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Democrats Outraged by What They’re Reading in WikiLeaks Emails

RUSH: And there is this story also from The Politico, “22 Toxic Days for Hillary Clinton,” about Chelsea being livid, Bill Clinton be livid, Hillary ticked off, Lady Rothschild, whatever her name is, she’s ticked off, all kinds of Democrats ticked off because of the way they’re referenced in these email address. 

But, you know, I’m sitting here, I’m going through the program today just recounting what it is that I have learned, and it seems to me that there is much more evidence of systematic vote fraud by Democrats than there is anywhere near a similar amount of racism in America’s police departments.  We got more Democrat vote fraud than there could ever be racism in American police departments.  

How Trump Can Still Pull It Off

RUSH:  Okay, here’s what I want to try to get to in this hour.  And I’m not gonna be able to get to it all, folks, but I’m gonna try.  Political story: “Why Trump Could Still Pull Off a Surprise.”  There is another Politico story today that prints out to a lot of pages about how disgusted a bunch of Democrats are with the last 22 days of the Clinton campaign.  And what it’s about, there are Democrats fit to be tied over what they are learning in the WikiLeaks email document dump about the way they’re being spoken of. 

Democrat donors, like there’s this woman, Lady Rothschild, who is apparently a big friend of Hillary and a big-time Democrat fundraiser, one of Hillary’s babes from New York, and apparently she’s being laughed at and joked about and made fun of in these emails. She’s found out about it and she’s livid. And there’s all kinds of other examples like this, and it’s The Politico that is detailing some of this, it’s The Politico that has the story, “Why Trump Could Still Pull Off a Surprise.”

There’s more from this FBI dump of a hundred pages yesterday that detail just what a bad person Hillary is.  You get down to it, she’s not a good person.  She’s not nice.  You know, my dad told me — I’ve never forgotten this and I’ve mentioned this to you over the course of this program many times.  You can judge the character of a person, man or woman, by watching how they treat people who can’t do anything for them. 

I grew up never forgetting that. And I watched people and how they treated other people, particularly those that couldn’t do anything for ’em.  Mrs. Clinton treats everybody as though they are low-life and beneath her and not worth her time.  Everybody working for her, except her close circle of Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin and the rest of them, but staff people at the White House, staff people, State Department, uniformed military personnel, Secret Service, she’s just downright mean and inconsiderate, uppity, and rude. 

These are the people, in many cases, that would take a bullet for her.  These are the people who have to save her life, to protect her, and she treats them like scum, folks.  She just not a good person.  That’s why I started calling her Nurse Ratched.  She doesn’t smile and when she does it’s plastered phony.  It’s one of the reasons why I’ve never understood why so many people are afraid of her on our side.  I’ve also shared with you that observation.  I know people on our side literally scared to death of her, like she’s superhuman, can’t be beaten. 

I remember back in 2008, I remember people, “You know, there’s a 75, 80% chance she’s gonna be president,” and then Obama comes out of nowhere and the Democrats instantly choose him.  So I’m asking these people telling me that are afraid, “Well, what happened?  If she’s instilling the fear of God in people how come so many of them abandoned her for Obama?”  But it has been part of mystique.  So there’s that. 

But I want to get to the James O’Keefe video from Project Veritas, ’cause I’m gonna tell you, folks, this one is a treasure trove.  You know what, if you watch these videos, what you learn is that what the Democrat Party has been about is voter fraud, has been about voter intimidation, has been about rigging the game in any way they can. 

Trump rally in Chicago.  The woman who engineered that rally being canceled is a bought-and-paid-for Democrat activist who ended up bragging to O’Keefe how she did it, including hiring homeless people and send ’em into the Trump arena or around it and outside it to raise hell, to start fires, to cause problems, to be mean to people.  The Democrats buy and pay for this kind of thing, and it’s made to look like it’s Trump supporters doing it.  Ditto out in California when the same thing happened out there, tried to cancel a Trump rally.  

Long List of Media Canoodling with Hillary Clinton

RUSH: “WikiLeaks Reveals Long List of Media Canoodling with Hillary Clinton.” I got no shock and no surprise, but it’s confirmation.  

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