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RUSH: Cookie just sent me this.  This is from this afternoon’s Inside Politics, and they’re talking about voter fraud over on CNN.

KING:  I remember traveling the 2014 midterm campaign and this was largely because of talk radio, not so much amplified by the candidates. But, in this case, it’s on conservative talk radio and amplified by the candidates. In 2014 it was that ISIS was infecting illegal Mexican immigrants with Ebola. They were coming across the border and they were told to get on subways and buses and, you know, cough and spit at us. And when you travel the country a lot of people who made common sense on everything else would repeat this.  There’s no evidence that there is a wave of noncitizen illegal voting.

RUSH:  This is the first I have ever heard of this.  What did he say here, ISIS was infecting illegal Mexican immigrants with Ebola, and they were coming across the border and they were told to get on subways and buses and cough and spit at people?  Well, I don’t know where it comes from.  I haven’t the slightest idea.  What he’s trying to refute here, by using some crazy, wacko example, is that it’s silly thinking that illegal aliens are being registered to vote. That’s a cockamamie idea, and it’s coming from wacko conservative talk radio, and so he gives an example here of this ISIS infecting illegals and telling them to spit on people in the subway, which is news to me. 

Let’s see.  What do I have here?  Washington Examiner: “The number of illegals seeking asylum to gain easy access to the United States has jumped 900 percent in less than 10 years, greatly expanding the Immigration population receiving Social Security, school loans, green cards, welfare and other taxpayer funded services.” And you know where these numbers come from?  Not conservative talk radio, Mr. King.  From the US Citizenship and Immigration Services, a 900% increase in illegals seeking asylum. 

Now, as to illegals voting, there isn’t anybody with a brain in this country that doesn’t realize why the Democrat Party is so pro-illegal immigration and amnesty, and that is precisely because they want to register all of those newly arrived illegals as Democrat voters.  If anybody out there thinks the Democrat Party supports illegal immigration and sanctuary cities and all that stuff because they have big hearts and they are compassionate and they’re very much for equality, you need to get your mind right.  And this is true of the Republicans too, that support this.  They see massive numbers of new registered Democrats. 

Where was it, either the State of California or the City of San Francisco has already proposed allowing illegal aliens to register to vote. For these people at CNN to sit here and deny this is a purposeful, willing blindness.  For them to not have the slightest idea what this is really all about, to get caught up in thinking that this just shows that Democrats are so much more compassionate and has so many more feelings for the disadvantaged than these mean-spirited Republicans, and it’s not about that at all.  The Democrat Party — this is what I mean about how literally ignorant people in the media and in the establishment are. 

They’re literally ignorant.  They stare at it every day and they do not know that the Democrat Party, as it’s structured, the Democrat Party by design needs a permanent underclass.  They need many people who are unable to provide for themselves, and they need a constant supply of them.  They need people who are not able to rely on themselves.  They need people who, for whatever reason, don’t speak the language, are not well educated, those are prime Democrat supporters.  Because those are the people that are going to need government assistance to get by, and if you’re the Democrat Party and that’s what you’re known for, then it’s an automatic that they’re gonna vote for you.

Look at what the Citizenship and Immigration Services is admitting.  The number of illegals seeking asylum to gain easy access to the United States has jumped 900% in less than 10 years.  Now, they don’t say why, but look at what they add to this.  This “greatly expands the immigration population receiving Social Security, school loans –” we’re talking illegals here! “The number of illegals seeking asylum to gain easy access to the United States has jumped 900 percent in less than 10 years, greatly expanding the Immigration population receiving Social Security, school loans, green cards, welfare and other taxpayer funded services.”  What are we talking about here?  This is made to order for the Democrat Party. 

Look, in economies prior to Obama’s, the U.S. economy was always in flux, and over the years the U.S. economy was always expanding, was always growing.  So many people who were poor or lower middle class, many of them raised themselves up and became middle class, upper middle class.  And when that happened, they became less dependent on the Democrats.  This is why the Democrats need to replenish a permanent underclass.  It’s not the same people, but it’s the same number.  They need a constant influx of people who are essentially dependent on government to survive. 

That’s why the Democrat Party is not known for elevating people.  The Democrat Party is known for punishing achievers and trying to equalize society by lowering those at the top.  The premise is the high achievers somehow have benefited from inequality or unfairness or a lack of discrimination that others have faced, so it needs to be equalized. 

But when the Democrat Party starts equalizing — what you need to understand, when they start talking about equality, they don’t mean the kind of equality that you think is fairness.  They’re talking about everybody being the same.  And, sadly, many people know it and sign on to that.  That we would all be better off if we were all the same. If we all had the same economic circumstances, if we all thought the same way, if we all voted the same way, if we all thought the same shows were entertaining. That’s what the Democrat Party is pushing under this umbrella of equality. 

They’re actually pushing sameness.  The Democrat Party does not benefit when people do well, other than the super donors like the rich Hollywood people and rich environmentalists and so forth.  The pay-to-play people.  I’m talking about the average, ordinary, common citizen who’s doing well, the Democrat Party’s not as interested.  In fact, those are the people usually end up being targeted as those people not paying their fair share, as those people who have no compassion, or what have you.  You notice the Democrat Party enemies list always, always focuses on successful and achieved groups of people. 

Now, this report from the Center for Immigration Studies said that 80% of this 900% increase in illegals seeking asylum, 80% of these people “come from just three countries that have already flooded the border with youths and young families, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. Most claim a fear of torture, abuse, or retaliation,” in their home countries, “fulfilling,” by the way, and coincidentally, “the U.S. requirement that they must voice some credible fear of returning home.”

So they show up at the border claiming that they are afraid of being tortured, they’re afraid of being abused, they’re afraid of being retaliated against if they are sent back, and we say, “Fine and dandy.  You have just satisfied the requirements.  You are now allowed to come into the country and here’s your Social Security number and here’s your first check,” and whatever else happens to cement them to the Democrat Party. Because who happens to be running all the agencies right now these people are going to come in contact with? 

The surge, this 900% increase was “sparked by a freeing up by President Obama of the restrictions to those requesting asylum. Now they are let into the United States while they pursue their asylum request. The author of the report, Jessica M. Vaughan, the Center’s director of policy studies, said many of those arriving at the border to claim asylum are trafficked through Mexico by gangs charging fees to get their clients into the U.S.

“What’s more, typically many are granted a temporary OK, then find their way to U.S. cities. A House panel found that some 90 percent are granted asylum, though only 30 percent of the requests were ‘fraud free,’ said the CIS analysis. New in the latest numbers, she said, was a rise in immigrants from India seeking asylum. They too arrived via gang trafficking.”

So this is not some made-up thing from conservative radio.  Look, nobody in their right mind can deny that out-of-control illegal immigration is not just happening, it’s being sponsored.  It’s being promoted.  And the keyword is “illegal.”  And it’s only going to continue and get worse if the same people running the show are elected and kept in office.  It’s only gonna get worse and it’s being done on purpose. 

It’s being done specifically to transform this nation away from the founding principles of this country.  This is why so many people are fearful and outraged and, frankly, perplexed, because a lot of people just can’t understand why other Americans would willingly and eagerly participate in behavior that is going to forever weaken and alter and change this country and make it nothing exceptional. 

And when they start thinking about that, then they start thinking, that can’t be true, it’s so outrageous it can’t be true. And some of them just refuse to believe it even though it’s staring them right in the face.  But this is what, in large part, this election here is really all about.  

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