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RUSH:  I maintain to you, folks, that they are still paranoid and scared to death of Donald Trump in this campaign.  This reaction that they’re all having to this is so out of proportion to what he said.  All he said was, “We’re gonna wait and see.”  It’s a commonsense answer to a question.  The Democrat Party fights every attempt to take the rigging out of elections. 

If you want to go photo ID to vote, who stands in the way of that?  The Democrat Party.  The Democrat Party does not want photo ID because it’s one of the greatest techniques to eliminate voter fraud they’ve devised, and they oppose it.  Who stands in the way of purging dead people from the voter rolls?  The Democrat Party.  Who is it that is, as we speak, finagling in certain American cities, looking for a way to register illegal aliens to vote?  It’s the Democrat Party. 

Donald Trump is running in opposition to everything establishment.  He is opposing the rigged nature of the entire game, not just elections.  The rigged nature of the economy, the rigged nature of this or that, he’s standing up to the establishment. He is advocating for fairness, equality, and so forth.  This is the same guy who refused at the first debate to sign the pledge to support the eventual nominee, said, “Why should I do that?”  Remember they all said, “Okay, that’s it.”  First debate, first question, Bret Baier. “That’s the end of Trump.” 

They were shocked when the polls came out and Trump was skyrocketing ahead of everybody.  They don’t learn.  They haven’t yet taken the time, or maybe they have and just ignore it, to understand — I’ve been trying to tell ’em, the connection that Trump’s supporters have with him and why. They continue to try to apply standard political behavior to somebody who’s never been in politics, and they’re blowing it sky-high, so out of proportion, it makes me curious.


RUSH: This is what is offensive to me about this over the top out of proportion reaction.  There isn’t anybody who really thinks Donald Trump doesn’t respect the traditions of America or American elections.  There isn’t a soul out there.  This is people trying to convince low-information voters and others who aren’t paying attention that Donald Trump is some alien from outer space who wants to blow up the greatest traditions of American elections and politics and so forth. 

Everybody that’s caterwauling about this knows full well Donald Trump does not intend to pollute and tamper.  What Donald Trump is trying to do is stop that kind of thing that everybody knows is going on.  Look at what Trump is up against.  We have now learned from the Project Veritas videos that a known felon and husband of a Democratic congresswoman from Illinois, a guy named Robert Creamer, we know that this guy has been buying, paying, orchestrating, arranging protests at Trump rallies, hiring and paying homeless people and others to wear provocative T-shirts to go into Trump rallies and provoke fisticuffs. 

The Democrat Party, the Hillary Clinton campaign has been trying to make it look like Trump supporters are unhinged, out of control, violent maniacs by buying and paying a bunch of maniacs to go in and provoke otherwise peaceful Trump supporters.  James O’Keefe has them admitting this on videotape.  The guy that runs the whole show, the husband of the Democrat congresswoman from Illinois, his name is Robert Creamer, has been at the White House 300-plus times and has met with Obama it’s either 42 or 47 times. 

Trump called them on this last night.  Trump actually, in answering, “Why are these women coming forward?”  “Why are you people trying to upset my rallies? Your campaign’s doing it.” He looked right at her, and she didn’t deny it, and it was the first time in my lifetime than any Republican has actually accused Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party of doing things they are doing. 

Normally the Republican Party announces that they’re taking impeachment off the table.  “We’re not going to impeach,” and then after they say that or even before they say that, they announce, Mitch McConnell announced going into this calendar year that they were not going to oppose any Obama policies.  You know why?  Because they didn’t want to cause problems for the eventual Republican nominee.  They didn’t want to make themselves look like the opposition party to the first African-American president. 

So you tell Obama, a guy who resents the limits the Constitution places on him to begin with, you tell him that we’re not gonna make any effort to keep you in check, we’re not gonna hold you to the Constitution, we’re not gonna use any remedy we have to keep you within the bounds of the law.  What’s he gonna do?  When you tell Obama, “We are not going to oppose any of your policies,” what is he gonna do?  Exactly what he’s been doing:  executive orders here, executive orders there, doing what he wants to do with his agencies and regulators outside of Congress, the Republican Party may as well not even exist in this calendar year. 

And Donald Trump’s supposed to play along. He’s supposed to answer a question in the debate last night, “Yes, I will happily accept whatever the result is.”  Well, the Democrats aren’t gonna happily accept whatever result, despite what they say.  You watch, if they lose this, there is gonna be such hell to pay.  And, meanwhile, they’re out caterwauling about the Russians cheating.  Trump has not said anything but he’s going to wait and see what happens. 

