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RUSH: There isn’t any question all of this is rigged. Even George Will, who despises the Trumpster, had to admit that Trump’s right about this. And the evidence that George Will cites — we have it coming up in the sound bites — is these people, the Democrats, go to the end of the earth, the end of the world, to prevent voter registration rolls from being purged of dead people.  The Democrats do everything they can to ensure that people who are dead or illegal immigrants or whatever are on voter registration rolls.  That alone rigs the game. 

Anyway, greetings, and it is great to be with you. El Rushbo here behind the Golden EIB Microphone.  It is 800-282-2882 if you want to be on the program.  The email address, ElRushbo@eibnet.us.  The syllabic memory.  ElRushbo@eibnet.us.  That’s the mew email address. 

The James O’Keefe, Project Veritas video that we referenced yesterday, it’s even more outrageous than what I knew at the time, had time to look at it now and study it.  All these Trump protests and rallies where people were causing violence, they were all bought and paid for protesters by the Democrat Party.  And O’Keefe found a couple of people bragging about how they do it.  They even recruit the homeless. They recruit the homeless and pay them from union money and get ’em to go in and cause trouble inside Trump rallies, outside Trump rallies.  They’re out there taking credit for getting a Trump rally canceled in Chicago. 

Trump’s exactly right.  All of this is rigged.  Rigged is not — it’s all coordinated.  Everything you think is happenstance, everything your average citizen thinks is just the news of the day, it’s all coordinated.  It’s all scripted.  And they’re all working together on it.  Virtually any organization that has any ties to the Democrat Party and thus to the Clinton campaign, coordinates with the Clinton campaign, and this includes the Drive-By Media.  


RUSH: The Reuters White House correspondent says, “Donald Trump is telling his supporters the election’s rigged, and he’s asking them to monitor certain areas on Election Day.  How concerned are you about the potential for violence, and what about after Election Day?  Are you worried the results of the election may be distrusted?”

OBAMA:  I have never seen in my lifetime or in modern political history any presidential candidate trying to discredit the elections and the election process before votes have even taken place.  It’s unprecedented.  It happens to be based on no facts.  Every expert, regardless of political party, regardless of ideology, conservative or liberal, who has ever examined these issues in a serious way will tell you that instances of significant voter fraud are not to be found.

RUSH:  It’s not true, folks!

OBAMA:  It really showed the kind of leadership and toughness that you want out of a president.  You start whining before the game’s even over?  So I’d advise Mr. Trump to stop whining and go try to make his case to get votes.

RUSH:  Right.  So, see, Republicans are supposed to wait until the Democrats steal elections and then complain about it.  Here once again Trump’s out — we all know that voter fraud goes on.  We all know that dead people vote.  We all know that Democrats oppose voter ID.  We know that Democrats oppose purging the voter registration rolls.  We know the Democrats want amnesty for illegal immigrants to put them on voter registration rolls.  We know all of this. 

We know that the Democrats have gone to great lengths to prevent steps that would ensure fair elections.  And you talk about, are you worried that there might be suppression?  Does anybody remember Philadelphia and the New Black Panther Party standing outside a polling place intimidating people into not showing up, into not going in unless they were gonna vote for Obama?  That episode was proceeding along the way towards a conviction.  And then the FBI, I should say the Department of Justice, Eric Holder, dropped the case, and the lawyers in that division, the civil rights division, resigned. 

J. Christian Adams resigned.  He quit over the reluctance of the Department of Justice to pursue legitimate voter fraud on behalf of Democrats.  So again, this is what it looks like.  This is what fighting back looks like.  This is what accusing perpetrators looks like.  Of course they’re not gonna roll over and admit it.  So here the president, in a press conference ostensibly to signify great relations with the Italian prime minister, calls everybody involved, this all-agency meeting on declassifying Hillary Clinton’s emails a lie, it didn’t happen, nobody should believe this. 

And then the next question allows him to go after Donald Trump for making it all up about voter fraud.  He’s never seen anything like it.  And here come the phantom straw men, experts, political experts from all parties, political experts from all ideologies, political experts from everywhere.  That’s not true.  There are all kinds of political experts. John Fund who writes at National Review has made practically a career writing about voter fraud that is undertaken for the benefit of Democrats. 

