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The Drive-By Media won’t touch this bombshell. Hillary Clinton deployed one of her minions to the FBI  to convince them to cover up her botched handling of classified information.

According to newly released FBI files, the State Department’s Undersecretary for Management, Patrick Kennedy, offered the FBI a “quid-pro-quo.” A bribe.

If the FBI would just declassify one of Hillary’s Benghazi emails Hillary’s people at State could approve a FBI request for more agents abroad “in countries where they are presently forbidden.” The State Department would then use a Freedom of Information Act “loophole” to bury the email, forever.

Think about it. A State Department official, who’s still on the job, tried to bribe the FBI. If the FBI had played ball, they’d place agents in countries that could potentially harm us. All to protect Hillary Clinton. Not the United States. Our national security interests weren’t even a concern.

We also see how Hillary Clinton sees the Freedom of Information Act. As a tool to hide the truth, in order to protect Hillary Clinton, from Benghazi truth.

Apparently there’s a lot we still don’t know. Family members of the dead say Hillary lied to them. Her operative tried to bribe the FBI into burying information. To protect her. While our Ambassador and other Americans died, unprotected.

Hillary Clinton is a one-woman protection racket. Protecting herself. Not the American people. And did i say corrupt? To the gills. 

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