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Well, someone pulled the plug. On Monday, Julian Assange, who’s holed up at Ecuador’s Embassy in London, had his internet access terminated.

Assange blamed a “state party,” meaning some government entity. Who could it be? Well, logically, it would be people upset with Assange’s latest WikiLeaks leaks which are hurtful to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Documents that that show Hillary’s deceit and duplicity.

On Tuesday morning, Wikileaks tweeted an allegation: that Secretary of State John Kerry pressured Ecuador to stop Assange from releasing any Hillary documents. Instant denial from State Department spokesperson John Kirby: “Any suggestion that Secretary Kerry or the State Department were involved in shutting down Wikileaks is false,” he said. “Reports that Secretary Kerry had conversations with Ecuadorian officials about this are simply untrue. Period.”

Within hours, Ecuador issued a statement. They insisted they don’t interfere in foreign elections. In restricting Assange’s internet access, Ecuador’s government was acting on its own, not bowing to foreign pressures.

But we’ve already seen how far the Obama administration is willing to go to protect Hillary Clinton. Like a secret meeting on an out-of-the-way tarmac between Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton. Like FBI director James Comey creating new law in order not to prosecute. Like State Department officials offering a “quid pro quo” � a bribe � to the FBI to “declassify” a Benghazi email on Hillary’s homebrew server.

So why believe the State Department now? Why believe the Regime now? There’s no reason to believe them. 

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