Now, of course they’re gonna deny it.  Of course they’re not gonna admit it.  They are immune from the law, in their minds.  They’re above it.  The law doesn’t apply to them.  They’re special.  They are our betters.  They are the establishment.  They are allowed to escape the law here and there, all for the good of the nation, they say.  But it’s filthy, folks, it is literally filthy.  What the left is doing and has already done to all of these great institutions that people used to believe in, that used to have credibility and authority, moral authority.  Now nobody believes in anything anymore.  Everybody thinks that something, this or that at some level of government, is rigged or is structured in such a way that certain people are not held accountable while other people are.  There’s the IRS targeting Tea Party fundraising groups, denying them tax-exempt status.  I mean, the examples fill a —


RUSH:  Obama says things aren’t rigged.  Didn’t the Democrat Party rig the primary election against Bernie Sanders?  We know that they did.  The Democrat National Committee rigged the primary elections.  Bernie Sanders was never going to win the Democrat nomination.  I told you that from the first day of that campaign.  It was all rigged.  The game was set. 

It makes what Bernie is doing now even more suspect, because Bernie is now learning of Hillary’s close ties to the banks, which he was ripping her to shreds on during the primaries, scheduling debates on Saturday night that nobody was ever gonna watch.  Debbie Wasserman “Blabbermouth” Schultz had to resign the Democrat National Committee because it was learned during the week of their convention how she had rigged the game against Bernie Sanders. 

And they want to come out and say it’s ridiculous for Trump to run around and say these things happened before the elections even happened. He’s never seen a presidential candidate do anything like this.  That’s probably true in a lot of areas in this campaign, but I think it’s really, really rich for Barack Obama to tell somebody to toughen up and if you can’t handle the criticism, don’t get in the game, from a guy who is babied and pampered and supported and protected by what ought to be a media demanding accountability.  We will be back.  He doesn’t know what tough criticism really is.


RUSH:  Really, really rich for our young president to tell Donald Trump to toughen up.  Here’s Barack Obama, who, in eight years, has not had the kind of scrutiny that Donald Trump gets in a week.  Donald Trump gets more scrutiny, more probing, more investigation, more disagreement, more challenging, more allegations, more accusations than Barack Obama has had to endure in eight years. 

Barack Obama and every other Democrat out there is essentially pampered, protected, defended by the same media that is trying to personally destroy not just Donald Trump, but anybody else that pops up in the opposition that might have the slightest bit of a chance of wreaking havoc or doing damage to Democrats. Not just their credibility, but their reputations, their careers, and sometimes even their lives are subject for destruction by the same media that pampers Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, that donates money to them. 

Ninety-six percent of all journalists’ political contributions have gone to Democrats.  F. Chuck Todd hosted a dinner for Hillary campaign workers.  What do you think that was about?  Various members of the Drive-By Media host dinner parties and social events for members of Hillary’s campaign team.  You wouldn’t think any coordination would be going on there, would you?  You wouldn’t think that, “Hey, you know, give me access, hey, I’m on your side, hey, treat me well, hey, I’m with you.”  You wouldn’t think any of that’s going on, would you? 

I’d look at the kind of treatment that a Republican nominee gets or your average Republican candidate gets versus the pampering and the softness and the delicate approach the same media takes to Democrats.  Do you remember in the campaign of 2008 somebody in the Drive-By Media made a passing humorous reference to Barack Obama’s elephant ears, and he complained to Maureen Dowd. (imitating Obama) “I’m very sensitive about my ears. I don’t like people going there,” and she shouted from the audience, “We’re trying to toughen you up!”  Remember that? 

New York Post, August 13th, 2009:  The secretary of state Hillary Clinton made the bizarre comparison during a speech to a group of political activists in the capital of Nigeria.  Quote, Hillary Clinton:  “As you may remember, in 2000 our presidential election came down to one state where the brother of one of the men running for president was governor of the state. So we have our problems too.”

So Hillary Clinton’s over in Nigeria acknowledging that, yeah, we’ve got election fraud in our country, too, and we’re the guys that can help you run through your problems because we have experience with it, too.  They think they were cheated out of the 2000 presidential race by the Supreme Court.  That election had been certified. There was no way under the law Algore was ever gonna get Florida no matter what they did with the recount, because the election had already been certified.  But it didn’t matter.  They kept up the fight, they kept up the allegation that the election was rigged.  And when they do it, the media falls right in line and starts finding out who’s rigging it. 

When Donald Trump says the election’s rigged, he’s accused of being insane and a lunatic and dangerous and needs to be maybe picked up by the guys in white coats, put in a little yellow bus and driven off to the padded room.  When the Democrats accuse an election of being rigged, the media gets in line and the tries to find out who’s doing it.  

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