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Two Democrat party operatives have come out of the shadows. Not by choice. These henchmen made the news, thanks to undercover video by conservative activist James Okeefe’s group, Project Veritas.

Scott Foval was immediately fired from Americas United for Change. He served as their national field director. Foval was captured on video bragging that his group incited violence at Donald Trump rallies. Foval even admitted hiring mentally ill and homeless people to start trouble. But something else he admitted should be fully investigated by law enforcement.

Mr. Foval said the Democrat party has set up a “Pony Express” to keep Democrat operatives in touch with each other. Including those who work for super PACs and campaigns. That kind of coordination is against the law. Foval also bragged about the tactics used to bring Democrat voters from one state, to vote, illegally,  in other states. In other words: how to “rig” elections. Which is also against the law.

Video also caught Bob Creamer, convicted of sex evasion, sorry,  I mean tax evasion in 2005, giving advice to someone he believed was a donor. Who wanted to register illegal aliens to vote democrat. Creamer referred the “donor” to others who specialize in that activity.

For many decades, dead Democrat voters have voted. In Washington State, a Democrat governor was elected with more votes than there were voters.

Now do you see why Democrats fight voter-ID laws so hard? “Rigging” elections, is in their blood. And I said ‘sex evasion’ cause I well… if I said this, I would be accused of copying Trump. If you saw this, you’d understand it. 

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