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“It’s worse than I thought. We are surrounded, totally utterly surrounded by glittering jewels of colossal ignorance and absurdity. It’s breathtaking to behold all of this. No, I’m not talking about Trump. I’m talking about the lockstep that everybody in the media is in. It is stunning! They all might as well be robotic pods being programmed by somebody.” 

“You could go to Fox, CNN, PMSNBC. You could go anywhere and the reaction is identical. Is there not one human being in journalism today that has an independent thought about anything?”

“If it weren’t for the fact that she were married to Bill Clinton, nobody would know who Hillary Clinton is today. She wouldn’t be anything. And by that I mean she’s demonstrated nothing in her life that would overwhelmingly qualify her to be president.” 

“Trump is trying to wrest control of the country and the government from an elite cabal of establishment types who are trying desperately to hold on to it with everything they’ve got. It is a real fight. It is a real brawl. And Donald Trump got into it specifically knowing why and what he was doing.”

“Hillary’s answer on the Supreme Court question last night was absolutely disqualifying, if you ask me, since we’re talking about who’s qualified and who’s not.”    

“Trump’s political instincts just are not there. He didn’t realize what he had. It’s not that he blew it, it’s that, man, it could have been so much better and it could have been so much different. He had the chance to bury her last night by throwing her own words right back at her.”

“Hillary Clinton is wrong about practically everything she believes in. The woman is a walking policy disaster. We’re not allowed to say so because she’s a woman? Well, three cheers for feminism, then.”   

“I’m telling you, this question about accepting the results, thank goodness he kept to his instincts on that because that’s the reason he’s running. That is the reason for his campaign wrapped up in one question and answer.”

“I maintain to you, folks, that they are still paranoid and scared to death of Donald Trump in this campaign. This reaction that they’re all having to this is so out of proportion to what he said.  All he said was, ‘We’re gonna wait and see.’ It’s a commonsense answer to a question.”

“The Democrat Party does not want photo ID because it’s one of the greatest techniques to eliminate voter fraud they’ve devised, and they oppose it.”

“Who stands in the way of purging dead people from the voter rolls? The Democrat Party. Who is it that is, as we speak, finagling in certain American cities, looking for a way to register illegal aliens to vote? It’s the Democrat Party.”

“Donald Trump is running in opposition to everything establishment. He is opposing the rigged nature of the entire game, not just elections. The rigged nature of the economy, the rigged nature of this or that, he’s standing up to the establishment.”

“Is there not a single person in the Drive-By Media anywhere that hasn’t figured out who Trump is, what he does, and why he does it?”

“The Democrats are the ones caterwauling and whining and moaning about rigged elections every day. WikiLeaks, the Russians, Mrs. Clinton at the debate last night, dumping on the Russians for what? Trying to rig the election.” 

“The Department of Justice just announced that they’re gonna have a certain number of poll watchers on Election Day. Why? Why do we have to have election observers? If everything’s on the up and up and if there isn’t any cheating and if there isn’t any fraud, why do we need to have election observers?”

“Why in the world would Donald Trump or any Republican willingly throw away an opportunity to contest an election if evidence is forthcoming that’s indicative that something is awry? Why would he throw that option away? Nobody with a brain would.”

“This country’s not going in the right direction, and a majority of people believe that. Hillary Clinton’s not seen as a solution to anything.”

“Donald Trump, whose fingerprints are not on anything, is being treated as the single greatest destructive force that has ever threatened this country. Does anybody find that way, way, way out of proportion? I do.”

“These people trying to say that Trump promised to blow up the country if he loses. It’s not at all what he said. All he’s doing is reserving the right to call for an investigation if it looks like some cheating went on in a close election. Everybody understands that, and they purposely try to distort this. It’s unseemly.”

“I would wager that everybody acting so outraged over this knows full well that Donald Trump was not promising to blow up this country if he loses the election. He was not saying that at all. And for these people to try to characterize what he said in that fashion, they’re the ones that have explaining to do. Not Trump.” 

“The Democrat Party, the Hillary Clinton campaign has been trying to make it look like Trump supporters are unhinged, out of control, violent maniacs by buying and paying a bunch of maniacs to go in and provoke otherwise peaceful Trump supporters.”

“Hillary Clinton is a nasty woman. Why are you not allowed to say that about her? Just ’cause she’s a woman? What happened to feminism? I thought there weren’t any differences in men and women. So nasty guy we can say it and nobody would care a whit. Nasty woman, you can’t say that?

“I am tired of having artificial methods used to shut people up, to shut up legitimate opposition. We’re talking about the presidency of the United States here. This is not president of the student council. We’re talking about president of the United States. For crying out loud, there are going to be policy disagreements, and the fact that we’re not allowed to say so because she happens to be a woman?”

“I’ve never seen people looking so stressed and pressured in the midst of what we’re all told is a landslide victory. And the polls all say it’s gonna be landslide. Where’s the happiness? If Trump screwed up so bad last night, why don’t they laugh and celebrate? Why are they acting so offended?” 

“If I’m Putin I gotta be having the time of my life. I’m sitting there in the Kremlin smoking a cigar, having some vodka, and I’m watching the American Democrat Party give me credit for screwing them up.”

“For once these people are having to deal with the stuff they dish out and there are a lot of people celebrating that. There are a lot of people on Trump’s side applauding that. It’s worth it for that alone.”

“Anybody in their right mind knows that Donald Trump was not promising a civil war. He was not promising to blow up the country. He was not promising to not accept the results if he lost. And these people know it, folks. The people stirring this up know full well.”

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