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RUSH:  Here’s Dave in Downeyville, Indiana. Dave, I’m glad you waited.  Welcome to the EIB Network.  Hi.

CALLER:  Thank you, Rush.  It really is an honor and a privilege to talk to you today.

RUSH:  Thank you, sir, very much.

CALLER:  My wife and I were listening to some talk radio out of Indy this morning, and the guy on that station is usually really good, but it seemed like he’s given up. My wife looked at me and said, “He’s thrown in the towel.”  And I told her, I said, “We’ll tune in to Rush and he’ll renew our hope.”  And you seemed a little bit agitated, and believe me, I know why. And I know you do a lot, you really do, and I know you don’t like to advise and you don’t get involved that way, but with everything at stake, you know, I can vote and hope that it’s counted, but I’m sure you’ve got Trump’s number.  I’m sure that you know him personally.  You talk about playing golf with him.  With everything that’s at stake, maybe it’s time that you did do a little advising, especially before this next debate.

RUSH:  Well, I am flattered that you think I would be helpful in that regard.  Mr. Trump has a cadre of advisers, and everything I hear essentially is that he does not listen to very many people because he is so confident in what he believes and what he wants to do.  I mean, he hears it, and he convenes meetings, but how much advice he actually takes and implements is reputed to be not a lot. 

Look, I provide advice here every day on the program if you want to listen to it in that way.  I’m sure that Trump’s people are scouring all media, and I’m sure he hears things that his people might hear here where they, “Ooh, that sounds like it makes sense,” and pass it on to him.  It’s a long way around saying they know where I am.  They know how to reach me.  And if they want my counsel, they can try to — I don’t insert myself in those — look, I’ve gotta go ’cause I don’t have much time.  This doesn’t sound right ’cause I’m not finished explaining it.  Let me take it up here when we get back in the next hour.


RUSH: I’m gonna answer the caller’s question about why I don’t call Trump and offer some advice.  I’m gonna do that, too.  I’m not skating that.  I mean, look, it’s tempting. I don’t know, folks.  It’s just not something I instinctively am inclined to do.  They’ve got their campaign. They’ve got their people that they’ve hired, it’s their business. I’m here every day telling people what I think. They can listen to it, adopt any or all of it as they see fit, up to them.  


RUSH: Tom in San Jose.  It’s great to have you.  I’m glad you waited and welcome to the program.

CALLER:  Oh, Rush.  I can’t believe I finally got through.  Thank you so much for taking my call.  I really appreciate it.

RUSH:  You bet, sir.

CALLER:  So all these emails, all these issues that are coming up, I agree with you completely.  It’s terrible, egregious, abuses of power.  And the fear that I have and we have out here is that it’s gonna be, so what, one more scandal, throw it on the pile. There will be investigations, there will be hearings, six months, eight months and then nothing will happen.  And that’s what we’re so mad about and I think that’s how Trump can get back in front of the narrative. 

I think he needs to own the reality TV and he needs to own The Apprentice and his line, “You’re fired.”  I think in the debate and anywhere on the stump, I think if we think back over the major scandals over the past year, with the IRS and the VA and the CIA scandals, all these issues, nothing happens, nothing happens.  And I think Trump can own those by saying, “Look, is there anybody here, anyone with a pulse that doesn’t think that people in the IRS need to hear the words ‘You’re fired?'”  People would just blow up about that.  Of course, that’s what we miss.  That’s how he gets back in — VA.  What about these amazingly egregious things that happened in the VA? 

RUSH:  I don’t know.  I honestly don’t know. I don’t know what he should do during the debate, to tell you the truth, folks.  If it were me, I would have an agenda, but I would also include reacting to what she does, which I have the presence of mind and knowledge and confidence to be able to do.  I don’t know that I would go about it this way.  I’ll have to think about that.  Anyway, again, I wish I’d a gotten to you sooner ’cause we’re out of time and I really don’t have any flexibility here. I’ve got to go.  

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