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Clinton Bus Dumps Human Excrement

RUSH:  Georgia police investigating Clinton bus for dumping human waste.  You hear about this story?  You didn’t hear about the Clinton bus traveling around Georgia, it’s in Lawrenceville, Georgia, investigating whether a Hillary Clinton campaign bus illegally dumped human excrement in their town. 

“The incident occurred on Grayson Highway early Tuesday, while the vehicle promoting the Democratic presidential nominee was between campaign stops, CBS 46 News said. CBS 46 News reported that a Lawrenceville businessman took several photos of the Clinton campaign’s ‘Forward Together’ tour bus dumping waste into a storm drain. The man’s pictures showed liquid seeping out from underneath the Clinton bus.”

Are you mad at me for telling this story?  What are you doing in there?  I can’t believe that people who actually think that we are destroying the climate with pollution and stuff would do this in public.  I can’t believe they would do this in sunlight, daylight.  If they’re gonna do this do it under cover of darkness or at least, you know, put a Trump sign on the bus before you do it.  But they didn’t do that.  

John Kerry Cuts Off Assange’s Internet, But WikiLeaks Releases More Emails Anyway

RUSH: Ecuador has cut off Assange’s internet at our request.  Ecuador’s a bunch of commie pinkos, by the way.  Apparently what happened is that John Kerry, the haughty John Kerry who served in Vietnam, went to Ecuador and said (imitating Kerry), “Shut this guy down!  Shut Assange down!  This is crazy!”  Now, you know what’s funny about this?  The Drive-Bys are livid.  They think that once Ecuador terminates Assange’s internet connection, that ought to finish WikiLeaks. 

But WikiLeaks just dumped another 1,800 John Podesta emails.  Incredible, 1,800 more of these things.  They’re being examined and scoped even as we speak.  But the Drive-Bys — and I’m sure that John Kerry, I’m sure he thought that once Assange and the internet connection had been severed, that that would have been the end of it. 

Even Fox News, get this headline:  “How Is Wikileaks Publishing Files Even After Assange’s Internet Was Cut?” Are you kidding? (laughing) Do they really not know how this works?  Do they really think that only Julian Assange’s computer has the data on it?  Have you ever heard of backups?  Have you ever heard of mirrored servers?  Have you ever heard of contingency plans, accomplices? 

You think Assange is a one-man operation?  I’ll guarantee you that everything on Assange’s computer, whether it’s a computer or server, on his hard drive, whatever, the media he’s using, it has been replicated, copied, duped, backed up and encrypted with super encryption, and it’s in three or four different places so that if Assange is cut off, somebody else can. He can easily get signals out.  They probably have a timed release on this stuff anyway.  

Google’s Schmidt Working with Clinton and Obama

RUSH: The Drive-Bys can’t figure this out.  Even though Eric Schmidt — have you ever heard about Eric Schmidt?  This nerd that’s the CEO of Google has been working hand in hand with the Clinton campaign and with Obama.  I mean, they’ve been monkeying around with the search engine at Google.  I mean, folks, we are in the midst of one of the most unbalanced, unfair, whatever you want to call it, election cycles in my lifetime.  

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