that’s what they’re doing.  But as arrogant as these people naturally are, and as conceited as they naturally are, they have to work at suppressing their contempt for us and their arrogance.  Something — I don’t know.  I’m not seeing things that aren’t there.  Don’t misunderstand.  

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