Why in the world would Donald Trump or any Republican willingly throw away an opportunity to contest an election if evidence is forthcoming that’s indicative that something is awry?  Why would he throw that option away?  Nobody with a brain would.  I’m just here to tell you that if Trump had answered the question the way all these caterwaulers think he should have, you know what the lead story today would be?  “Trump concedes defeat in final debate with Hillary Clinton.” 

“Donald Trump last night admitted that his chances are slim, and they’re so slim and so remote that he’s already accepted the likelihood of his defeat.”  That’s the story.  That’s what they wanted to write.  That’s what they would be writing.  Why should he give ’em that?  This is one time where his instincts served him very, very well.  All he said was, “Wait and see.  Wait and see.” 

And then there are two other things.  He referred to some Mexican criminals, some bad hombres out there.  Oh, they’re flying off the handle about that.  Oh, my God, this guy Trump is even worse than we thought.  Bad hombre.  And then he said Hillary’s a nasty woman.  She is a nasty woman.  Why are you not allowed to say that about her?  Just ’cause she’s a woman?  What happened to feminism?  I thought there weren’t any differences in men and women.  So nasty guy we can say it and nobody would care a whit.  Nasty woman, you can’t say that. 

She is a nasty woman!  The woman’s wrong about practically everything she believes in.  The woman is a walking policy disaster.  We’re not allowed to say so because she’s a woman?  Well, three cheers for feminism, then.  Ditto with Obama.  He’s a walking disaster.  We’re not allowed to say so because of his race.  And you bet, exactly right, we’re not supposed to, nor be allowed to criticize Hillary ’cause she’s a woman, not supposed to hit the woman, that’s sexism.  With Obama, it’s racism.

I am tired of having these artificial methods used to shut people up, to shut up legitimate opposition.  We’re talking about the presidency of the United States here.  This is not president of the student council or the school population.  We’re talking about president of the United States.  For crying out loud, there are going to be policy disagreements, and the fact that we’re not allowed to say so because she happens to be a woman? 

Look at what they can say about Romney, is a tax cheat, he hates animals, he doesn’t care about the wives of employees.  Look what they can say about George W. Bush, call him Hitler, all these things.  Trump calls Hillary nasty, oh, my God, instantly disqualifying, Trump’s a reprobate.  And then he said hombres, some bad hombres out there.  Well, there happen to be bad hombres out there, and she is a nasty woman.  Look at what has been uncovered in the WikiLeaks dumps.  The Secret Service agents assigned to her detail eventually asked off of it because she is rude, inconsiderate, mean, and lauds over them like they are nobodies and she’s a queen.  And we heard the same stuff about her when she was in the White House. The way she insulted uniformed Marines at the White House and Secret Service agent detail and throwing things in the White House at people. 

She is a nasty woman.  Why can’t this be said if it happens to be true?  What I resent is that so many on our side seemingly want to participate in these efforts to shut us up.  And so Trump doesn’t play ball.  So Trump now becomes the equivalent of the guy who made the video that supposedly caused all the havoc at Benghazi.  All of this is why Trump is running.  All of this is why Trump has support that cannot be separated from him.  All of this is why I think they’re still concerned. 

For people acting like Trump has already lost, and it’s in a landslide, and he doesn’t have a prayer, I’ve never seen so much angst.  I’ve never seen people looking so stressed and pressured in the midst of what we’re all told is a landslide victory.  And the polls all say it’s gonna be landslide.  Where’s the happiness?  If Trump screwed up so bad last night, why don’t they laugh and celebrate?  Why are they acting so offended? 

Ask yourself that.  If Trump really screwed up — which is what they want — if Trump really ended his chances last night, why aren’t they popping the champagne corks?  Why aren’t they throwing parties?  Why aren’t they making mock funerals and so forth, hammering fake nails into a fake coffin?  Why are they acting so damned offended and outraged?  Because a lesson must be learned to any of you who are not outsiders who try to challenge it, this is what will be done to you, too, ’cause none of this makes any common sense whatsoever within the bounds of human nature. 

Okay, you have a guy who’s running for president and wants to change everything you believe in and everything you know, wants to blow up your whole life ’cause you’re a member of the establishment, and it looks like he’s gonna get beat in the biggest landslide in American history. This guy may get beat worse than Goldwater.  Be happy.  Run around and even gloat, but smile and talk about how Trump blew it and make yourselves likable and charismatic, instead of running around like Trump has just made the biggest assault on life as it’s ever been known.

