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RUSH: Smokey in Coronado, California.  Smokey, great to have you on the EIB Network.  Hello.

CALLER:  Thank you, sir.  In 2012 you noted that exit polling showed that 81% of people answered that Barack Obama cared more about people like them than Mitt Romney.  My question to you is how likely is it that Hillary Clinton, who’s literally — Rush, she’s driving around and she’s not in an ambulance, she’s in a hearse, and that black guy that hangs around her is an undertaker.  How likely is it that she’s gonna win that exit poll that says she cares more about people like me?  ‘Cause I don’t think people connect to her at all.

RUSH:  Okay.

CALLER:  My biggest fear is we’re gonna lose the election and win that exit poll.

RUSH:  Yeah, it’s a good question.  I need to review this to put it in context, but I need to also explain some things.  You are a very funny guy.  I have to tell you, a very, very funny guy out there, Smokey, but I just want to assure people an undertaker is not yet following Hillary Clinton around. 

What he’s referring to is that in each of these incidents where Hillary has had an episode, a seizure or a coughing fit or something, there is a large black man who looks like he is part of the security detail who is right next to her, and he’s often seen whispering into her ear or patting her on the back and encouraging her to breathe and just keep going, keep talking, everything’s gonna be okay, and people are thinking, what the hell is this?

He’s not there all the time, but he always seems to materialize when she has an episode.  So Smokey here, getting creative’s referring to the guy as the undertaker that follows Hillary around.  I just wanted to specify that we are not yet ready to claim that the man’s an undertaker.  We want to be factually correct here.  Now, what Smokey’s referring to is an observation I made. 

I saw the first wave of exit polls in 2012 at five p.m., and I saw two things on there that told me the election was over.  The first one was that question.  It’s an exit poll question along the lines of “cares about people like me.”  Obama won that 81 to 19.  Ah, screw that, we’re finished.  The second question indicated that 60-some-odd percent of people who voted still blamed George Bush for the economy, four years into the Obama administration.  I mean, the economy and Obamacare and our plundering fortunes and the unemployment and the growing number of people out of work, if that’s not tied to Obama, then this is not gonna change and Romney’s gonna lose, and he did. 

So now the question, okay, we’re gonna have exit polls, and what Smokey’s asking me is if the answer to that question in the exit polling data is the same, if it’s like 80% Hillary cares about people like me, 20% think it’s Trump, is it gonna matter like it did in 2012?  And, Smokey, I really don’t know.  I understand Hillary does not have a personal connection with people, even her supporters, like Trump does or like Obama does.  But, Smokey, and I don’t want to depress you, my friend, but she’s still a Democrat, and, as such, the Democrats have cornered the market on phony supposed compassion. 

And that question, it will be asked again, I’m certain, “cares about people like me,” after what they’ve done to Trump here, and the way they keep building Hillary up, it’s probably gonna be something similar to what it was.  The question is, does this election turn on things like that?  I’m gonna tell you what this election’s all about.  All this talk about polling data and using the standard historical, traditional ways of judging a campaign I think are different because Trump doesn’t come from the political world. 

Trump doesn’t have a policy record.  He doesn’t have fingerprints on anything that’s going well or badly in the country.  So there is nothing that Trump, as the Republican nominee, can be tied to policy-wise.  That’s why a campaign of personal destruction is occurring on Trump, because there’s no other way to go about him. 

In addition, all of the fingerprints on all the policy stuff — in other words, all of the fingerprints on all the stuff going wrong are Democrat fingerprints, Obama, Hillary.  Anybody who thinks we’re in trouble, it’s the Democrats.  Trump has nothing to do with it.  So to continue the theme that actually I’ve been referring frequently to but really focused on yesterday, what I think this is gonna come down to is we’re gonna find out just how many Americans are fed up with the status quo as defined by the establishment, comprised of Republicans and Democrats, political professionals running the country. 

Do we have, is there of the people who are gonna vote, a majority of people who are so fed up and so angry, we’re gonna find out if all of these crowds, these huge crowds at Trump rallies, we’re gonna find out if they represent gazillions of people or not.  We are going to find out just how many people are not bothered by what’s going on in America and are perfectly content for more of it. Or either don’t know what’s going on and haven’t informed themselves and as such will vote status quo.

We’re gonna find out how many people, on the other hand, are fed up, how many people who’ve been, for the last eight years voting Republican and being disappointed after every election.  We’re gonna find out how many people among those who traditionally don’t vote are fired up enough to vote.  If they do, they’re voting Trump. 

The people that don’t vote, the people who’ve never voted, don’t vote because they don’t think it’s gonna matter because they think they’re small fry. They think their single vote is not gonna determine one single thing. It’s not gonna matter to who wins and loses and it’s not gonna matter to changing the way things are going.  These are people that are off the political grid.  We’re gonna find out to what extent they’ve been energized.  We’re gonna find out to what extent they are motivated and mobilized and loaded for bear to send a message that they’re fed up and not taking any more of it. 

We’re gonna find out — (interruption) Well, it is about Santa Claus in the sense we’re gonna find out how many people have reached their limit with paying for it.  The Democrat Party is Santa Claus to a lot of low-information people.  That’s what they stand for.  The Democrat Party is Santa Claus and it’s tough to beat Santa Claus.  I don’t know that anybody’s ever tried to beat Santa Claus.  Anybody ever run against Santa Claus?  And that’s how the Democrat Party is seen, a whole lot of people.  Ninety-four million Americans are not working, and they’re all eating, and they’ve all got phones, and they’ve all got TVs, and many of them drive.  And they’re not working. 

By that I mean they’re not upset, the job market, whatever, it’s apparently not that big a deal.  The one thing is how many of them don’t have health care.  See, I think having health care has become the replacement for what used to be having a job.  You didn’t have a job, the economy was bad, somebody had to pay for it.  If you don’t have health care today, and likely you don’t if you don’t work, ’cause Obamacare’s not free.  And even if you don’t have a job you still have to go somewhere to sign up for it.  It’s still a pain in the butt to do it.  And then you have to qualify for the subsidies, then you have to go through all the paperwork. 

It is a pain in the butt to get Santa Claus to give you health care.  It’s not a pain in the butt for Santa Claus to deliver you a government check, but it is a pain in the butt to get Obamacare.  One way or the other, it’s spiraling downward out of control.  How many people are upset by that, we don’t hear much about that in the campaign because it’s a negative for the Democrats so of course the press ignores it. 

I think that’s what this election’s gonna show us.  I don’t think that “cares about people like me” — it’s not correct to say it’s not relevant.  It always is relevant.  But how determining is it in the outcome?  We’re gonna find out.  The Republicans are never gonna win it, in this current atmosphere.  They’re just not.  Their branding has been successfully damaged.  

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