None of this makes any sense, if everything else we’re told is true.  I mean, Donald Trump, whose fingerprints are not on anything, is being treated as the single greatest destructive force that has ever threatened this country.  Does anybody find that way, way, way out of proportion?  I do.  And, meanwhile, it’s the Democrat Party and the Hillary Clinton campaign coordinating with the White House to sabotage this man’s campaign.  It’s on videotape, with them admitting it, admitting how they hire people, what they pay them, the instructions they give ’em, the T-shirts and clothing they are told to wear so that they will likely incite peaceful, otherwise peaceful Trump supporters. 

We have the WikiLeaks document dump, which tells us, all these John Podesta emails, what they really think of each other.  We have the FBI investigation of Mrs. Clinton and her lawless behavior with her server and classified documents and data, and we know that she got a pass.  She was exempted from the law when nobody else would be.  Why should Trump willingly throw away one of the arrows in his quiver?  ‘Cause, look, the die is cast.  We know how these people operate.  We know they stop, they try to stand in the way of any effort to clean up voting. 

They do everything they can to facilitate vote fraud.  The only natural thing is to be suspicious of it.  The unnatural, stupid thing would be to look the other way and deny what everybody knows, that they cheat and that they look for more opportunities to cheat, and they rig games.  And now to hear them whining and moaning about the Russians rigging an American election while they complain about Trump’s answer to a question last night?  Folks, something about this is way out of kilter in terms of them thinking they’ve got this election in the bag.  They’re just not acting that way.


RUSH:  So Trump’s in Ohio, and I’m told he’s on fire.  He said, “Hey, I will accept the election results if I win.”  But he then said, “I’m being asked to throw away and get rid of precedent that has existed in every election in this nation’s history, I’m being asked to throw away my right to challenge things when we don’t know what’s happened yet,” and he’s exactly right about this, folks. 

Anyway, I want to go to the phones because people want to get in on this themselves.  We’re gonna start in Brooklyn.  James, great to have you, sir.  Hi.

CALLER:  Thank you, Rush, it’s great to finally get to talk to you.  The thing I’m mad about the most is Fox News has been jamming Donald Trump down our throat for more than a year now.  All of a sudden last night they turn on him.  I’m watching Brit Hume now telling us, “Oh, this is the worst thing he coulda’ did was saying that.”  How can we sit here, like you said and I said earlier, if there’s discrepancies in the voting, we’re supposed to just walk away?  They’re trying to discourage us.  Everybody I’m talking to is saying the same thing.  We are not gonna be discouraged.  We’re going.  We’re going to the polls no matter what.  No matter what the polls say, we’re gonna vote no matter what.

RUSH:  Have you stopped to ask yourself why everybody — I don’t care; you mentioned Fox, if it’s true, it doesn’t matter where you go.  Literally everywhere, every TV network, every newspaper, every blog, website, you name it, the vast majority of people at every one of these places, “Oh, my God, did Trump blow it, oh, my God, Trump is just thrown away hundreds of years of American election tradition, oh, my God.”  What makes them all agree and say the same thing?  What makes them all purposely misinterpret what Trump said?

CALLER:  There’s two things about that.  One thing is, they’re afraid of terrorism, and if they come out, like I said, and say bad things about terrorists, they’re so full of themselves, they’ll think the terrorists will come after them.  You take an idiot like Bono and a jackass like Paul McCartney, they make a lot of money in this country.  They don’t bring their money back to Europe, they leave it here so they feel that they should have a say in our politics ’cause they pay taxes.

So they come out and they say stupid things.  I heard Paul McCartney rip George Bush saying what an idiot he is.  We don’t even know know Obama’s, what do you call, record in college because he had it sealed.  The thing that worries me most is what will happen the day after the election when we find out who wins, ’cause we’re not gonna find out that night.  What is Obama gonna do the day after that?  What executive order —

RUSH:  See?  See?  That is a legitimate thought for some people in this country to have.  Everything about that’s legitimate.  Other people are gonna characterize that “tinfoil hat conspiracy kookism.  I can’t believe it.”  


RUSH:  These people trying to say that Trump promised to blow up the country if he loses.  It’s not at all what he said.  All he’s doing is reserving the right to call for an investigation if it looks like some cheating went on in a close election.  Everybody understands that, and they purposely try to distort this.  It’s unseemly.

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